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🌏𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐏𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐓𝐚𝐥𝐤 🌎
We're a casual political debate server that focuses on open discussions, debates, and chill conversations. Any who wish to join can enter!
Some of the things we offer are:
◇ Heaps of ideology roles
◇ Topics and polls
◇ Fun emotes
◇ Active and helpful staff
◇ Various voice channels
🎊------- Best server for Debates on Philosophy Politics And More -------🎊
Fastest Growing Discord Politics Server!
Politics, Conspiracies, OSINT, History, Philosophy, Military!
AMA's, Debate Nights, Trivia Nights, Global Emoji's,
24/7 Text and Voice, Darth Dawkins!
Partnerships, Unbiased moderation!
For creatures that can't identify with humans.
Ecological, Misanthropic, Philosophical, Political, Contrarian, Multinational, Free-speech server.
We care about what matters most. What most people don't care about.
We are one of the few servers that allows free-speech debate about humanity, politics, gender, environment etc.
Welcome to Plato's Cave. This is a new server with not many active users yet.

This server is dedicated on discussions about philosophy, history, music, psychology and more that can be added in the future. We (right now only me) try to make the best of the discipline in here. We have patience but our thresholds and limits are strict to keep this server pure clean from the toxicity. With your help, we can grow this community and meet new people and make new friends. Thank you for your time visiting.
Welcome an Coexist, an interfaith community that seeks to bring people together and debate theological matters in a respectful and intellectual fashion. All are welcome here regardless of their beliefs, as long as those beliefs aren't against ToS or anything. No hate speech is allowed here whatsoever.

- A fair moderation staff
- Tons of bots to interact with
- All religions and lack of are welcome.
- Looking for staff members.
- Always looking for respectful dialogue and constructive criticism.
1. It is purely voluntary.
2. It cannot be created or sustained with violence, aggression, or subjugation.
3. It leaves the individual to rule themselves.
4. It relies upon the idea that, if an individual is unable to care for themselves, the members of the community will voluntarily offer to help that individual.
5. It can provide social services, the only contingency being that funding for such programmes is collected through voluntary donations.
6. It has the room under the breadth of the theory to satisfy socialism, communism, marketism, primitivism, feminism, and any other -ism one can think of so long everyone partaking in that society does so on a consensual basis.
7. It ensures total freedom for the individual.
Anime, gaming, and meme lovers reside here, with a little bit of Gnosticism sprinkled in.
There's a lot of love for trap and rap here +some underground.
If there's a fantasy game or anime out there I can probably find mythology easter eggs in there.

Durkastan is a place where muslims and others alike are encouraged to hone their critical thinking skills, mindset and approach to healthy discourse, our intellectual based society emphasizes on such values to strengthen the mindset of every individual member on this community.
This is a server for all religions however its also a community where we teach true islam we are also here to help muslims expand their knowledge by a Mua'alim or even if your a muslim questioning your religion we are here to help you
We are a new Discord community for civil discourse about philosophy, politics, and more. Nameless™ is a platform for learning and debating different ideas.
This is Bobby Scar's discord! We are The People, together. This is a place to discuss ssbm, philosophy, books, anime, you name it. Super friendly atmosphere and wonderful conversation. Let's all get better together, and let's make caring cool again.
»»———Emerald Debates———««
Quick! Hurry and join our safe debate community that offers different amazing events such as!
-Zoom debate tournaments
-Over 10 categories you can debate with others on
-Contests with prizes
and so much more!
Hurry before its too late, We're waiting..

All of our debate contests and weekly debate topics will start once we get at least 30 members, so hurry and settle in before its too late!
LAA is all about learning, academia and the humanities. We don't ask for experience, but we ask for passion. This is what drives us everyday and we live for what we love.

We open this server to create a tight-knit world of poets, artists, historians and philosophers to come together, share their work and to discover beauty in creation + thoughts. We can't wait to have you.
Hey , you , yes , you , this is my server !
If you are trying to find something entertaining , and have been bored by scrolling through disboard to find something new your more then welcome to join our community ! :D
So our server is about everything and everyone , if you want to know more , just enter .
A server dedicated to the discussion, proliferation and debate of antinatalism, efilism and relative philosophy with absolutely no rules outside of ToS and no ego-driven, power mongering mods.
Welcome to the Philosophy Debate Hub!

* Daily Discussion Prompts
* Many Self-Assignable Roles
* Active Staff & Members
* Bots for quoting the Bible, Qu'ran, Bhagavad Gita, & more
* Friendly Community
* Text & Voice Debates
* Always seeking quality partners

What else could you ask for? Join now!
Opened 5/28/2020
Server based upon voice chat discussion and an uncluttered channel selection
Try not to larp with the roles too much
This is a server that welcomes strong-witted, iron-willed debaters, as well as more relaxed, chill watchers. Whether you enjoy throwing hands in the debate boxing ring, or watching as blood is spilled across the land, this is the server for you!

We offer a variety of channels for discussion, debate, and connecting, as well as utility channels like the dictionary, where you can type in a philosophy, religion, or political ideology and get a definition in return!

General channels include:
- General-chat
- Sports-talk
- Sh*tposting
- Multiple media channels

Debate channels include:
- General debate 1 and 2
- Political debate
- Philosophy debate
- Religion debate
- and their respective VCs

Aside from these, we have over 200 role-specific channels so that people can connect and converse with those who share their ideals. There are channels exclusive to everyone, from Agnostics to Wiccans, Nihilists to Moral Realists, Anarchists to Conspiracy Theorists. Everybody is included!

Also, any member can request the addition of a topic specific debate channel (such as two opposing political ideologies), and if the people like it, it may become permanent!

We advocate for free speech and free expression (aside from a teeny bit of rules), so come on down and SPEW your opinion!
Do you want to discuss philosophy, science, and technology with likeminded people? Are you intrigued by others people's research? Then the Academy is the place for you. As a sanctuary for knowledge and a deposit of your research and any topic you feel is scientifically or philosophically important, the Academy hopes to become an organisation that inspires people to pursue knowledge and though.

To be clear, this is not a homework server. While we do surely encourage the entrance of High School students with unique views and ideas, but we dabble mostly in philosophical and scientific debate, not answering your class homework questions.
We center our focus around growing the established community. Consider this your pit stop in life for both sharpening your introspection and developing your character. We usually discuss topics, such as, but not limited to: Philosophy, Psychology, Typology, Sciences, Mental Health, and Life Advice, as well as whatever that goes on in your lives. For those who are familiar, this is the successor of the server Cognition.
Existential Ramblings is a philosophy/general interest server. We are a simple server promoting a respectful atmosphere for general chat and deeper discussions. We have:
- General topic, entertainment, gaming, voice and philosophy chatrooms
- Several bots for fun and general interests
- Fun emojis based on famous scientists and philosophers
- Joinable roles and custom roles

Whether you are looking to just chat, or discuss/debate more pressing and philosophical topics of today, then we are a server for you!