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Come here to chat with gamers, even non gamers can join to hangout with awesome members. Share Tips and Tricks about games, talk about life, share your secret grandma apple pie recipe and more! What are you waiting to click (or taps for touchscreen users) that join button? Join now to have fun!
Hallo, wir sind der Fortnite Clan Tomato Town Elite, abgekürzt TTE.
Join doch einfach mal unserem Discord server und überzeuge dich selbst.
**W̴̌͌Ȅ̸̕L̸͊̃C̴͆̈́O̸͊͛M̵̆̀E̴͕̾ ̵̒̀T̶͐̿Ơ̵͝ ̸̺͠1̴̃͂.̸͆̓0̸͊͘_̶̓̏G̴͐̿L̵̤̆I̶͊̍T̴̠̄Ć̶̌H̶͆͗**
This is a server for those of all interests,
**:red_circle: We have giveaways every now and then,**
:small_orange_diamond: Tech support,
** :yellow_heart: Music creation,**
:green_heart: art creation and tips,
** :small_blue_diamond: and tons more.**
We do have a nsfw section, As it is not in my control I do not want to condone such act so I have discarded it completely I would like to prevent underage members using this section.

Currently we are trying to build up members to be a large community, If you wanna help please join right away the server might now be very active, but wait it out until it is please. Ive been working non-stop to advertise this server and im hoping it pays off :>
Tech, Gaming, Art, Xbox, PC, COD, Music Making, Music Creation, Fun, Random, Everything, Art critique, Music critique, small, big, much more

[Link] -
Verium Cultis is a small, community-based server that has been remodeled. and is looking for loving and inclusive members to join this new, friendly growing family! We are taking server suggestions and is planning to hold monthly art events, check us out!
Its my fish city in my giant fish bowl! I hope to grow a community and grow my twitch channel aswell!
Server about emulation, with technology, anime and gaming being a side topic.
We try to support everyone who has issues with emulators and we try to form a nice community!
Ever bored and want to just jump into a game with someone? The Bored Club is for you! We organize our members by what type of games they play and make it easy to plan and play with someone! We also have a channel for those who wish to watch shows/movies instead! Join now!
MemePrison is a discord a buddy and I started as our own personal hang out then we decided to invite our friends and now it somehow amassed into this large server so anybody is welcome so feel free to join and have fun.
Bazz's Apex Kingdom is a great place to find people to squad up with in Apex Legends. People return every day to play the game so you'll never have a shortage of people to play with. Our people come from all different walks of life, so you're sure to find at least a few people that you can click with. As always, we try to win and we are competitive, but we don't exclude or make fun of people that are less skilled. We just want to have fun! And carry if we have to!


About Stronk:
Stronk is a friendly gaming community. Join to chat, talk & play with others looking to do the same.
We currently don't own any game servers but are working on hosting a few in the future.
We are a very small gaming community, but we are often active and we have events every now and then.

✓ Often updates to improve our community
✓ Discord games and gambling
✓ Fast & private support text channel
✓ Active Staff members
✓ Steam group
✓ Poll system
✓ NSFW channel
✓ Meme channel
✓ Staff applications
✓ Custom Emojis
✓ Music channel
✓ Strict rules
Welcome To Gamer Society!

👑 Owner: @SleepingSnorlax84#1234
✅ Partnerships Open!
📋 Looking for advertisers!
🏷 A Server Representative Of A Partner Has To Stay.

≤≤≤≤≤ Gamer Society ≥≥≥≥≥

« Community And Gaming Based Discord

« More Super Cool Features! ⬇

≤≤≤≤≤Special Features!≥≥≥≥≥

🤖 Bots!
🤝 Partnerships!
☄ Looking for Staff!
🎁 Giveaways!
📆 Fun Events!
💭Fun Chats!
🛡 High Moderation


🔗 Discord Server:
<:AYS_DiscordPartner:445000378925187092> Steam Group: Coming Soon
Der größte Deutsche Black Ops 4 PC Discord Server.
Schau doch vorbei :)

- Comandos personalizados para facilitar al usuario.
- Automoderación
- Es fácil establecer contacto con los Administradores (ya que también suelen estar a menudo en las salas de voz jugando ._.)
- Información automática de las actualizaciones que van añadiendo al juego.
- ¡Y muchas más cosas que se irán implementando en función de lo que pidan los usuarios!
Welcome to the Official Arborly's Server. Server that belong obviously to Arborly. He is an owner and gamer who wants to invite people to his server so they can all chat and talk about games and computers. Enjoy!
🌸friendly mods and owner
😝loads of fun bots to mess around with
😌support / vent channel
😎chill people to hang out and play games with
🎉movie and game nights
💦NSFW channels
🎨art channel
🎤🎶karaoke and music channels
👏and loads of ass👏
New server I started to gather groups of people in order to hopefully start a community of gaming.
100% Legit
100% undetectable
Your transaction will be completed as fast as possible.
You can ask for anything.
Join today, change your GTA online life forever.
An active community of players where we can communicate, do customs, trades, and find a duo/squad partner at anytime!
Join if you're active!
Mercynaries is an ARK private server for PC, hosting a PVE cluster. This is a friendly casual server for those wanting to have a fun casual experience with other players.

Rates: 10x Tame \ 8x Gather \ 6x Experience
Mods: S+, AA, CKF, Pro Stacks, Dino Tracker, Dino Colourizer

Maps include:
- The Island
- Extinction
- Scorched Earth
- Aberration
- Ragnorak

If you want to join and have fun on an ARK PVE server, feel free to stop by and say hello!
Bonjours et bienvenue sur la description du serveur assetto corsa francophone, tu aura pas besoin de pop-corn car je vais faire cour, ce serveur est principalement basé sur le jeux ... fortnite évidement, C'EST FAUX. Bon pas de serveur multi dédié uniquement a se serveur car pas l'argent mais plusieurs serveur vous seront recommandé ainsi que des mods, évidement des règles sont instauré ainsi que les sanctions qui en découle.

Ah et si vous insultez et que supprimer votre message je le verrai dans les logs.

Juiced is a racing video game by British studio Juice Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and mobile phone. The game was delayed for release in 2004 because its original publisher, Acclaim, went bankrupt. Juice Games and Fund 4 Games retained ownership of the property and sold the game to THQ, who funded the project for a further six months of improvements. In early 2006, British software publisher Focus Multimedia re-released the PC version of Juiced at a new budget price as part of its "Essential" games series. The game offers different modes including career and arcade that present the player with challenges of increasing difficulty. The player can customize the car to suit their style and unlock new ones in arcade mode. The game features nitrous boosts, similar to that of other racing games. Juiced went to number one in the United Kingdom MCV sales charts and its first version sold 2.5 million units.

This is unofficial Juiced server.From Juiced 1 to Juiced 2:Hot Import Nights. Everyone welcome.