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✨Yumera is a Discord Server intended to bring together people with various esoteric interests in a place that promotes both friendly as well as serious discussion.
✨The topics we discuss fall under the broad scope of all things occult, paranormal, psychic abilities, energy work, and magick, as well as related subjects such as metaphysics and parapsychology. No topic is considered taboo or unreasonable for conversation, although those that clearly violate our Server Rules should be reserved for DM. We strongly encourage our members to respect Discord's TOS and Community Guidelines.
✨Our goal for this server is to be a safe space for discussion and learning about the more obscure aspects of our realities, and seeking assistance as we pursue our spiritual and academic paths. We also try to foster a strong sense of community in our server and actively support casual conversation and the forging of friendships between server members.

Our community...
✨is generally very friendly and welcome to all spiritual paths.
🐾is welcoming towards most Otherkin, but Fictionkin may be met with some skepticism.
🌈does not discriminate based on gender identity, sexuality, age, race or ethnicity, religion, culture, or fandom involvements.
🔪does not support the spread of cult propaganda and will throw you out if we find you are doing so.
🔞has a few NSFW channels. Access is restricted to those 18 or older.
🎲sometimes organizes activities for our members, including video game and board game sessions as well as the occasional One-Shot tabletop campaign.
🎮has a few game bots, including Pokecord!
To novices, to those who are lost, to those who are missing pieces of the puzzle. I invite you to research, to discuss and to share your knowledge in a FREE environment.

Minimal rules.
We are a community for those who dare and fight others nonphysically. This is a community geared to towards the occult and ‘paranormal.’ Role players will be banned.
🌿 Faerie's Cottage 🌿 is a witchcraft based server! We serve as a chill study group for witchcraft. Our server is almost always active!

🐌 30+ Self-roles! From Identity, to Religion/belief, to what types of witch you are, we got you covered!

🐌 We are LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and we also accept anyone into our cottage regardless of experience with witchcraft. All we require you to have is a genuine interest in witchcraft, and the will to learn!

🐌 The age recommendation for our server is 16+. We do not allow any NSFW content, as we wish to keep a safe space for our youngsters! If you have any questions upon joining our server, anyone on our staff will be able to help you!

✨ We hope to see you soon~! ✨
We are CULT OF THE SKULL, the online discussion group of adherents to Carnathism.
Evil is sacred, and suffering is key.
All are welcome in our server.
Thotlema is a very serious discord that hosts a new religion, Thotlema, a take-off on Crowley's Thelema, but instead everything is themed around thottery and uwu. Join this server for some esoteric humor, cringe, and to follow the Doctrine of Thotlema.
This server is an occult server where people and beings from all paths can come and be themselves. We aim to have a peaceful gathering place and safe zone away from the judgement of others. So if you’re tired of being judged for who you are or what you are come join us here.
The Abyssal Tavern
Experienced Staff And Diverse Community
Otherkin, Fictionkin, and Vampires Welcomed!
Pop Culture Occultists Welcomed!
Multi-layered verification process
16+ Server
Monthly Meditations |Monthly Challenges |Exercise Prompts.
Questions and Answers For The Curious Occultist
Various interesting blog posts and resources
Reading Rooms: Give Tarot, Aura, and Energy Readings.
Experimentation Room: To try new techniques on willing volunteers
Learn skills in astral and energy warfare plus spar events if desired
Off topic casual chats and gaming areas
Just curious? Don't worry!
Elemental Coven is a small community of open-minded individuals who wish to have a close-knit community and to help one another on their paths. We have plenty of roles one can choose from and two admins who are willing to work with you on any requests or questions.
Welcome to The Sorcerer's Corner!

We are a new community dedicated to all things linked to witchcraft and the occult.

Whilst we know that witchcraft is a personal lifestyle choice, it’s often hard to find others who practice that you can share your passion for the craft with. In this server we make it possible to do that, giving tips and advice where necessary along with being a friendly place to be for a chat about your favourite type of plants or what teas you may be drinking.

We hope to update the server as more members join, based on the suggestions made within the community - everyone is allowed to have a say and shape the server together.
In the future, we hope to have;
* Made an online coven
* Provided everyone has access to a group grimoire (stored on google docs)
* Roles dedicated to everyone’s specialities
* And more that you suggest!

We hope you stay for a while and enjoy your time!
Hi there! We’re a new server looking for chill committed members. We offer a good taste in music, a laid back environment, and an open minded staff team. We hope to see with us ~ Ino.
Looking for a occult community filled with active practioners and frequent practice? Look no further, Sanctuary is a open minded occult community dedicated to the mutual sharing of esoteric knowledge, progress and generally being spiritually productive.

On this server we discuss multiple topics such as Magick, Psychic abilities, the concepts behind otherkin and many more.
Divination Delta is a Divination focused server for Readers and those seeking to receive readings.
We hope to make a suitable environment for Diviners of any specialization, and employ a variety of channels where Readers can introduce themselves and their methods, and where Queriers can seek Guidance.
Regardless if you're here to do readings or to receive them, the server is open for anyone who wishes to learn about the craft, or anyone looking to discuss other areas of interest~
Abaddon Paradise is a server where a lot of people talk, we mostly talk casually, but there are channels for astrology, typology, spirituality, tarot, and anything! Come join our chat, we are a friendly server, this is an astrology free learning area!
COVEN OF THE BURNING BROOMSTICK🔥 is a group of practitioners,witches and occultists forming a coven of spiritual and magickal people.

•We have chat rooms too with a community of like minded people

We also offer services like tarot and pendulum readings,Shops and shop reviews.

•Hobbies and events also make part of our server so don't stray away with sharing your hobbies and personal life.

•We are forming a big library to source the practicing and soon to be practicing witch...
Hi and welcome to The Garden, an Occult-themed meme server! Come stop and smell the roses in this meme server for those that have an interest in all walks of life! Our channels include ~Diviation Memes ~Conspiracy ~Religion ~Magic And everything in between! We hope you drop by!
A newly forming Occult Organization, "Order Of The Woven Entity". Beware as we're real practioner's and not kiddies playing pretend. This isn't a game to us, we're real people working towards common goals. We accept only those open minded, if we feel you're not then a ban will be issued without warning. Treat others as you wish to be treated, horse play permitted.
Zach Black kindly allowes me to run this Discord server parallel to the social site for modern satanists and people who are interested, his "Satanic International Network".
Welcome to Filipinx Witches! This is a server about witches who are from the Philippines! If you are Pinoy and you're a witch or interested in witchcraft, then you're in! Whether you want to talk about divination or celebrate Sabbats, we have all the channels just for anything witchy! Hope you enjoy your time here ❤ Salamat!

Note: Server is still new, and open to suggestions that can help improve the server in the future.
We’re a chill server with no dictating attitudes that started out on kik and is now trying to build our numbers on discord. Please join and meet us! 💕
A chill satanism-centered server for friendship and civil discussion.

Fascism is not tolerated here. We will support people of all backgrounds and religious viewpoints unless you are affiliated with fascist ideologies, or attempt to convert other members and shame them for their beliefs and practice.

We are a new server, come join us and see what it's all about!