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A world of piracy reborn, coexisting with magic and the most unique creatures amongst the crew. corruption in the crown, adventure and the constant reminder of your past actions. Will you serve the crown, gain fame and honor and protect your city? Or will you live a life of freedom and scurby amongst the most despicable of people? Perhaps you'll just screw politics and start your own sugar plantation, only you decide what you cannot do out in the seas.
We are Starting a sea of thieves Grinding server. We can do all sorts of things. We can do sea of thieves pirate games from CDNThe3rd. You can grind out all the loot you guys want.
Several years after the crowning of the second pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy, the world erupted into chaos as he suddenly disappeared. The marines claimed that he was rightfully executed in privacy, but they had no clue to his whereabouts. They searched the world restlessly, revealing the third great pirate era, known as the Era of Kings. Men and women alike now search for the Pirate King and his crew, but they still remain a mystery to this day. With the throne of king absent, ambitious eyes sought to shake the world. Welcome, to the Era of Kings.

Era of Kings is a One Piece server that rewards activity instead of punishing inactivity. We encourage the personal narrative of each character, and that it flows into an overarching theme which conveys a message to our players. This server is not like traditional anime roleplays, because each and every member is a distinct puzzle piece in the image we are trying to create. Enjoy your "Romance Dawn," and tell the story that you have always wanted.

What do we offer?

- A great environment for literate roleplayers to flourish and experience a personal narrative within the One Piece verse.

- A proper progression system that allows players to start from their very own Romance Dawn, to a larger scale story.

- The powerful vibrancy that is given to players who collaborate together and form their own legacy through their own words.

- An updated news article for big events, timelines, and other important things happening within our universe.

- A system for Marines, Pirates, and even Revolutionaries!

Come and join us on Era of Kings!
Step aboard this ship for who knows what! we provide an NSFW chat and, just like sailors, you can swear in every channel! no bullying tho.
An Endless Sea. . .

After the war over the seven seas the death of the 3 devils affected the world as we knew it. Riots breaking out over unjustified deaths. Devil ships being lost, most likely never to be found. Only decedents of those 3 devil pirates live on. How will you make a impact on this world? Will it be good or bad? Only time will see. . .
[En l'an 1955, là où la magie est bien présente, dans la ville portuaire de Lynnwater, se dresse des phénomènes étranges. L'eau se réchauffe, les poissons disparaissent petit à petit des bancs, forçant les navires de pêche à se diriger plus loin dans l'horizon de Lynnwater. Se trouvant alors exposés aux dangers des mers profondes, affrontant alors de nombreux poissons trés dangereux. Risquant de se faire couler par la première créature violente, croisant le navire.]

- Lynnwater est une ville asser grande, s'étendant de l'océan Crynien. À un désert dont on ne connaît pas le nom. Cette ville est l'endroit, le point de rendez-vous des pirates.

"Quoi de bon que l'alcool si chaude et abondante de la ville de Lynnwater pour un pirate ?" C'est souvent ce que répète l'unique tavernier de la région.

Malheureusement. Cette ville abrite aussi de terribles choses, sous celle-ci s'abrite d'après les rumeurs, un monstre. Qui est la cause des événements si peu communs, enfin bon. Ce ne sont sûrement que des balivernes, mais la méfiance est toujours requise en ce lieu.

