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We are a Libertarian server with lots to offer. We value your freedom and we encourage debates.
-Lots of roles!
-Relaxed Moderation!
Join us today! You won't regret it :)
INTP ONLY server! Created this server as a way for us “friendless” introverts to socialize and meet new people. We tend to talk about politics, drugs, philosophy, memes and INTP problems.
Hello, I am hoping to grow this group and we can't do it with out you. We promote everything ranging from veganism to stopping racism and homophobia. We might be the minority right now but together we can make a change. Also if you are an activist group leader then you can tell us and you will be able to advertise your group there! Basically this community is for everybody. It is like a place where all activists can cooperate together. See you there!
The smell of coffee permeates through the air as you are met with a friendly barista. He asks for your order, and you sit down, taking in the hustle and bustle of the atmosphere. Complete strangers are talking to each other, and all there is is the pure sharing of feelings and intellectual ideas.

                 **Welcome to the Coffeehouse**! We, at the Coffeehouse, only encourage a safe and interactive community, open to the ideas of others.

Here we offer:

                 ✮ Multiple channels and roles in order to get together and talk about far-fetched subjects, or maybe even the latest developments.

                 ✮ Bots to make both the roleplay experience and the conversation experience all the better.

                 ✮ Friendly staff who are always willing to help out.

                 ✮ A simple Slice of Life roleplay for those who have wanted a casual roleplay, for the sake of roleplaying, without all the systems and combat. 

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get talking!
➢ Welcome to The Diogenes Club! You have proven to be exceptional!

➢ What do we have here? - Anything. We talk, discuss and share our ideas to improve our overall wellbeing and perceptions!

➢ Are we looking for members? - Quite so! As of now, we are a beginner server who are looking for logical, discussive and argumentative people who are willing to share and spread their ideas!

➢ Are we looking for staff? - As our member count increases, we will seek staff members!
Just join the server bro lol. (we do daily rosaries)

Dieu Le Roi (God The King) is a Catholic centered server that focuses on the churches Tradition. Just as how Catholic men took a stand agaisnt the french revolutionaries in Vendée, we are inspired to do the same in todays world which has been consumed by a plague of modernism.
-it is simple, we are traditionalist and uphold traditional values.
We welcome you!
"The Unexamined Life is not worth living."
- Socrates

A server with one goal: to cultivate a laid-back, wholesome and somewhat chaotic environment with casual philosophical discussion.

⚜️ Active Community
⚜️ Lecture Halls (Host your Own too!)
⚜️ Daily Debates
⚜️ Designated Academic Spaces
⚜️ Server Economy with Exclusive Roles and Perms
⚜️ Game Room
⚜️ Social & Academic
⚜️ Self Assignable Roles
⚜️ Tiered Rank System
⚜️ 24/7 Breaking Newsroom
⚜️ Create your own polls for the entire server
⚜️ Over a dozen custom bots so you never need to leave discord to search google, youtube, dictionaries, wikipedia, etc.
⚜️ Homework Help
⚜️ Positivity Channel <3
⚜️ Laid-Back, Wholesome Atmosphere
⚜️ By the Members, For the Members
The mission of The Philosophy Server is to help meet certain unique needs of laypeople, serious autodidacts, and philosophy students/graduates. For laypeople, this is a place to ask questions and seek philosophical guidance and education. For autodidacts and philosophy students, this is a place to discuss philosophical texts and ideas while making friends with others who share your interests.
Hi there, we're a large community server centered around discussing and debating philosophy and religion.
We're inclusive and support a wide range of ideologies and beliefs.
The server is somewhat formal, we've got plenty of channels for casual conversation but are primarily centered about serious and civil discourse.
The transhumanist society is a chill and social community dedicated to the synthesis of neurochemistry, biology, philosophy, psychology, critical thinking and other sciences. Our objective is to enhance physical and mental functioning, raise awareness of responsible drug use and provide a space for education.

