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Brand New Community Server

-Friendly environment
-Meet new friends

Looking for:
Moderators,Helpers,and partners!
Kindred gaming is a society. A family. A pillar of support for its members, and yet also just a group of friends that like to play online games together.
Oficjalny polski serwer Discord dla społeczności użytkowników BlueStacks. Newsy, pomoc, konkursy, giveawaye i turnieje.
If you are looking for a server with people that play ranked almost everyday, this is the right server for you. This server is mostly high golds and plats.
active mods/admins a lot of updates if you want something in the server we can maybe fix that and its a lot of fun not too mutch channels yet because its in develepmont (sorry for bad english btw)
Welcome to League of Beginners!
⚔️ We are a LoL server dedicated to players who are new to league or looking to improve their skills! This server is made to create a friendly and safe environment for new players to learn how to improve their skills. Pros and Veterans to League are also welcome! We'd love to have experienced players also help out our newer players! ⚔️
Our server offers:

🛡 Looking For Group (LFG) channels created for users to find and meet new players to team up and play together!

🛡 Voice Channels sorted by squad size to have a convenient and easy way to communicate without using league voice!

🛡 Bots dedicated to helping out with useful tips for different champions and builds to help improve your skills!

🛡 Advertising channels for clans to recruit new members and to grow their communities!

⚔️ If you're interested in finding a new place to improve and discuss League of Legends, please check us out! ⚔️
Welcome to DISTRICT BRAVO at the moment we are a very small server but we love to play games and have fun.
Looking for a server to discuss your gaming passion with fellow Furry Friends?! Look no Further!
- We are a growing server with friendly members.
- We have custom emotes
- We have a Livestreamer Channel to promote yourself in.
- Music bot (nuff said)
- You Help Make The Server! (Suggestions Tab)
- Friendly Staff !
- Share Gaming Builds!
- We Speak The Truth( Yes, The Cake is a LIE.)

What more could you ask for?
We're a small community now, but we're hoping to make this server a FAMILY.

Come join the fun today!
We're a gaming community! We accept all gaming platforms (even mobile), and provide channels for LFG, NSFW (for 18+ only), self promotion, medias and more! We welcome all ages and look to grow even more.
Hi there! This is a discord for anyone that wants to come and talk! We're accepting of everyone (except those who aren't). This is a loose community centered around gaming, and we have a NSFW channel for those who want it, a debate channel, pokemon, and music! Join today!
Just want people to give my dead server some life, i'm bored and would like to talk to some true intellectuals.
our server revolves around fortnite. We host fortnite scrim matches from Monday - Sunday. With a custom countdown. Come join in on the fun!
This is a gaming server accepting of everyone who considers to join. In this server you can find a range of bots that range from a music bots to a bit that will play games such as cards against humanity or hangman.

There are a variety of channels about different topics. There are 3 main chat channels so 3 different conversation s can be carried out at the same time. There are 4 voice channels you can use to talk to friends and other gamers within the discord. There are channels where you can use the not so you don't disrupt anyone carrying out a conversation on another channel. There are channels for game reviews and recommendations to find out whether a game is worth the money or not. There are meme channels that are open to anyone to post memes and funny videos. There is a channel where you can introduce yourself to the other members of the discord. There is a channel where you can get things off your chest and if you need someone to talk to.

This server has one rule and that is to respect others, we don't mind jokes or any dark humour but if it is targeted and deemed as extreme you will be changed to another role that limits your permissions, this will last 3 hours. If you carry on breaking the rule after this then you will be banned.

This server accepts gamers from all consoles. Whether that be Xbox, playstation, pc or even mobile.
A community server for all kinds of people. Memers, Gamers, General Peeps, Even Anime Lovers. SFW Friendly. Giveaway at 50 members and beyond. Laid back mod's. We hope to see you here! Fun Bots, Games, Music, and custom roles with more being added!
you can roleplay have fun and chill with your friends and listen to music. have fun!!!
Community Spotlight is an active community of users with diverse lifestyles and interests. Users are encouraged to take part in our occasional community game nights, movie nights, and trivia nights, as well as our community spotlight interviews that highlight our active community members. Participation in activities amongst community members is encouraged to maintain an interactive and enjoyable experience for all.
We are a new server with only 2 real members but we have the skill to own and run a good server and we are staff on A.F.B. with 80+ members

Welcome and thank you for joining, Gamers Lounge is a server that is primarily focused on gaming with your pals and just hanging out, I do hope you all enjoy your stay here and if you ever need any help with another member just shoot me or another Admin/Mod a pm and we will be glad to help when available.
Tasteless Gaming Community is a group of people who want to have fun and let go do reality. We are a 13 and up community looking for people all of the world!
Floss fortnite is a fortnite gaming server play duos or find Xbox players it PS4 or PC it's for all the another consles to or just chill and play
Bonjour/Bonsoir à tous et à toutes, Moi c'est ThecuteKiller

Ici dans ce serveur tu trouveras du gaming, des discussions divers et bien plus encore sur le thème Old-School ^^

Si toi aussi tu as déjà jouer sur des vieilles consoles et/ou sur des vieux sur pc et que tu veux le partager, cette communauté est faite pour toi !!!!

Je t'invite à cliquer sur le petit bouton "Rejoindre" si dessous.

Dans l'attente de nouveaux arrivants ^^