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A while before the current time of the world gods have started to become forgotten and gods started to rise up and a few to become forgotten. The forgotten gods were saddened and angered by them being forgotten and some became jealous of the remembered gods. Now closer to modern time a certain being which you may know them or should I say him as Kouto Fujisaki or 'Father' (For Nora and Yato as that's what they or at least Nora calls him) saw their jealousy as an opportunity to cause a little chaos so he persuaded them into believing that them being forgotten was the remembered gods faults and the forgotten gods had started a war with the remembered gods. Now the two sides are A. The Forgotten and B. The Remembered (edgy and basic I know but their epic and sound cool.)
Now you may choose your side as a forgotten or a neutral god, a shinki with a forgotten, remembered, or neutral god, or a human that has a connection with a forgotten or remembered god. But here's the catch you can only have 1 god OC and 2 cannon characters which besides Fujisaki are all on the remembered side. Also, you can choose to be neutral in all this but still might be targeted by a forgotten god.
Welcome to an Instagram-based My Hero Academia chatroom roleplay!
With an In Character chat, friendly members, and plenty of incredible artists and fun! Come along and join us! As yourself or your OC!
Characters do have their own artist-run Instagram accounts, with fun events and collabs! Come join the fun and chaos!
Welcome in danganronpa: Missing Hope!
this killing game will take place on a flying island!
But before the killing game start and while the killing game you will can roleplay as the pregame version of your character in the category for it.
We have some bots and a cool admin team!
I hope you'll join!
Hello I am AmiBee!,
I run a YouTube channel about art, animations, and maybe in the future some gaming content!!! If you are interested in art, anime, or gaming feel free to join my server ❤❤❤
Welcome to The Grand Potato's Art gallery! Here you can share art, own a shop, participate in events, do commissions paid or free, and much more! I would love to see you join!
'One Last Chance. That is the words you wake up to remember.'
The Island of New Morte is seemingly abandoned while only a select few left, the outcasts of the society. What Events will unfold?
A fan made killing game rp! We write the plot as we go along! It's prepared fairly well for anyone to join!
are you lgbt+? do you want to join a server for talking about your original characters and art?
welcome to the oc corner!!
• no lgbtphobia, racism/xenophobia, antisemitism, ableism, or any other forms of bigotry or prejudice. this includes terfs and transmeds!
• no harrassment. if someone asks you to stop, stop!
• try your best to stick to the topics of the channels and to keep things appropriate. this server is run by a minor.
• try not to barrel over people! there are multiples of some channels, so try your best not to interrupt if someone is having a conversation/talking about something.
• feel free to @ any of the mods if you need help or have a request!
self-assignable roles, custom emojis, and more!
People from various different universes find themselves trapped here, whether they simply fell asleep or their lives came to an abrupt end. There seems to be no rhyme or reason why, other than the fog that persists at all hours. Trying to leave will only result in finding yourself at the point where you began.

Shadows stalk the streets, beings that seem to love mischief and watching the souls they've brought here. Sometimes they even move to make things happen to or around those they've ensnared. Fictional characters, original creations, even real people: none are safe. The area is known as "Lullaby". It's the never ending dream that is your new reality.

There is no escape.

Welcome to the RP sever Lullaby! We're committed to making things as fun and drama free as possible! Come join our RP and let's make things as fun and chaotic as possible!
Come one, come all, welcome yourselves to LETHAL LUST! In this 18+ roleplay server, you will find characters oriented with or adjacent to many beloved horror franchises. It doesn’t matter whether you play the crazed killer or the final girl, the canon or the oc, we welcome all kinds of characters in our house of horrors.
hello there, fellow human! assuming you are human, of course.

this server is hub for everything stickman-related, such as your favorite animators, creating communities, sharing your creations and more! we offer:

- an opportunity to find other creators or others who you may share interests with
- many different channels, such as gaming and roleplay - we're open to take more suggestions!
- a small community that is looking to grow
- food that we don't have

i hope to see you there! peace, fellow human!
[Rainbow Café]

🌈Hello! And welcome to Rainbow Café. We’re a 13+, LGBTQ+ Exclusive Art community and we welcome everyone here with open arms. We are a judgement-free Safe Place for LGBTQ+ youth and aspiring artists, with many awesome interactive aspects, art feedback channels and a supportive mod team to back it up!🌈

We hope you enjoy your stay!

╭ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ❀ ❜
┊🌈Cute ranks!
┊🌈Fun channels!
┊🌈Supportive members!
┊🌈Self assign roles!
┊🌈13+ Server!
┊🌈Fandom, gaming
┊ and OC discussion!
╰ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈┈ ❀ ❜
❤ Come here to roleplay as either canon or OCs! Both Dragon or Human OCs. Explore our 70+ roleplay channels, making it easy for you to go anywhere in the httyd world and finding free channels so you can roleplay uninterrupted!

