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Welcome to the Egirl Lounge!
The Egirl Lounge is a server dedicated into helping Eboys and Egirls meet with each other. You don't necessarily have to date someone or be with someone to feel welcomed just as long as you're respectful to everyone here. We don't want our members to feel unwelcomed or have any discomfort in any way shape or form. So why not join us and meet with people from all around the world. Listen to other people's stories and most importantly...tell YOUR story.

What we offer:
- Friendly community
-Age Friendly
-Dedicated channels
-Share your selfies
-Advertise your Instagram or Snapchat
-Play around with our bots
-Chat with people privately thanks to our Voice Channels.
-Sell your photos
This is a 18+ server, 25% of the server is about NSFW the other 75% is Gaming, Hentai, Nudes, Games, Community and more! Please join chat with others! We have a lot if NSFW bots! We support various languages, like Russian, Bengali, Arabic, Japanese, and more! Any suggestions? Dm or goto #suggestions to suggest to add it!

We have friends members and staff,
We do giveaways often,
Tons of nsfw thing s, but they'll be roles in order to get.
Online Dating,
Join now!
This communitY is for everyone ages +15 this is something you all can enjoy no matter you Race or sexuality Selfies and all are welcomed WE ARE ALL MAD you can come be mad too.😆😆😆
Hey you! Yeah You. Interested in chatting with other EGirls Or EBoys? Then join the EGirl Lounge today!
↪Self-assigned roles
↪Post memes
↪Show off some of your selfies
↪Have some "fun" with other people
↪advertise Snps and IG
↪Play around with bots
↪Have fun in our casino
↪LGBTQ+ friendly

We're a new community so we look forward to seeing new members and recommendations as well to improve our community. And you can be apart of that movement to a new change. Simply join the server and let's chat. Also, we're a meme server so don't take us too seriously lol.
This server is for ages 13+ people who are looking for any nsfw pics or even a person to talk to. You are able to post NSFW content in the NSFW channels! You can show yourself for who you are without any judgement. You can even just use the server to look at images.

-We have great staff.
-We have NSFW channels.
-We have fun bots to keep you entertained when the chats are dead.
-We have also got self-roles!

Come join today!😀
This server is specifically for people between the ages of 13-17. We have a strict verification program to avoid pedophiles so everyone will be safe.

-We have bots to satisfy your wants!
-We have self-roles!
-We have great staff!

Join today and be welcomed by us with a great smile!
We are a friendly community who promote online dating and help those struggling in relationships or want to be in a relationship.
Our female to male ratio is proportionate so everybody has a chance ^_^
Being toxic is not allowed in our server
Welcome to snowfall. A way to meet new people and maybe that special someone!
✧voice chats
✧music bots
✧rad people
Find people that you share interests with such as: gaming, music, and more!