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i am building a fortnite/scrim and promote community come join and have fun! i do custom game almost everyday anyone can join to play and be host NA west and east so come join to have fun. i am trying to get this discord popping!!!!
This is a server is for people who want to find other people who have similar interest. Its mostly used for gaming but it can also be used for other things if you want.
This server was made out of pure boredom but I thought I'd share it I hope it will grow I hope you will join the members currently on here are nice and helpful thanks for reading and hopefully joining
A community to hang out and discuss about different video games, with channels for different devices. Intended as a hangout for topics on video games. You can also find a squad for games here too.
We are a server of gamers that can meet new people and game with them. Also we really like cars so car chat is a thing.
(PC ONLY DISCORD) Join this server if you are looking for a group for any game, music also can be played on this server. Mods are always active. You can even flex your PC specs on this server! (Also there are memes if you're into that).
Australian based tech server for talking about most things including tech and gaming.
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come join us today great staff and fun options 5 star discord
EGT ESPORTS is a team that consistes of Call of Duty, Rocket League, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and more games to come! EGT eSports is open to all!

-Be Chill
-Do NOT Be Toxic
-Be Active
-If You Want To Tryout For A Team Let Us Know In #tryout-for-egt Specify What Game You Want To Play For EGT
⚠️‼️Entrare solamente se si ha intenzione di rimanere attivi ⚠️

Pegasus Gaming Beta 2.0 è un server creato dai giocatori per i giocatori nel quale puoi trovare altre persone in cerca di amici!!!

➼❱ Staff attivo

➼❱ Conosci Nuove Persone

➼❱ Partnerships

➼❱ Canali arte/meme

➼❱ Server multipiattaforma

➼❱ Stanze private su richiesta

➼❱ Ruoli privati e/o personalizzati su richiesta

➼❱ Staff disponibile e sempre pronto a portare assistenza a chi ne ha bisogno
Best gaming server out there, get to know people, play with them and make new friends!!
The biggest Discord Server in the World. Join thousands of Players and find People to play with using our Team Finder!

Мы - SpaceGamers™, этот сервер был создан для людей, которым нравиться играть в игры, разные игры...

Наше название? Хммм...Давайте разберём)

Space - или пустота, это то, что было сначала. Бездна...

Gamers - это люди, пришедшие сюда, чтобы создать мир, из себе подобных...
Мы надеемся, что наше с Вами творение принесёт радость людям, а вместе с ними, и нам...

Я хочу пожелать Вам сил, чтобы пройти этот путь, и даровать людям что-то бесценное - время, проведённое вместе...

Our main goal is to establish a friendly community for people who enjoy playing Apex Legends.
Hey! Dies ist ein Deutscher Discord Server, auf dem es Hauptsächlich darum geht, Hilfe zu finden, wenn man Probleme mit seinem PC hat. Über Hardware, Software und andere Themen haben wir Supporter, die dir in jeder Lage helfen, von Hilfe zu Audiosettings, bis hin zu "Wie baue ich einen Gaming PC?" - Alles ist vertreten. Oder du unterhältst dich über diese Themen, oder spielst einfach mit einem neuen Freund Videospiele!
Looking for anybody that can join my server looking for people just to join and chill or play games with.
This​ ​server​ ​offers​ ​many​ ​different​ ​services​ ​such​ ​as: Rocket League Trading and Stat Checkers/Price checkers
We​ ​also​ ​have​ ​a​ ​great​ ​ also have a great community in which there are many people on all the gaming platforms
with which you can trade or play with.
New tournament hub for CSGO & RSS.
Monthly giveaways coming soon.
We hope you enjoy your stay!
Du suchst eine freundliche, aktive und leicht verrückte Gemeinschaft, die dein Gamerherz höher schlagen lässt? Dann tritt der slayMASSIVE Community bei. Gegründet vom Streamer und Youtuber, LetsPlayOnkel. Ob Forza, RainbowSix oder Minecraft. Hier kannst du dich mit Gleichgesinnten austauschen.
Royal Impulse is a multi-gaming community based on discord, join us if you're looking for friends and a fun community to hang out with.
Some of the games our members play are Overwatch,League of Legends,Path of Exiles,Apex Legends
-Solo/Duo Game Rooms
-Ranks earned through being active in chat
-Friendly Staff
We are a Destiny 2 clan for PS4/PC players. Our diverse and friendly community has over 400 active guardians. We run PvP, PvE - really anything that gives us loot. So there’s only one question you need to ask yourself... are you happy in your clan?
chill hangout server. We talk about games, anime, and many other things.