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This server has a brief history, the admins and my self actually started this whole idea years ago. This all started on Skype we had a group chat and we would do calls left and right. We moved on to bigger and better things wanting to meet new people and make our family grow. As of now we are moderately active and we still are holding strong. We treat everyone in our server as equal. You can think of this server as one giant family. If you need advice you can seek it, if you wanna post memes go ahead! We have an NSFW room as well as a room for people to randomly roast each other. We have Pokechord as well and a ton of fun bots to use. We are very active with Voice Calls. Keep in mind people in are server come from all over the world so time zones do factor in with little members we have. We do a lot of gaming, from FPS to Rhythm games and Fighting games. We talk about movies anime and random other things that can cure your boredom. Many of the new people who have joined love hanging with us and are even more active the some of our Veteran members. We welcome all and hope you enjoy your stay with us.