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Something is stirring in the cosmos, and all the Gods and Goddesses seems nervous about it. But for now, the problem seems to be handled. Hopefully it will stay like that. As for the demigods of Olympus, they are all being made to stay at Camp Half Blood as Year-Rounders if they aren’t already. The catch to this is that they are not being told why this new rule exists.

Life at Camp Half Blood is like another other day though. Training, laughs, and good times. A week before the first of November though, three demigods came back from their quests. It wasn’t normal though. They were dropped off by some monster, beaten, bloody, and dead. The monster only laughed before disappearing with a plume of smoke! When this happened, Mr.D was called to Olympus until further notice and a new Camp Director was appointed for the time being.

The Gods continue to say they are handling it, but what exactly is happening. Perhaps… Is it the end of the world?
this is a camp half blood rp, centered around the percy jackson universe. it's tons of fun!
we're fairly well established, but not crazy, you know? and growing every day!
-active rpers
-almost 80 friendly faces
-nonbiased mod team (no favoritism)
- over 35 rp channels!
-capture the flag and campfires
-easy application
-LGBTQIA friendly
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, the safest place for demigods!

You can currently choose from 23 cabins to create a demigod in, more to come soon! There are plenty of channels to rp in and meet other demigods. More channels to come soon as well.

This server is quite new and everything is not perfect so suggestions are welcome. The community is welcoming and small. Lots of changes are to come soon so be prepared when the time comes! Staff and suggestions are really needed! Dungeon Masters too! Dungeon Masters control the monsters lurking around in the north woods.


Server includes an out of character chat to communicate with the other members of the server, voice chatting, music bot, and much more!

Join Camp Half-Blood today!
Hi there! We are a pjo/hoo RP server with lots of fun stuff and quests.

This server has to offer:
↦ Active and Friendly Staff

↦ Welcoming to all races, genders, species
↦ open to adding new gods and goddesses, so don't be shy; we'll take your character.
↦ easy to understand power list that is very detailed
↦ many Open counselor positions

Join us! we hope you live a long life! (not that that happens to half-bloods)

So, I bet you’ve heard about the big hero, the guy who saved the world on a daily basis, Percy Jackson. Heard about his adventures with his loyal satyr friend, an edgy demigod of death, and his smart girlfriend. How he overcame Tartarus, fought Ares, and stopped the Earth Mother from rising up. Amazing, right?

It's all fake.


Welcome to Camp Half-Blood: AU! We're a new, fun-loving CHB roleplay server in which the adventures and quests of Percy Jackson and his friends never happened.

Here, you can sandbox-RP to your heart's content, go on quests, and participate in camp events. And that's just the IRP part; we plan to incorporate server events for our community, as well :)


Here are just some of the things that we include/plan to include on our server:

🎉 Active server members and staff!
🏆 An optional claiming-system!
✒️ One paragraph writing minimum!
⚔️ Engaging quests and optional IRP activities!
🎁 Open roles!
💕 A friendly and supportive community!
📆 A brand new RP experience!


We hope to see you there! :)

Have you ever thought about making a character for Greek Mythology? Well we are very grateful if you join us! As the title says. This is a Percy Jackson Roleplay!


- LGBTQ community friendly
- Welcoming Admin
- Everyone is welcomed
- Bots to use during off time
Have you been looking for a server which clings to the canon of Percy Jackson more heavily, whilst still giving it a unique feel to it? Look no further. In this Camp Half-Blood roleplay, you can find yourself within camp as an unclaimed demigod; climbing up until your divine parent feels it's fit to claim you.

With our unique system of choosing your parent based off of your character's unique personality traits, we can assure you'll be left on the edge of your seat constantly.

So please, look no further and join our welcoming community.

Any problems? Go to a Mod+ with any and we will have them resolved ASAP.
𝕮𝖆𝖒𝖕 𝕳𝖆𝖑𝖋 𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉
※ 𝕎elcome 𝕋o ℂamp ℍalf 𝔹lood!✨
※ 𝕋his 𝕊erver 𝕀s 𝔹ased 𝕆ff 𝕆f 𝕋he ℙercy 𝕁ackson 𝔹ook 𝕊eries.✨
※ 𝕎e 𝔸re 𝔸 𝔽un, 𝔽riendly, 𝔸nd 𝕎elcoming ℝoleplay 𝕊erver.✨

𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖘𝖊𝖗𝖛𝖊𝖗 𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖑𝖚𝖉𝖊𝖘:
✨Staff applications
✨Semi-literate roleplays
✨Lots of rp channels
✨Fun polls and events
✨And lots more!