=> Biohacking

=> Psychonautics

=> Group Study Sessions

=> Philosophy

=> Technology

=> Nootropics

=> Psychedelics

=> Drugs

=> Hangout

=> Health, Fitness & Nutrition

=> Psychology

=> Productivity Enhancement

=> News
A server for political and current events discussion.
-Staff are all long time friends and active
-Friendly atmosphere
-Reasonable amount of free speech (within Discords guidelines/TOS)
-Weekly formal debates
-Movie Nights
-Plenty of roles to choose from
-All ideologies welcome
-Relatively lax rules: Just be respectful to one another/no porn/no gore or shock images, etc.

We're looking forward to meeting you!
Welcome to the Anti-Centrist Republic! Don't worry, the name is just a joke, centrists are welcome here too. We are a community primarily centered around politics and philosophy debate and discussion, but you're free to talk about whatever you want here, as long as you aren't toxic and you follow our server rules - we even have a few channels dedicated to special interests, such as gaming, art, music, and anime/manga. We also have political parties you can join and will be holding democratic elections for server President every two months. Hope to see you there!
Radical individualist discussion and debate for vagabond, negating minds. Egoists, Anarchists, Satanists, Punk Rockers, Nihilists, Sadists, and every other selfish lover of life, willful self-creator, and nameless iconoclast is welcome to participate in my project
Hello and welcome to Modern Politics, a newly founded political server aimed at creating dialogue between opposing parties in a non-toxic, fun, and intellectual atmosphere with a non-toxic and chill community.

- Over 100 roles you can select
- Looking for quality partnerships
- Looking for staff members
- Looking for constructive criticism and intellectual dialogue
- Memes and shitposting channel

Whether you're a political junkie, or apolitical you're always welcome here to debate and hang out with us.
Hey you, stop scrolling. I know you're an intellectual. This small server is a perfect start for you, no second thoughts needed.
No neo-Nazis.
A server for cynical movie watchers and self proclaimed politicos to argue over movies, current events, and philosophy. Only rules are no racism and no getting butt hurt. self assigned roles related to subjects of discussion so that you aren’t bothered with @everyones and weekly movie streams that you can vote on. Come talk about you favorite movie, tv show or ARG, or discuss profound philosophical ideals, or just post a few memes.
⟾ Only smart people. 🧠
⟾ Beautiful server design. 🌺
⟾ Intelligent topic channels. 💬
⟾ Voicechat with smart. 🎙️
⟾ And more.

On the search for a server fully consistent with intelligent discourse? Delightful Intelligence is the answer! We are a new emerging community server for only the smart, with strict membership vetting criteria; not only do people need to pass an application-vetting process, but also they need to remain congruent with criteria that applies to members, or their membership is revoked. The server's purpose is for intelligence and not shitposting, nor is it for those who aren't intelligent. It is a safe place for the smart who need an environment in which they can thrive in expressing their selves as well as learning, communicating with others who fit their intelligence.

Delightful Intelligence was founded March 11th 2020 by Discernment#2449, a successful attempt to start a thriving community for the intelligent. Be a part of the server's baby steps, and watch it grow in quality and activity. When you join, you will need to submit a membership application, which will need to be reviewed and accepted by staff for you to become member and be able to communicate in the server. Non-members can chat in a channel named Unrestricted at the top of the channel-list. Non-members can also spectate the whole server including voicechat, but may not speak in voice channels, and can only communicate in Unrestricted. Members have full access to the main channels of the server.

Here we discuss philosophy, psychology, science, and more! Join us today! Find delight in the intelligence of this community!
The HOLY server, is an international discord community dedicated to debates on politics, philosophy, religion, current events; and everything in between.
We promote a friendly approach to debating and discussion. We accept everyone.
You will find lively VC and text debates, as well as a variety of roles and ranks for political, philosophical, ethical, and religious positions.

We have great mods that maintain civility and respect of TOS, Debate Nights, AMAs, Weekly Movie Nights and other such events coming soon.
A new leftist run community and political server. We are focused on healthy involvement in and discussion about politics, philosophy, history, economics, science, and other social issues. As well as keeping a higher standard of moderation, membership, and content.

The server also features a detailed list of self-assignable roles and learning resources.