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If you still need a squad for Anthem and you are playing in the EU, we got you. Just join the server and search some allies for the system you are playing on!

We support pc, ps4 and xbox one.
Meme Air is a discord a buddy and I started as our own personal hang out then we decided to invite our friends and now it somehow amassed into this large server so anybody is welcome so feel free to join and have fun.
Royal Impulse is a multi-gaming community based on discord, join us if you're looking for friends and a fun community to hang out with.
Some of the games our members play are Overwatch,League of Legends,Path of Exiles,Apex Legends
-Solo/Duo Game Rooms
-Ranks earned through being active in chat
-Friendly Staff
▼ Dedicated Channels! ▼

▷PC 💽 & Console 🎮
✔Final Fantasy

▷Mobile 📱
✔Battle Bay
**Game Bots! Music! Memes!**

*Pokemon Gyms and Badges!*

▼**Join us Here!**▼

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| Let's Play! Is a multi-platforms gaming server for:

-PC Players
-PS4 Players
-Xbox One Players
-Switch Players

You can learn about the newest news of gaming with our news bot! Never have to miss out anything! You can meet friendly gamers and play with them at the same time!
On this server, you can be a casual, active or hardcore player, everyone is welcome!
This server is for everyone interested in gaming, who either speaks german or english and is interested in learning the other.
YouTube канал:
Steam группа:
Twitch канал:
We are a friendly community of laid back people who love PC building, hardware, gaming, security and technology in general. We keep up to date on current hardware releases, software and games. With over 1900+ users! and growing!

Мы - SpaceGamers™, этот сервер был создан для людей, которым нравиться играть в игры, разные игры...

Наше название? Хммм...Давайте разберём)

Space - или пустота, это то, что было сначала. Бездна...

Gamers - это люди, пришедшие сюда, чтобы создать мир, из себе подобных...
Мы надеемся, что наше с Вами творение принесёт радость людям, а вместе с ними, и нам...

Я хочу пожелать Вам сил, чтобы пройти этот путь, и даровать людям что-то бесценное - время, проведённое вместе...

Der größte Deutsche Black Ops 4 PC Discord Server.
Schau doch vorbei :)
Brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments and gives prizes!
We are a small Wizard101 server dedicated to making new friends and a community to help each other through the game. Join us on your quest through the Spiral
We're a community of pc/console gamers and friends! - we've got lots of amazing people around here so come join us to play some games, watch movies or participate in events (づ◕o◕)づ
Pool Of Crimson has no direct theme nor purpose other then making people from all types of personalities feel welcomed as we are a very accepting community. There are different parts to the server and assistance with; Gaming, GFX, Music, Anime, Sports, NSFW, Art, Story Writing, and of course Memes! Each portion is kept open to everyone and can be used at any time! Come stop by!
Hello, How are you doing?
I would like for you to join us at Vacation Life Roleplay. (We are currently in a recruiting process to get more active players on)

***Note This Is A GTAV Server Modified and is
In any way not gonna get you banned nor does it effect your online data it is separate and you can play on both ***

We are a Car Based Server. Why do I say that?
- We Offer the ability to Actually Tune Your Cars,
- Car Customizations
- Car Varieties (Name Branded)
- Over 300+ cars Real Branded
- Player Owned Dealers
- Active Police, Mechanics
- Active Staff
- Drag Strip
- Drift Track
- Pink Slips System
- Numerous Race Events you can do
- Solo, or with friends and you will earn keys for winning those races where you can transfer those keys for in game money or more , (Beta)
- Trading System
- Sell your vehicle for in game cash/Trade
- Police Academy (We offer courses , driving and shooting ranges top tier training )
- We do Car shows
- There’s a Car theft job , Along With multiple ways to Rob stores , People, there’s Drugs
And factions [***If you love mayhem this is for you ***]
- we have pilot jobs
- Ems (Hiring)
- Fire (Beta)
- Join for more information on how to get started
***Discord Link*** -
This is a Community that revolves around the Unreal Engine and peoplpe who use it.
It was just an idea to start another Unreal Engine Community on Discord, because there are not that amuch of them on Discord.

