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Welcome to A Pirate's Life!

A Pirate's Life RP is a fully fledged roleplay server set in the Caribbean in 1728, the Golden Age of Piracy. You can play as a Pirate, a Navy sailor belonging to one of the prominent countries of the time, or just a civilian trying to make their way in the world. Jump into the great existing story, or set out to forge your own.


The year is 1728 and black flags can be seen flying all over the Caribbean. It's the Golden Age of piracy and no pirate is slacking to show it. The British Royal Navy is cracking down hard on pirates, offering pardons to all who would take it and give up their life of piracy, and killing those who would refuse.

Only a few great Pirate Captains still roam the Caribbean. The infamous, Eddard "Cutthroat Ned" Warrington, captain of 'The Kraken,' one of the largest ships in the Caribbean. Leon "The Lion" Alacantra, captain of 'The Pride.' Lastly, Angeline Freya, captain of 'Cruel Firestorm.'

The famous Admiral Henry Baratheon, of the British Royal Navy, who has made it his lifes goal to wipe away piracy from the globe, has grown in power in the Caribbean. Some say he will succeed, while some say he's a fool. So far, the man has lowered piracy in and around Port Royale and the surrounding islands. When he first arrived as Admiral of the fleet in that area, Henry took on two of the daring, infamous pirate captains, Eddard and Leon. The battle ended in a stalemate and Eddard and Leon left to lick their wounds while Henry did the same.

It has been three years since the battle of Port Royale, and things are heating up. Henry is making plans to end piracy, while others are making plans to continue it. The Caribbean is becoming a dangerous place, even more so than it was.
Several years after the crowning of the second pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy, the world erupted into chaos as he suddenly disappeared. The marines claimed that he was rightfully executed in privacy, but they had no clue to his whereabouts. They searched the world restlessly, revealing the third great pirate era, known as the Era of Kings. Men and women alike now search for the Pirate King and his crew, but they still remain a mystery to this day. With the throne of king absent, ambitious eyes sought to shake the world. Welcome, to the Era of Kings.

Era of Kings is a One Piece server that rewards activity instead of punishing inactivity. We encourage the personal narrative of each character, and that it flows into an overarching theme which conveys a message to our players. This server is not like traditional anime roleplays, because each and every member is a distinct puzzle piece in the image we are trying to create. Enjoy your "Romance Dawn," and tell the story that you have always wanted.

What do we offer?

- A great environment for literate roleplayers to flourish and experience a personal narrative within the One Piece verse.

- A proper progression system that allows players to start from their very own Romance Dawn, to a larger scale story.

- The powerful vibrancy that is given to players who collaborate together and form their own legacy through their own words.

- An updated news article for big events, timelines, and other important things happening within our universe.

- A system for Marines, Pirates, and even Revolutionaries!

Come and join us on Era of Kings!
A pirate/navy RP set in Auroly, a mystical land with minor magic, sirens and sea creatures.
A sea of cat's is a new Discord server about pirate-like warrior cats.
Rejoignez l'aventure dans le monde de One Piece emprunté pour un Discord RP 100% français! Devenez un pirate terrifiant, un marine craint par la vermine, ou encore un révolutionnaire prêt à tout pour défier le gouvernement mondial.
N'attendez plus, venez chercher votre fruit du démon!
Recrutement Admin/MJ ON
A pirate themed discord which is mostly english and dutch :D

-Still a small community
-Many things can still be added on request just by sending a DM to the owner
-You can talk like a pirate and no one can blame you
-NSFW channel
-Open for partnerships
-Level ranks will be added at 50 members
Welcome to PirateYT discord server.. its chilling time.. here we have :
20 bot , we have a VIP membership system , anime and fan art .. We support all languages ...We have a mini black market
gaming channel / mini-games like Aki-Bot and Game-Bot
LVLing system and game ranks
50 awesome emojis for nitro ... and more interesting things ..if you don't join you gonna loss lot of fun
🔰As a new server Dark Horizons has plenty of fun and creative story just waiting to be told. Or, create your own with the friends you meet here.🐉

