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This is a server where different kind of money methods will be shared! And Weekly giveaway's!

Trying to grow! If you want to help join! Admins needed!
Hey, champ! Do you need some change, maybe to buy that cheap game? Look no further! WildBuck is a platform that offers you money for doing various tasks: from leaving your PC open to completing captchas. Yep, that's right, captchas! They're not nearly as hard as Google's ReCaptcha. Our goal is to help you earn as much as possible in a very short amount of time!
Want some free cash?
[Get Paid to invite people on discord]
1$ per invite. 5$ Cashout amount.
Support 24/7 Real Evidence as proof!
Free advertisments for games etc. will be posted
Hello welcome to Bitcoin buy/sell, the place where you can safely and securely sell or purchase bitcoin from Ranked admins. Please do not trade with un-ranked people as it could be a scam, thanks for joining.
And once again we have returned. We are a team of 4 who specialises in carding (As a Team) since 2017. Transfers, PayPals, CC's and much more with our own hidden darknet service.
Join our community.
Here you can sell your goods, cc´s, pp accs, giftcards etc.
For any questions just dm me.
Best regards,
Karhet J.
You want to earn a passive income by simply completing tasks?

Then join YOU-GPT.COM

What we offer :
🎥 Get paid to watch video's!
✍️ Get paid to complete surveys and tasks!
🎰 Daily lottery's!
🥇Contests to win prizes!
🚀5% referral commision!
💰 Paypal payouts!
🔐 HTTPS Secure!

Site link :
Fun server if you are looking for ways to earn money online. This server includes passive income apps, websites, and more..
Money Gurus is the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to earn money online. The server includes passive income methods, invite rewards, ways to get free money, beermoney to paypal, cryptocurrency trading & airdrops, advertising and more.

┊ We provide payment proof for all of our methods and you can be rest assured that they are the most reliable, safe and high paying on the internet.

┊ Keep notifications open in the announcements channel to receive notifications of new ways to make money online.

Enjoy this new server, here you can met some great people and make ur shop more known :)
Huge Market place full of shops with all your Needs! Cheap GHM, money methods, how to get free items like laptop and monitors. man more things! Join and see! Giveaways and invite rewards!
Welcome to my Carding server, where I am selling my carded products and tools. I have been carding for years, and can keep the money that I send to you 100% anonymous.
Join the server and go to the owner’s shop category for my shop. Also, feel free to sell your services on the unverified market, and hmu to become verified. This is a growing community based on trust, so if any scamming goes on with proof, I will ban them!
For a limited time, I am doing an invite reward system. Join the server to learn more on how to get free money
Das ist ein GTA V Modding Discord mit Top Preisen und vielen verschiedene Packen. Das Streamer-Pack von Axfire ist auch neu mit dabei :)
This server provides you with an active list of scamming individuals and servers associated with similar tags. Join if you'd like to report a scammer or ask whether or not to conduct business with another person. We're here to guide you and look out for your best interests! <3
Join no.1 market place!

you can rent a shop for as little as $1

we have account gen's and many channels for you to advertise your shops for free

we do not tolerate scammers!
💰 Ce serveur discord vend des techniques pour gagner beaucoup (5€ / jour, et aussi des techniques gratuites) ; nous sommes une communauté qui cherche à faire un maximum d'argent Paypal.
Welcome to the AIO Market!

💲 Buy your own shop!
💲 Buy & Sell Anything!
💲 Scam Free server!
💲Tons of Giveaways!
Bonjour l'ami ! x)

Tu connais le site "Utip" ?

Je t'explique Utip c'est un site créé pour soutenir les youtubeur gratuitement grâce aux publicités en gros sur mon profil utip tu as environ 10 pubs tout les jours qui me rapportent toutes 0.04€ donc dans l'histoire tu gagne rien...

Mais ne t'inquiète pas tu es au bon endroit pour te remplir ton compte paypal ! :D

Ce que je te propose c'est que tu regardes tes 10 pubs qui durent quelques secondes TOUS LES JOURS pour me faire gagner de l'argent en gros chaque jours tu vas me rapporter entre 30 et 50 centimes (ce qui est énorme) et moi je te reverse 45% des gains

En gros quand tu m'auras rapporté 2.5 euros je t'enverrai moi-même 1.15 euros sur ton compte paypal , pour cela il faut juste que tu créer un compte utip en version "utilisateur", que tu te créer un pseudo et que tu regarde des pubs pour moi v/.

Penses a m'envoyer un message en privé si tu veux commencer a gagner ;)

Alors l'ami je t'ai convaincu ?

N'hésites plus , rejoins ce nouveau serveur et toutes les personnes qui remplissent leurs comptes PayPal ! :p
Advertise what you want!😮
Discord servers, YouTube, Twitch, Google site, Minecraft server,...

-Free promotion
-Paid promotion
-Fun little games
-Chat with others

Don't hesitate to join now!😊