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A brand new server where you can make money simply be just inviting your friends!

You can either cash out for paypal or other cool rewards such as mc accounts steam games etc.

We also sell partnerships in which you can grow your very own server!
Server where you can get paid for simply inviting people!
This is a BRAND NEW server with awesome PayPal giveaways! We are a discord mostly talking about games we love! Join now!

Welcome to Insanity!
This server is for anyone and everyone- We love all of y'all ;)
We have an in-server currency system which allows you to earn real money!
If you have a bot, or want a new bot added to the server, just dm the owner!
Hope you join, and have a great time!
Get real PayPal money by simply inviting people! Just 15 invites for $10! We know u think its fake so we do regular giveaways to prove otherwise! Have fun ;)
This is a server where you can invite people for free combos dorks proxies and money all for free just growing out server.
We are a Pokemon Discord Sever for Pokemon Revolution Online, Pokemon Showdown and Pokecord Fans.
we do Showdown Tournaments with Cash Prizes payable via Paypal, as well as fun Discord Events
its a very chill place, come check us out
UnityRealms Is The latest and greatest mc server, we are currently all about skyblock but expanding to a network shortly! So if your into minecraft and love skyblock this is the server to join!
Using this server you can get easy PayPal Points aswell as V-Bucks Google play Cards and apple Points
Interested in making some Money? Then show this Server now. We pay you over $30 with just a few Invites. Verified and 100% Legit, join today!

The old PayPal Rewards Discord had over 13k users untill it got hacked.. now i decided to create a new one you can join and invite people to earn money on paypal
Join the Official Magic Faction Discord! And get free PayPal money for helping to build our Factions empire!
Welcome to Paypal Payouts. In this server you can earn lots of money and all you have to do is make people join!
CipherRaids is a Semi-OP Factions server for everyone to enjoy. We mix all the best features from over 50+ servers out there that all members enjoy. We've included similar features to Strive, Cosmic, District and more.. so come visit us and enjoy our unique game-play, of course we've added our own unique, fun and custom development for members to explore thanks to our developer
Join PennyStocks! Here you will find..

-Easy PayPal investment! 💰

-Nice Bots! 🤖

-Safe money! 💸

-Legit Giveaways! 🎁

-Fun Community! 👪

-And more! 😎

Trifecta | A brand new Discord Server - What we have to offer for you!
- Gaming, memes, anime, art, spam, and NSFW!
- Frequent events [Gaming evets, Discord events, and Movie nights!]
- Economy System
- Custom Bot
- Emoji Request
Hope to see you!
serveur français communautaire pour se faire de l'argent paypal facilement ! staff dinamique et bot en tout genres
We are a Paypal Reward discord where you can EARN free Paypal Money just for inviting people to join this discord!

Weekly giveaways, and more! Join for FREE MONEY!