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Where do demigods go after Camp half-blood? The world doesn't just stop wanting to kill you because you've grown past your angsty teen years. Some of you just roam the world until you meet your demise... others end up here at the Half-Blood Sanctuary.
Every god has a house for their children, where the most responsible insert unbridled laughter here demigod keeps track of their siblings.
Respect your head of House please, and for god's sake don't fucking kill each other.
-Hermes Community president and Patron
We are a PJ Roleplay server that is looking for new members.
See what we offer!

-A friendly staff team
-119 Text Channels
-A chance to make new friends
-And much much more
Hello! This a extremely new server (literally just opened it today) and I need some staff for it. Staff should be...

-Nice and friendly
-willing to help
-knowledge on Percy Jackson and Greek mythology
-Good role-players and literate

If your also good with bots, that would be amazing and a big help.
Why don't you join and see for yourself? Its a Percy Jackson based roleplay server. Its literate. Neat.
Hello! Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! This is a WIP server, so anyone that’s joins as of now will most likely play a large role in the server!
This a PJO based RP
server where you can be a Demigod or a God. Server Events are once every week on Fridays. The server has a lot of channels to talk in and not a lot of rules to really follow. This server is just for fun and rolplay!
—>note i’m still kinda working on it<—
This is a safe server and characters are first come first serve! Dm Annabeth if you want to apply for admin permissions. Thank you!
Ever wanted to create your own character in the lore of Percy Jackson? Well here is your chance! Our server offers a more mature spin on the Percy Jackson universe. Join, create your own character, and rp with others who a similar mentality.
A year after the Giant War and another battle is coming but not with monsters of their own pasts. This time it's against gods of old Norse and the east. Neither is good or bad, they have their own goals. The truth of those goals is hidden deep within the prophecy that had been received:

The Thousand Gods swing their blades,
Setting the land and sky ablaze.
Ashes turn to dust as lives are lost,
Though light shimmers of light break through at any cost
Thou must step forward and put ideals behind,
before the soldiers are aligned.

Will you help put an end to the war or continue the chaos?
Welcome to Camp Olympia, a Percy Jackson Based Server. We dedicated ourselves to not just being another RP server but a community for everyone to enjoy.

🤖 Sweet Bots

🎉 Regular Events

🛡 Amazing staff and looking for more

🏅 Dedicated Events Team

🏠 Tons of locations
We’re a great server just starting up.
Explore the world of Demigods, fight monsters, socialize with campers and have fun!
This server is heavily based off of Rick Riordans Percy Jackson series but you dont have to read it to understand everything.

"Welcome to Camp Autumn. If you are reading this you are an Elementalist. This is a place for elementalists to stay and live. Whats an Elementalist you ask? Elementalists are People that have been blessed with an elemental power such as Fire, Water, Air etc. Just remember to not leave Camp Autumn unless sent out by the camp director. Oh and watch out for the shadows." ~Scribe June
We are lgbtq+ supportive!
Legacy of Gods is a demi-god based role play. We take after the Percy Jackson & Olympian series! We are a friendly community that accepts everyone who enjoys building and creating characters, writing, and making new friends!

We also have a lot of events we do such as:
- Game Night
- Movie Night
- Server Quests & Missions
- Chances to deeply develop your character
- Chances to earn Mythical Pets
- And many more!

Something dark is coming.

The Gods have returned to the west once again, this time they have settled themselves on Mount Olympus located in the upper state of Washington. The coastal city of Seattle has been taken over by the Gods. The Olympians have hidden among the mortals once again and have begun creating a new generation of half-bloods. Now the children of Gods and Goddesses populate the city, completely unaware of their very own bloodline. Creatures and Beasts of all kinds have been roaming the city, causing havoc among both the mortals and the half-bloods. Although while this is usual behaviour, there seems to be rising inflation of creatures and beasts more than usual. These deadly mythical beasts are killing more half-bloods day by day, and this is causing an all-out war between the gods. Now it’s up to Atlanta University’s Champions and Seekers to figure out what is lurking in the shadows and summoning these beasts which are taking out the legacy of the gods.
So basically, I love Sanders Sides and Percy Jackson and combined them. This is the result- a Camp Half Blood run by Thomas where his sides hang out because they're demigods in this au! OC's very much welcome!
-- Welcome to Camp Halfblood! --

This is the only (well, kind of) safe haven for demigods, located in Long Island Sound, New York. Meet others like you, your long lost siblings, and try to survive. Based in the PJO universe with some time alterations.

This is an upgrade of the owner's old Percy Jackson server, but this one is better with much more added, and easier to navigate!

• LGBT+ friendly
• Experienced staff
• Plenty of plot ideas!
• Make your own characters
• Choose your own godly parents
• Based off of the PJO series, with plenty of non canon action added!

If you join this server, you won't regret it. We're trying to improve every day, and while we've been doing this for a while, this server is brand new. Once again, welcome to Camp Halfblood. Try not to die.
Welcome, one and all, to Camp HalfBlood!
Were demi-gods, centaurs, and in general, magical children and teens spend their days. We have many, many roleplay channels, and an easy to fill out character template.
Currently we have a low population at our camp, but you can help change that.
We serve great food and our cabins are tidy. Your bound to make friends in this supportive camp. Come on, join us, down at Camp half blood.
Join Camp Half Blood! It’s a community group for demigods to meet each other. Everything friendly as long as you don’t violate the rules :)

Welcome to CHB Percy Jackson Unite, (we know its a mouthful) This server is for all the role players who play this game on roblox to unite and set up role plays, talk about the game, and tons of other stuff.
WARNING!! If you can read this, you're not human! Go, before it's too late! If you're still reading, don't say we didn't warn you...

Welp. You're a demigod. Greek? Roman? We don't know yet. Wherever you go, just know that it's a dangerous world out there. Monsters hide in plain sight, and if you're not careful, you'll be their dinner. Follow the address on the back of this note, if you want any chance of survival...


⇝ Welcome to camp! We have both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, created in a balanced way! (Hopefully!)

⇢ A unique power system!

➻ Frequent quests, war games, and activities!

⇸ Quality characters and creative storylines!

➵ A welcoming, open community! We're all friends here, and your voice will be heard!

☛ An active LGBTQA+ community and characters!!

➲ We are a new server, and we hope you enjoy what we have so far! We may make mistakes along the way, but we try our best! Come, join us, and see what all the fuss is about!
In trying times of a demi gods life when they're seeking help Camp Half Blood always finds them.

A pamphlet containing details of camp and a start date arrives when you needed it most. This was a sign. You're about to embark on a journey that will be filled with highs and lows, danger and fun but most of all self enlightenment. This is the start of something great. Do you accept the invitation only time will tell.

Something else is brewing. Deities are plotting, monsters are appealing more frequent. Will you be able to figure out what's going on before its too late?