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getting tired on getting a peacekeeper team community come and join the ES council state where you can get all the team that work as keeping away from the outlaw,toxic player,or even raider.we also had merchant company that need you BMD and GN. we will bring justice in ES
You have entered a new world. The world of Klash. In this dungeons and dragons style role-play, you can be apart of 1 of 5 factions.
The 5 factions being-
Divinity- Home of Light and Fire
Primitive- Home of Earth and Water
Peacekeeper- Home of Air and Wind
Interstellar- Home of the Stars
Tenebris- Home of darkness.
Every faction had their own base, with their own rules and communities.
Divinitys live on the Sun, Primitives live on Earth, Peacekeepers live in the Clouds, Interstellars live among the stars in a spaceship, and Tenebris live in the darkness of the void.
There are 3 representatives and 1 backup to speak for all of you. You can choose to make peace with others, or to destroy.
Choose wisely, dear members. For every move you make could be the wrong one, and the end of you.