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Welcome to S I R E N S! A role-play based in the 1700s where mystical sirens have surfaced from the oceans; striking terror into the lives of sailors and pirates. Here, you may join one of three role-player types: sailor, siren or pirate where you can experience: buccaneer work, trade and murder.

We’re super chill, and i’d like to think that we’re a friendly server. We have extensive maps, lore, and different channels for different characters!
The bravest of the people sought freedom, taking to the seas just as their forefathers, thusly the pirate brigades were formed, not allied to the kingdoms or amongst each other, but free to live as they wished, chasing the dream that many considered foolish, to get rich, overthrow the fat monarchs and bring liberation to the oppressed, taking a hearty cut for themselves along the way.
Join the crime and sea filled world of facinus to pull your fantasies of the high seas and thoughts of the salt ridden boats close to your heart! In this world, nothing is legal and forces such as the navy will do whatever it takes to pursuit these threats!
Hello, and welcome to The New Voyage server! I’m Shadow, the owner of the server and I welcome you to the One Piece server with open arms. This server aims to create a rich environment of roleplay with a cohesive blend of kindness and originality. In this server, your character must grow from the bottom and somehow reach the top! So, let’s get started!
Come one! Come all! To the steam powered world of Haleston! Will you be a mighty swashbuckler? A farmer in the land of Efferos? Or an industrial marvel in the wondrous Proodos? Take head, war is setting between the two mighty lands...choose a side carefully.
Welcome to The SS Queen's Revenge, our mighty spacefaring vessel. We travel from planet to planet, system to system, enjoying ourselves and keeping out the eyes of the law. I am Momo, your guide.
💜 Create a Unique character
💙 Many roleplay options
💛 Friendly community
💚 Lots to do!
If you have any queries, Message Momo or Zico, we will be happy to answer your questions!
The Official Discord Server of Arc'jihat, The Toxic Fleet (TTF)! We are also known as The Trigger Legion, or TTL. The name suggests pretty much what is going on here, but if you dare and wish to procceed, read the #Introduction first when you join.
A brand new (descriptive) One Piece Roleplay set nearly 200 years after the original One Piece.

We offer a decent amount of freedom, while not descending into pure anarchy.

Join, start or join a crew, or a Government, or be by yourself. Do what you want, and make your own story.
A realistic pirate roleplay server.

Don't mind the name.

This isn't meant to be huge, it's just fun with some friends tbh but i decided to post it on disb so... give it a try!
Bon les gars ! J'vais vous donner l'opinion d'Abysse en toute honnêteté.

Vous vous demandez si ce nouveau serveur peut vous promettre une vie fortune, de pillage et d'aventures ?


Venez donc combattre dans l'Archipel D'Amatran, un archipel créé de toute pièce par les dieux, après un cataclysme ayant ravagée quasiment toute vie.

Ce serveur a été adapté d'un jeu de rôle de quelqu'un qui au début n'était que simple matelot ! Désormais, les nouveaux joueurs participent à son élaboration, en créant de nouvelles races, personnages, lieux... Il n'y a pas de grandes restrictions pour rejoindre les pirates, les anglais, les français ou les peuples indigènes.... Il suffit d'être motivé et d'aimer le rp. Nous demandons tout de même un minimum de présence.

Tout se passe à l'écrit, mais le vocal pourrait être ajouté si on nous le demande !

Vous pouvez me contacter via mon Discord pour rejoindre cet Archipel, où la guerre est proche.

Voici mon profil discord : Knightmare Chronicles#2565

Je vous souhaites bon voyage sur les mers, matelots !
Join for a good sea of thieves crew. Please note we are Christian but we accept everyone we are not always active but can play certain nights.
Ahoy there! This server is a public roleplaying server with, fun channels to talk and play with bots in! This server is owned by me and my fellow friends! For younger discord members we do not use NSFW nor do we tolerate it.

We care alot about our servers and our staff team is active! So please join this server if you like to roleplay and have fun!
Hello Mates!! This is a server based on the good old times where pirates were around! Explore Tortuga, Cuba, England, Kingshed and more! We are in the creating of it, but looking for new members!
A One Piece RP server for anyone who loves One Piece! It is small right now, but will soon become something great! You can be an OC or a canon character if you’d like. Everyone is allowed their opinions and input for things such as storyline. We hope to see you soon!
*One Piece New Era is a role playing server that takes place in a alternative universe that is different from the main story of the Straw Hats and their journeys. In this server you and your friends will assemble a pirate crew and journey out to fulfill your dreams. You are more than welcome to join the Revolutionary Army or the Marines if you would like. Most characters will start off at the lowest rank but work their way up through role playing. The roleplaying server will have many antagonist and npc’s, you and your friends are welcome to either battle them or to create an alliance.(so yes you can alliance with Yonko and other pirates. Not warlords though, as it is their job to kill pirates.) The possibilities are endless within this story, so set out on your own adventure and have fun.
A new one piece rp set in a time where the main cast doesn't exist, this arc based rp was made so that anyone can come in and be a legendary pirate on the high seas
A newly created, pirate RP server based off of historical events, where you could explore the seas and form a crew! as mentioned before, the server is newly created so it does not have many players. You should keep in mind that this server is still in its beta stages, so it does not include all the features. joining at this time, you have a HUGE shot at becoming a staff member.

Oi matey! Join our crew and have some freedom sailing the open sea! Be a british naval captain, leading his crew and killing those god darn pirates! Or join the growing world of pirates, plundering and saving those reales for yourself.
Pirate Haven: We're a small lil pirating community with around 30+ members (excluding bots) seeking to grow into a bigger server. Come join today, won't you?
We're a discord that has channels specified for users requesting download links to programs. Hence the name 'The Pirate Bay.'
I would like to welcome you to tabletop fun times the place where you can find many campaigns including and and not limited to a good campaign an evil campaign, a pirate campaign, a Fallout campaign, and in the works is a Pokemon tabletop United campaign. So please come on by.