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Wir sind ein server der noch am Anfang ist und neue Mitglieder braucht die den server Pushen und aufbauen mit
Hey! Dies ist ein Deutscher Discord Server, auf dem es Hauptsächlich darum geht, Hilfe zu finden, wenn man Probleme mit seinem PC hat. Über Hardware, Software und andere Themen haben wir Supporter, die dir in jeder Lage helfen, von Hilfe zu Audiosettings, bis hin zu "Wie baue ich einen Gaming PC?" - Alles ist vertreten. Oder du unterhältst dich über diese Themen, oder spielst einfach mit einem neuen Freund Videospiele!
[] Welcome to Valius
[] Custom Minecraft server, :gun: pvp, custom textures, not modded.
[] Fortnight / Minecraft community sections
[] If you don't join ill be tracer
Welcome to Halcyon! This is a calm server intended to bring people together who want to enjoy the fruits of life, together.

There are:
24/7 Moderation
Music Bots
Self Roles (under construction)

Check us out, see how you feel :)
New gaming discord! Chat with our community and play some discord games! Get all the latest game updates and patches.
Der größte Deutsche Black Ops 4 PC Discord Server.
Schau doch vorbei :)
A cool Oceania fortnite scrims server, anyone is welcome, NO TOXICITY
In poche parole? Una community per qualsiasi gioco, adatta a tutti e dove ognuno è il benvenuto!
Che cerchiate compagnia oppure un posticino tranquillo dove poter giocare in tutta calma, questo è il posto adatto a voi! Qui potete sentirvi come a casa vostra! :)
This server is mainly directed towards PS users but we do have XBox, PC, and many more to come! Make sure to join! We hope you have a great time here! S!!]
The aim of this server is to bring together gamers from all over the world who choose to play on European servers. This way, we hope everyone has someone to play with, no matter the game or time.
Great chill out server and gaming community!
please join now, i will promise you will get easy admin. if you add an donate system, then moderator can be available.
Interested in PC and Technology? Come and chill with the developers, enthusiasts and addicts!
Ethoraxis is a new PC community ran by SquidRobot111 focusing mainly on No Man's Sky, a game on Steam that focuses on exploration and discovery, base building and combat.
A Linux and technology server focused on the community. You can talk about Linux and technology, ask for help, or just have a good time. There's plenty to do.
<———- Welcome to Hangout -———>

:cool: Our Server is owned by FredoFromIG#3110.

:cool: Check out some of our AWESOME features!

<-------- FEATURES --------->
Leveling Up System
Fun bots
Other Passions
Fun Friendly Members

<-------- INFORMATION ---------

We hope you will join!
WASABI - Bar & Lounge is a Social and Casual text and voice chat server for the 21+ adult. We're NEW with 100+ members! Join our community today! ♡
Welcome, This is a gaming server we meme together we game together and theirs anime as well
Nice corner on the internet with a growing community where you can meet new people to play games with, or if you just want some new pals in general! Fun bots, Cute emotes, and more!
Welcome to our Discord, as you can see, our Discord is fully designed for the game "Creative Destruction". We even know it when you not have an
mate to play or you can not compete against others. We want to change that, on our discord we try it with our advanced player search to get you an Duo/Squad partner in seconds. In the future, if we have found enough members, we will try our first tournament where you can finally compete against others. Of course, the Discord is not just about the 2 things, you can talk to people about everything else in a variety of chats. Our Discord also focuses on the smaller Youtuber or Streamer, with the "Content Creator" rank you get rights to multiple channels in which you can record or stream, plus you can promote your videos in an extra channel. If you like it so far, please do not forget to join ... See you soon
The Official Cyndanera Discord Community Server.

we do games, art, animation, chat, hangout.
We are a gaming and streaming based discord. Join us to play games. Looking for friends or gamers? Join RFA Gaming and Streaming discord!