Ce monstre dont on parle à tout les coins de rue, il s'agit de Belinmod, un animal marin à la taille surdimensionée, il fait la taille du pays, il a auparevent détruit le continent. Autant dire que le pays n'est pas dans sa phase la plus calme qu'elle devrait l'être.
Le club pirate vous accueille tous aussi nombreux que vous êtes à déguster du bon rhum dans son auberge, ou à l'intérieur d'un de ses navires, See You Soon, on touche à tout comme jeu ;)
The Golden Age of Piracy is a revived Pirate rp server. It was founded in the late 90s on a forum board site and was resurrected by the Founder's brother on Discord.
Set between 1650 and 1730, we aim to bring players a huge world to rp in. You can either play as a Pirate, Merchant, Navy or Civilian! Sailing around the world, we offer an expansive and vast area to explore! The server is currently under construction and so we need a lot of Moderators and Developers to help! We include realism too, with things like diseases on ships, permanent deaths, mutinies, permanently visible injuries, surgeries on ships and much more!
The bravest of the people sought freedom, taking to the seas just as their forefathers, thusly the pirate brigades were formed, not allied to the kingdoms or amongst each other, but free to live as they wished, chasing the dream that many considered foolish, to get rich, overthrow the fat monarchs and bring liberation to the oppressed, taking a hearty cut for themselves along the way.
Yar Har, a fresh one piece roleplay looking for more members, in here you get to be anyone you want, a feared pirate or an feared marine, you pick!
It's the year 1620- and piracy is thriving all around the world. Recently, however, new pirates have been appearing. Powerful pirates. Pirates that should be feared. Pirates that are not even human, ad well as the constant battle against the navy and other pirates. You will play as a pirate, navy or even just a civilian in the constant battle to rule the seas.
We are looking fallward do your visit land lovers.
Join for a good sea of thieves crew. Please note we are Christian but we accept everyone we are not always active but can play certain nights.
Join us in a casual roleplay set in the world of Sea of Thieves - a wide open world of voyage and adventure.
Includes an economy system to brag about how rich you are from plundering booty. Sign up to sail alone or make yourself a crew to dominate the seas.
See you out there!
Yarrrr maties!

Climb aboard! we just captured the english gally Whydah! now that we have taken the ship from those scumbacks can we plunder what we want! join up today to join this adventure

- Real historic ships
- Free character creation
- Pirates and british ships
- A brand new server that is looking for players!
Welcome to the Realm of Aexirial! Originally set in the game of Ark: Survival Evolved, this rp server has taken on a more open theme! Two different dimensions, one set in the Caribbean in the age of pirates, and another full of magic and mystery, are starting to converge! Play as a fantasy character, or play in the grounded realism, it's up to you!
About 500 years ago, there lived a fearsome pirate, who was as rich as a king. He was known for his menacing black eyes, and his Fortune Killer; the fastest ship to ever sail the seas. He was feared throughout the world, that even the strongest of pirates would run to avoid him. He could fit the world in the fingernail of his pinkie. However, his power was short lived as someone anonymously tipped bounty hunters, and soon enough they were hot on his tail. During the chase, he had all his gold hidden somewhere far, far away. Soon after, he was shot in sight...

Join us pick a team, meet new people fight for the treasure.
Come one! Come all! To the steam powered world of Haleston! Will you be a mighty swashbuckler? A farmer in the land of Efferos? Or an industrial marvel in the wondrous Proodos? Take head, war is setting between the two mighty lands...choose a side carefully.
The Mistress' Galley: A pirate-themed community server for people who both love pirates or just want a pleasant and growing community to join!
Un endroit où échanger autour du sujet de la tulpamancie. Sur notre navire, vous en serez en aucun cas jugé pour ce que vous aimez. Alors, approchez, soyez sans crainte, et nous vous enseignerons, nous vous guiderons et nous vous accompagnerons tout au long de votre voyage sur le terrain méconnu de la tulpamancie.
---------------Brand New Server!---------------

The year is 1720, the English and Spanish empires battle to calm the waters of the Caribbean, The East India Company runs the world and pirates run rampant in a golden age that would terrorize any sea merchant moving from port to port. But there is something else in the sea, something darker then the East India Company, something more powerful then the waves themselves, more unforgiving then the sea, a ship sails these waters, a ship known as... The Flying Dutchman! Captained by the damned Davy Jones he hunts any and all sailors foolish enough to sail the sea.
This is a seafaring and Caribbean themed roleplay server. Another major theme is giantesses but we are welcome to all forms of fetishes and the like and have accommodations for those not interested in simply lewd roleplay as well.
Welcome to S I R E N S! A role-play based in the 1700s where mystical sirens have surfaced from the oceans; striking terror into the lives of sailors and pirates. Here, you may join one of three role-player types: sailor, siren or pirate where you can experience: buccaneer work, trade and murder.

We’re super chill, and i’d like to think that we’re a friendly server. We have extensive maps, lore, and different channels for different characters!
Hello, and welcome to The New Voyage server! I’m Shadow, the owner of the server and I welcome you to the One Piece server with open arms. This server aims to create a rich environment of roleplay with a cohesive blend of kindness and originality. In this server, your character must grow from the bottom and somehow reach the top! So, let’s get started!