𝕊𝕠 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕛𝕠𝕚𝕟 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕤𝕖𝕖 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗!
It is the current day, the present. You're doing your daily routine, going to work, buying groceries but then. Something strange happened when you arrived home. You checked your mail later that day for some reason, and there it was. A letter. A letter for what? You ended up reading that letter, and you soon realized what the letter meant. The letter told you that you would be awoken that night by a fleet of valkyries, to take you away from the mortal plain. You were confused at first, so you thought nothing of it, and fell asleep. And then you awoke, a knock being heard on your bedroom window. You got up, and opened the window, as a fleet of valkyries appeared there. They told you that you were a Demi god, and that you couldn't stay with the normal mortals any longer. They grabbed you, and took you into the night sky, the sky being cloudy, dark and damp and covered in a humming song of storms. After many hours, you arrived at the front of the camp. You were approached by a mysterious man, in a black robe, who's face you cannot see. The man tells you who your godly parent is, and that there are many paths to take in the realm of DemiGods and Gods. But the question is... Which road are you going to walk? There are many roads men and women walk that can lead to great fortunes or unfortunate punishment. you must realize that you are a newcomer to this realm of Demigods, so in a new world how are you going to concentrate your unique power and learn it either for the greater good or become devoured by evil and end up becoming a criminal. The Choice is yours.

Camp Half-Blood is a Percy Jackson-inspired server. We give anyone the chance to discover who their Godly parent is, and a chance for them to begin a new life as a Demigod residing at Camp Half-Blood. Therefore, if you want to escape your boring, uninteresting and average life, join this server and come into the universe that we offer!

Our server is working on a new lore that diverges from the novels so that you, your friends, and anyone else can be a part of the story as the main characters. We offer custom-made powers from the Greek Gods and Goddesses such as Athena, Apollo and Hephaestus! As well as the major gods, we offer minor gods such as Hecate, Eris, Khione, and 32 other Major (and minor) Gods and Goddesses! We are also planning on adding more gods and goddesses!

So, come and join us and live out as the demigod that you want to be! Whether you wish to fight, relax the world, or simply chill out with some friends, we are excitingly waiting for you to join us on our quest!

Please be warned that this server is not for people who don't put effort into RPing and creating characters. You may see us as stricter than other RP servers as we promote realistic RP.
A Greek and Roman Demigod and God roleplay server based off of the PJ and HoO books series! Come join and make your own demigod or choose a god!
Roleplay Acampamento Meio Sangue

Olá! Sejá bem vindo ao Acampamento Meio Sangue! ^^

Bom, agora parando para apresentar o server, o básico que é preciso saber é: O Acampamento Meio Sangue se trata de nada mais e nada menos do que um servidor de roleplay baseado nas franquias de livros do Rick Riordan (Recomendo :3), mas que possuí um plot único e se passa em um tipo de "linha do tempo diferente da original".

Os pontos mais chamativos do server são:

- O server tem um total de 51 chats de roleplay para usufruir

- Eventos como torneios, missões e raids ocorrem de tempos em tempos

- Retrata a mitologia greco-romana

- É um dos poucos servers que abordam esse toma no Brasil

- Tem uma comunidade relativamente pequena, mas legal ;)

Bom, era só isso mesmo, entre só se sentir vontade, ninguém aqui vai estar te forçando :3 (E eu espero muito mesmo que você se divirta caso entre :>)
Camp Half-Blood is a Percy Jackson inspired roleplaying server where you can roleplay as a demigod, nymph, satyr, or centaur! We pride ourselves in our long and literate roleplays! We have strict character description and roleplay guidelines, so please check with our rules first to see if this is the right server for you!

-- Many channels to roleplay in

-- Highly detailed roleplays & character descriptions

-- LGBTQ+ friendly & active! Age 14+

-- Choose from over 50 unique Greek Gods/Goddesses to be the demigod of

-- A very large variety of powers for every godly parent, even for ones like Ares, Hermes, Artemis, & Athena

-- Choose from over 10 different nymph types

-- Pick from a multitude of different locations to roleplay

-- Battle against friends in our well-known Capture the Flag game

-- Bring along a friend or two to embark on a quest of your own

-- Chat & send memes with others in our out-of-character chat

-- Easily create a character in the span of a few minutes with the help of our staff
Hey there! This is a semi-literate to literate RP based off of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series. This RP takes place in present-day, set a significant time after The Blood of Olympus. We're currently a small, growing community looking for new members! Create some characters and jump into the action! Our server includes:

🌟 Friendly admins
🌟 Big server plots
🌟 Quests for characters to go on
🌟 Events like Capture the Flag
🌟 Head Counselors
🌟 Fun bots like Tatsumaki
🌟 And many other channels (memes, art, animals, etc)!