👌 Benefit from our two forms: one detailed, for people who like to know everything about their OCs before starting to roleplay, from the moles on their face to their allergies and of course a basic format, for anyone who wants to figure their characters out while roleplaying- And as long as your form has the base format inside it, custom forms are allowed as well!

✒Enjoy our wide userbase! Roleplayers of different lenghts, from two-liners to novellas! Paragraphs, and more! Our server is open to roleplayers of any expierence, we have people who´ve been doing it for 5-10 years!

🐉 A wide variety of dragons is ready to be roleplayed! From Hobbgobblers to Night furies! we´ve got it all! (Please keep in mind that you´ll have to prove yourself for more powerful dragons)

🚫 Bestiality is not allowed in our server, period. ERP is allowed in DMs or our NSFW channels though! We hope you have fun despite this rule!*

One flight after the other, One battle followed by a war, life on Berk had become quite predictable, The archipelago had been mapped and explored, every rock and canyon memorized by heart. Every enemy conquered and defeated with ease as they rose. There was no thrill for the riders of berk, no new places to discover, no new dragons to study and befriend.

It wasn´t until an attack from a ship with an unknown sigil that people started to liven up- They began to wonder once more, to fly with an excited gleam in their eye. It was time to travel beyond the archipelago, To find this new threat and stop them. This threat, who ride dragons and someone convinced the creatures to do their bidding, this threat who controls a large part of the lands and trade outside the archipelago.

"So tell me... Who will you choose to be in this new world? A dragon rider, fighting to save their home with a new willingness and joy in their eyes? Or will you choose to be the very foe that they fight against? Maybe you´d stand unaffiliated, wingmaidens, defenders of the wing, rogue riders, dragons, wild or tame, hunter or rider alike. The choice is yours, my dear friend..."
Hello, greetings! I'm one of the owners here in Danganronpa: Game of Courage. This is a roleplay-based server where you can use your Danganronpa OCs and roleplay with other Ultimates! In this server, we offer:
◈ Friendly staff!
◈ A range of bots!
◈ A unique lore and setting!
◈ Plenty of roleplay channels!
◈ Sandbox roleplay!
◈ A welcoming community!
We're accepting of all writing abilities, as long as they aren't consistent one-liners. Read on to learn about our lore!


A bet is placed. The risk? Their lives.

When a personal grudge over not being a true Ultimate manifests, feelings and thoughts change and become more.. twisted. One cunning individual, more formally known as the Mastermind, gathered them like a flock of sheep and put them into a killing game - to watch them suffer and kill one another, decreasing their numbers. They lurk in the shadows, waiting to steal the title of one of the Ultimates for themselves. The job is a lot less messy when you get the victims to do it for you, isn't it? They play a game, a game that puts their very lives at stake.

Not all games are fun.

What will happen? Will the Mastermind succeed, or will the plan crash and burn in flames of failure? Join and find out in Danganronpa: Game of Courage.

Welcome to our literate Naruto Shippuden rp!
The plot takes place shortly after Shippuden began but we go our own way and just have fun with making original goals and obstacles for both canon and original characters^^
This is rp is purely for fun so there is just one limit for making your characters, which you will see once you join ~

We'll be happy to have you!
Welcome to kitchen appliance central! here we welcome everyone as long as you make an introduction and follow the rules. we have bots to play around with and channels to share your art and roleplay!
Welcome to Freddy Fazbenders. 52 (Florida location), we're a roleplay server and we'd love for you to join us!
We include:

-Infinite OCs
-Tons of channels to roleplay in (and more to come)
-Plenty of reactable roles
-A reasonable number of bots

So, what are you waiting for? Have any questions about Dave Miller? Sweep that under the rug, he has nothing to hide!
Note: This server uses tupperbox, we can teach you how to use it! We are also furry and gacha friendly!

Many years ago, in the world of **Pimia**, **old gods** used to rule the world. One day, mortals decided to stop fighting their wars and rebel against their tyranny. The mortals such as humans, dragons, vampires, demons and angels killed one of the gods, and **banished** the rest.

Now today, they are nowhere to be seen, but they will return, one day in the future, they will be back **to put the world in ruin.**

In a world of magic, knights, warlocks and mages, who knows what lies nearby? Your best friend or your greatest foe? Explore many places and meet new people!

What we have here:
👍🏼 OC submission sheet
🗣️ Active Owner
💜 Welcoming community
🗓️ Events! A story that you can be a part of!
🅱️ Meme and Art channels
Join the Remnants of the Gods Roleplay now!
Here is the invite in case disboard doesn’t work:
Hey there! Do you enjoy Cuphead, and show an interest in roleplaying? Well then, this server is the place for you! Here, we like to rp, talk, draw, vibe, and just enjoy ourselves! We also have OC Submissions, so you can rp as your OC! We hope to see you here!