🔮This is a role play server set in the 1600s. We have pirates, castles, magic, all the stuff for your own free form adventure. Read the rules n have fun.⚜️
A sorta-sci-fi/sorta-fantasy RP server about the zany adventures of a time-displaced ship with it's very varied and interesting crew.
Join the 1698 Supernatural world of Lucertola,
With an exciting swashbuckling theme set in the open ocean world full of dangerous pirates, elaborate adventure, and supernatural mystery. have a jolly good time in the Port Colony of Lucertola, a major trade colony of the Barrahiem empire, favored by Pirates, traders, and Sailors alike.
Enjoy our streamlined character creation and elegant story telling in the buccaneer world of Schiebe!
Whatever your fancy, The Sea-Coast is sure to provide the perfect outlet for your Supernatural Pirate Adventure!
Yo ho ho! It’s a pirate’s life for me!
Ahoy everyone welcome to The Sea of Thieves.
1. we got friendly staff!
2. we have a economy and you can make money to buy from the store!
3. we have voice chats to talk to fellow pirates and we also got a music voice chat!
4. you can also start fights in the open waters!
5. you main goal is to become pirate legend and to solve Athena's fortune!
Have fun in the sea of thieves!
The bravest of the people sought freedom, taking to the seas just as their forefathers, thusly the pirate brigades were formed, not allied to the kingdoms or amongst each other, but free to live as they wished, chasing the dream that many considered foolish, to get rich, overthrow the fat monarchs and bring liberation to the oppressed, taking a hearty cut for themselves along the way.
The Night's Watch is a Game of Thrones community server with over 700 members. We post Livestream/download links, host events, and have an all around good time!
A roleplay server and community based around pirates. We're searching for dedicated, active RPers since we're very few people at this time.
⛵⊰——Pirates Peak——⊱⛵
✧—Friendly Community—✧
✧—Fun Bots—✧
✧—Self Roles—✧
✧—Welcoming Staff—✧
✧—Pirate Themed Server—✧
✧—Accepting Partnerships—✧
✧—Advertising Allowed—✧
✧—Plenty Of Chat Rooms—✧
✧—Experienced Ownership—✧
The Golden Age of Piracy is a revived Pirate rp server. It was founded in the late 90s on a forum board site and was resurrected by the Founder's brother on Discord.
Set between 1650 and 1730, we aim to bring players a huge world to rp in. You can either play as a Pirate, Merchant, Navy or Civilian! Sailing around the world, we offer an expansive and vast area to explore! The server is currently under construction and so we need a lot of Moderators and Developers to help! We include realism too, with things like diseases on ships, permanent deaths, mutinies, permanently visible injuries, surgeries on ships and much more!
This server is for people who want to Roleplay in the Golden Age of Piracy. Will you be a fearsome Pirate, or a good soldier and combat the fierce thugs. You can sail all over, and pilot ships with a fearsome reputation.
We are Starting a sea of thieves Grinding server. We can do all sorts of things. We can do sea of thieves pirate games from CDNThe3rd. You can grind out all the loot you guys want.
Ahoy and welcome! This is a friendly server, where most of the things are about pirates.
But most importantly, this is a server to have fun and talk with each other.
So, want to be a pirate too? Then why not come and join us?
Welcome to one piece burning Horizon, a laid back and free form all oc one piece role play starring an all new one piece world with its own system of oceans, and its own different islands and all sorts of adventures to be had, so climb aboard and bring along all your hopes and dreams!
The Waking Sea is a new Pirate themed role play with light fantasy elements. Join a crew, captain a ship, plunder careless merchants or take bounties on rival pirates.
Un seenrveur sous le thème de la piraterie. Si vous avez regardé Pirates des Caraïbes, venez nous montrer votre imagination en rejoignant le BlackPearl.
Ahoj kamracie! Zapraszamy na serwer rp, nie dla zwykłych szczurów lądowych osadzonym w pirackim świecie XVIII wiecznych Karaibów.
Miłą, ogarniętą administrację
Możliwość stworzenia własnego statku, lub dołączenia do któregoś z już istniejących
Bitwy morskie
Potwory morskie
Bitwy morskie z potworami morskimi
Raka, lub inne morskie zwierzątko
Ciekawe eventy

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