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✝️ Ministry of Discord ✝️
The Ministry of Discord is a server dedicated to giving Christians a place to come and talk about their faith. We are quickly growing and are looking to continue growing to spread the Good News to the wonderful people of Discord. We also welcome anyone who genuinely wants to become Christian or will, in good faith, discuss the meaning and teachings of Christianity. We have some rules and guidelines to create order and stability while ensuring our core principles are protected and observed. Our server offers its members;
- Daily question
- Bible verse of the day
- Forums to ask Christians different kinds of questions
- Large and growing community of believers (+100 members)
- Podcast links to promote your personal connection with God
- Weekly suggested Bible readings
- Information about upcoming Christian music festivals throughout the United States

Our job is to love everyone, without wondering if they are worthy. We are a community of people helping each other take the first or next step towards God, however it may look.
The main focus of Intellectual Political Discord is to provide an atmosphere in which civil discussion can take place over issues of politics across the globe. The goal here is to work together to find solutions to fundamental problems the world faces, not to simply argue our positions; to treat hot debate topics with tact and respect in the hopes of finding better solutions, instead of dominating our opponents. Feel free to change your mind here, or remain rooted in your positions, so long as you genuinely believe what you say and give others a chance to impress upon you their own worldviews.
League of Politics

A server to connect with people of all backgrounds and heritages, to discuss politics. All are welcome to share their views.
Chatroom for integral yoga, integral theory,
theology, mysticism, occultism, poetry,
psychology, philosophy,
education, psychotherapy,
computer science, video games, game dev, AI,
arts & media, music, anime,
other hard and soft sciences,
news-media, politics,
and.. everything.
Welcome to Philosophical Misfits, coming back with a vengeance! A place where dialogue is encouraged! We discuss all sorts of things including politics, religion and philosophy. All opinions are allowed just remember to follow the rules!

- Lots of people with opposing viewpoints to discuss different things with! (We aren't an echo chamber!)
- Daily QOTD and activity!
- Over 100+ roles to describe your ideology!
- Custom chess, anime, psychology and other club roles!
- Music, chess and other bots to interact with!
A discord server for boomers, by boomers. Join if you wanna join the lawnmowing at 6:30am movement with a can of monster sugarfree gripped tightly.
Note: We are a discussion driven server, so we are looking for members who will contribute to such things. Trying to grow to get the server up and running...

Good evening potential dictators and political revolutionaries! If you're looking for a server to live out political power games and discuss with other users how to gain such power, this is for you! In this server you can;

-Create your own political parties
-Pitch political policies
-Have competitive debates

Each political isle is given their own channels to talk amongst themselves and prepare for debates to clash against the other wing, and have voters change the tides of the game! With every debate won is credit used to cash in to corrupt the system and create new laws!

Enjoy this crazy learning experience, and i hope to see you there, political revolutionaries!
Continental Philosophy: The best place to discuss the various philosophies of mainland Europe! From idealism to existentialism, Kant to Sartre, we include all kinds of thought in our server. But don't worry if you don't like those-- we have a spot for other philosophies too, like the Analytics or Greeks. We even have
-friendly staff
-interesting conversations
-fun members
-intellectual debates
-free speech
-and new ideas
We have 70+ members and we're growing every day, so come on over to Continental Philosophy!
Welcome to Analytical Debate Hub, a place created for discussing important issues at hand. We discuss things such as philosophy, religion, science and politics. With a diverse amount of members with all kinds of different ideological views you'll find someone here to have productive discussions with.

- Active owner and staff
- Dozens of roles to describe your ideologies
- Partnership friendly
- Chess and music bots to play around with
- Chill moderation and allowing for diversity of thought
A free speech server where everybody is welcome.

If you want to improve all aspects of your life or discuss meaningful philosophical ideas then this place is probably for you. 👌🏻
Men's-Only Club, for Red-aware men, --Join-- If you are interested in:
- Men's Rights.
- Non-Gynocentric Relationship-Advice.
- Self-Improvement.

- Philosophical Discussions.
- Scientific Discussions.
- Literary Discussions.
- Socio-Cultural & Political Debate.

We're centered around formal debate, with 2 formal debates a week. Other than that, we allow free discussion about any set of topics.
We are a new server which focuses on discussing and debating well-thought out opinions and information. HIGH QUALITY CONTENT ONLY. This way, the community will be small, but engaging.

If you have any interesting thoughts, opinions, or analyses and would like to engage in discussion with others about them, this is the perfect server for you!
Looking for a server where you can discuss and debate about any topic you please? A place where you need not worry about being banned or kicked for saying anything? A place where the moderation can be voted for? DOG is the place to be. We discuss topics ranging from science, politics all the way to philosophy. We have a nice community. Join today!
Share, collaborate and discuss philosophical ideas all the way from Plato to Modern Philosophy. Talk religion, global politics, all philosophies and ideologies are welcome! Members and Staff needed!
We are the faustian heretics. Faust was a man that sold his soul for knowledge. The faustian spirit of a deep desire for learning.

We also are a fan base of the Jolly Heretic, Edward Dutton.
Dialectical Discourse (DD) is a server dedicated to facilitating effective discourse and learning about all perspectives. Free speech for any view so long as it is expressed with respect. OUR RULES ARE IRONCLAD, be chivalrous or begone!
A pretty awesome server for pretty awesome people. Active as fuck but chill environment that makes sure to include everybody in on the fun.

Come and check us out!
A free-speech server for an unrestricted clash of political and philosophical ideas. No ideology or viewpoint is unduly suppressed. Discord's Terms of Service is the only line you may not cross.