We hope to see you there!
~•Welcome to Camp Half Blood!•~

We are an oc-only roleplay server, since the rp takes place after all the events of Rick Riordans books. But creating your own character is part of the fun!

What we offer:
•An LGBTQ+ friendly community
•Bots such as Miki, Dyno, Rythm and Tatsumaki
•All 20 cabins [Excluding Hera and Artemis since they have no demigod children]
•Seperate cabins for gods who don't have cabins in the canon series
•Custom emojis
•Self assignable roles
•Nice people to roleplay with

We hope you join us!
The United Crew is looking to have fun writing Greek Roleplays. We are OC friendly and looking for Members to join us who are interested writing and building a world together.
a server for fictives of characters from the percy jackson series. no endogenics/tulpas/whatever. not a kin server, not for singlets.
Greeks. Romans. Egyptians. Norse. Celtics.
Five different pantheons of demigods and legacies residing in one city in an attempt to bring peace and prosperity, yet has only brought in internal conflict between rival pantheons. Come sail to the Isles of Mythos, to see if you would succumb to the urge to fight your 'allies', or stand firm to defend against monsters lying in wait.

New server!
LGBT+ friendly!
Attentive and friendly staff!

This Discord server is a community of individuals who are aiming to start an animated Percy Jackson and the Olynpians animated series.

We would really appreciate it if you could join our crew and cast! We need:

• Audio editors
• Video editors
• Animators
• Voice actors
• Scriptwriters

Help would be appreciated! Thank you and please join us!
"Keeping young heroes safe from harm (mostly) for over three millennia!"

Camp Half-Blood is considered the only safe place for demigods, it's also an excellent place to train and become better as a demigod overall. Located on Long Island Sound and directed by "Mr D." Otherwise known as Dionysus, you can ensure a great summer. We hope to see you there!

This is just a casual PJO RP, we won't do anything relating to the canon events (Including restricting any usage of most canon characters.) as we'd prefer to create our own stories. Quests will be added in the future and hopefully capture the flag events bi-weekly whenever enough members join!
This server is a Percy Jackson themed roleplay serve taking place in camp halfblood primarily. We have recently added three new features, a simple economy, improved training system, and a message board where mini missions will be available to anyone.
A Riordanverse discord for fans to group with other fans! Come be claimed by your Greek godly parent and meet others in your cabin. We are a small server, just starting out, but we accept all fans of any of the series. This is a non-roleplay server where you can hangout, make new friends, chat about the book series and play some fun trivia games.
**Camp Shamrock**

- What is Camp Shamrock? -
“In The Rosses of County Donegal, close to the town of Burtonport on the Atlanic coast of Ireland, surrounded by the famously magnificent Irish countryside, lies a ‘camp’ of some sorts — a camp that remains a secret to the general population of the world. Shrouded in the magical féth fíada, this camp is invisible to, unnavigable by, and pretty much nonexistent for normal humans. A warehouse of folktales and legends, this camp serves as one of the ‘thinnest’ places throughout not only the British Isles, but through all of Europe. It is a stronghold of all things magical and mythical. It is a known home of many faeries, monsters, and other Otherworldly critters, but it is also an important legacy of the once-almighty Irish gods and heroes. This camp is Camp Shamrock, the only place in all of Ireland that serves as a safe haven for all those of legendary descent — demigods and legacies alike.”

As (probably) made clear by the small piece of lore above, Camp Shamrock is essentially a camp for Irish demigods and legacies, which are, respectively, children of Irish gods and descendants of Irish heroes. An Irish Camp Half-Blood, essentially, but not really. There are many original concepts that make our camp stand out from Half-Blood. One of these concepts are the two wholesome camp gOOD BOIS, for instance.

- What do we offer? -

We, as a server, offer many different things for our members, both roleplay-wise and out-of-roleplay-wise. Some of these include:

- A roleplay which allows a lot of freedom with character arcs while simultaneously following a continuously-developing plot line. All characters can contribute to the plot equally.

- A lot of possibilities for character creation and development. There are quite a few gods and heroes with some pretty dope powers that you can employ in your character creation, and we’re working on adding even more!

- We do partners! (as long as they benefit us lmao) And we’re pretty open about partnerships, too.

- We’re really accepting of diversity! We’re hoping to develop a community where labels don’t determine who you like and dislike. We want to have universal peace and respect between our server members, regardless of race, religion, and identity. Everyone deserves to be loved by others.

- We’ve got some pretty good bots and channels, and hopefully we’ll add even more of those once they are needed.

- We take criticism with no problem! Everyone has got a right to criticise or give feedback to the server. Who am I to deny that?

This server is still very new, and it has just opened to the public. While this means that there