**People who don't use discord are welcome here also!!**
The server has a lot of colorful personalities already and is looking for more active people to help the liven the chat. We really enjoy discussing games whether they're on pc, ps4, or xbox one doesn't matter to us we're always looking for more people to game with and have a good time. Anime and manga is a big passion to most of the people here so you'll find others to discuss your interests with here as well. Overall I just hope you decide to check out our server and have a good time while you're there :)
A growing community for various tech nerds, we focus on both new and old technology and gaming. If this happens to peak your interest, come join us!
We are a server who's main goal is to pair up good, non-toxic players with each other across all the various Overwatch ranks and platforms while maintaining a level of freedom and flexibility to allow players to can't commit to a consistent schedule to group up with other people and play comp. We are also creating a on-discord database of learning articles and videos for people to learn from. We also have a couple GM coaches and are always looking to expand our pool of players.

We are a cross-platform, cross-continent group, this means we have people on PSN, XBL, and and players on both the EU, AUS, and NA servers."

All admin's, all coaches, and all captains are Volunteers who are here for the love of the game.

We Also have all kinds different games as well, and great people to come with it.
There was once magic in the world, the kind that thrummed in blood and stone and gave rise to the many races that live to this day. All that's left of it are a few artifacts and the whispers of gods on the high winds, touching a rare few folk here and there. But the world spins on, and sapient races have turned their sights from the sky to the horizon.

The maps have expanded, kingdoms and empires scattering across the globe on
the backs of dragons and colony ships. This island is but one of many inhabited now, settled by the Evenwyr Empire, shortly followed by Kas Lanua and the Redrock Alliance.

The three groups that live upon it have established a relatively stable peace, each taking a territory for their own and flourishing upon it. Wealthy in creatures and abundant resources, this paradise has prospered in relative safety - though there are rumblings from the deep.

Something threatens to awaken underneath the island, and those particularly attuned to the thin threads of aether that are left dream of gnashing teeth and ravenous hunger. Monstrous howls echo from the mines, only audible on still nights.
But perhaps these are just the concerns of a few jumpy miners and spacey settlers. There are more important things to deal with - like handling everything else in life.

Welcome to the Far Cycles.

A whitelist-only RP server, we've got a lot to offer for anyone between veteran rpers and newcomers to the game. The overarching story is shaped by the actions of the players, and the outcomes of the season depend on them. There are three unique clans to pick from that can provide a community to get started with, each providing different bonuses and coming with their own unique cities.

Stay in town or settle somewhere further afield, with 30 dinos per person and regular events to keep busy with. Whether native to the island or coming from a faraway land with your own lore, and with loose rules on fantasy races, your character can be pretty much anything you want.

Map - The Island
XP - x10
Harvest - x3
Max Player Level - 115
Max Dino Level - 150
Taming Speed - x10
Boosted mating and baby growth modifiers.
Short High Kids! the place where People from different worlds meet up and chat! 💭
⚠️ UPDATE: Looking for server partners.
We support PS4 (PlayStation 4), XBOX,
Mobile and PC!
Any Minecraft, Terraria, cs:go, Fnbr, .io, online, or simulation gamers are welcome!

➖A community of players looking for a friend or looking to play some games!
➖🎶3 Music Bots🎶
➖Custom roles and ranks
➖Gift card Giveaways and mc ranks
➖Seasonal and Special Events 📅
➖Trolling events
and Rank Giveaways

A quick server review is much appreciated. Even if you join and leave the server, I always appreciate feedback. - (Owner and Administration team-The0pDuck)

Come here to chat with gamers, even non gamers can join to hangout with awesome members. Share Tips and Tricks about games, talk about life, share your secret grandma apple pie recipe and more! What are you waiting to click (or taps for touchscreen users) that join button? Join now to have fun!
[PC][18+] We are a small group of friends who like to play video games. We are looking for more long-term friends to play and hang out with! Come join us!

✭ New Reborn Community
✭ Events,Giveaways
✭ Personal Channels for videos of gaming
✭ Very friendly members and Staff
✭ All Gaming Platform users are welcome
✭ 1 official Sponsor giving ingame item redeem codes for giveaways"With Your Destiny Origins"
✭ Looking to develope the staffing unit
✭ always open to suggestions for emojis and adding stuff to the community

Partnerships are welcomed.

If you wish to come and join a growing community created on the 17/03/2019, and you wish
to even just have a general chat amungst other gamers then please look at my server

Once you join you will need to verify your not a robot you can do so by going to the
#✅verify✅ channel and typing !verify

Thank You