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Kuragari, which means darkness in Japanese, is a chill and non-toxic community server where you can talk about everything, but mainly about lithotherapy, aesthetics and pastel goth. We have many reaction roles, including ping roles so you won't get pinged for stuff that don't interest you!
A server for goths, cuties, pastel lovers and all, to chat, have fun, and just chill, its a new server and theres not a lot of people, yet! but i'm looking to change that! we have many chats, for all your needs, we have:
•Nsfw chats that require a role so you dont have to see if you dont want the nastie!
•open to everyone, cg/l/goths/egirls/eboys and gamers!
• giveaways!
•fun bots and a levelling system!
•a prize will be given to the highest ranker of each month!
so come and join and start a community with me, ZeeZee!