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Have you ever wanted to live the life of a demigod? Does your idea of a perfect summer involve riding pegasi, dueling with magical weaponry and embarking on dangerous quests? Well this is the perfect chance! Visit Camp Half-Blood, still standing over a decade after Kronos and his army was finally vanquished (roughly 20 years later), Percy and his friends going their separate ways. Our constantly active administration team provides a variety of different activities to take part in, such as quests to retrieve unique items or stop evil schemes, an abundance of roleplay locations such as the forest and the beach and much more! Along with a large variety of new cabins now in camp, you can take up arms against your fellow demigods in the games we set up! Welcome to your new safe heaven, Camp Half blood!
Place for people who are fans of the Percy Jackson series (still work in progress) we are willing to partner with any server who will advertise our server on their own server and we’ll do the same to your server
A friendly community of Half-Bloods, with the ability to be a satyr, nymph, or demigod, and many gods to choose from.
A place for peeps to talk about the Riordan books and mythos
This group was made for fellow Percy Jackson lovers to enjoy themselves by RP-ing as themselves or a character that they can make up