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The Garden Of Earthly Delights is based off a vision on The Garden Of Eden but with a satanic twist. We ask the question "What if Satan created the garden of bliss and not God?"
This server is a spin off of our other coven "Oriri potest satanas"
This is a safe haven for people of the dark arts although christians, atheist, agnostics and one in between are also welcome we aim at teaching everyone!

what we offer
safe space
venting channel
art channel
nsfw channel
pet posting channel
selfie channel
self promotion (no discord invites)
story time channel
music channel

can't wait to see you! ^^
Hello everyone! Arcane Academia is a Discord server in which we have discussions about topics pertaining to spirit work, witchcraft, and anything in-between. Our server is open to anyone with any level of experience, as well as people who are interested and/or curious. If you are looking for advice or need some suggestions on what resources to read up on, our server can also provide in that area! Aside from the arcane, we also have channels for more general topics. The Arcane Academia is always open to branching out and looking for more members to join, so don’t be shy and pop in! We look forward to meeting you!
The unofficial Church of Satan Discord group.

All members of this server are expected to obey the following rules of the server in addition to the Nine Satanic Statements and the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth which will be listed below as well. Failure to follow these rules will result in potential expulsion from the server, to my own discretion or to that of a moderator.
Under new ownership!
A friendly server focused on educating baby witches on paganism and the occult. LGBT friendly! Mentor/apprenticeship programme. Left hand/right hand/middle path friendly!
A server dedicated to the collection of Knowledge.
Keys of understanding for the Universe.
CULTUM AETERNA is a server for serious occult practitioners and is dedicated to promoting LHP practices and ideals.
This server is for anybody of any religion or spiritual practices who want to come and learn or share their knowledge. The only thing required is that you have an open mind and a kind soul. A lot of members are in the same time zone so if you join and nobody is on they will be in a short time after work/school so please be patient!
Xaithu's Spiritual Services Is a metaphysical shop
that offers
Spiritual and Occult services for a price
please if you need anything feel free to join and browse we are open to all! :slight_smile:
A real occult server
Age requirement 25+ (maturity reasons)
Artist based system of belief, a journey through thyself. Any and all subjects are relative to learning here. (Once accepted, no bans)
This server is laying the foundation of a new order and lodge.

At Vox Obscura we strive to bring together the best content from various platforms on subjects of interest to you.
Vox Obscura has channels dedicated to science, art, media, internet culture, the occult, gaming, and so much more!
In Vox Obscura you'll be able to join in on the many engaging, regularly hosted events.
Vox Obscura features the most popular and featureful bots available to discord, allowing you to take discord to the next level!
Come join in on the fun at Vox Obscura, you'll be glad you did!
Join us at Shining Dagger Sorceries and explore your craft, make friends, share your knowledge, and learn new things from fellow practitioners today!


What our server offers:

- A friendly, safe community.
- A community of experienced and discerning practitioners from varying paths of practice.
- A book club that is currently in the works/being set up.
- Many different channels to discuss different interests and paths of practice.

There’s a space for everyone!


We would be enchanted if you joined us!:
A chill spiritual community where you can commune and share your knowledge. We are an OPEN minded community, holding many TOMES of great KNOWLEDGE. From the ancient times to NOW, we gather together in unity to share the most prized sacred information one has ever seen.
Eclectic Encyclopedia ( Recommend Age 16+)
Are you new to witchcraft and looking for something to help guide you? Are you just looking to seek knowledge in your known path to further learn, or even discuss and teach others new things they may have never known? Whatever you know, and however long you've studied your path, you're welcome here to further your learning, meet others who can teach you, or just to have fun! Eclectic Encyclopedia offers to all members who join:
Biweekly questions !
Monthly Book Reading and Q&A !
Monthly Movie Nights. Hosted on Rabbit!
Monthly Topic Chat and Q&A where not only the event leader speaks, but even you can share your experiences on the subjects!
☾ 150 Self Assignable Roles
☾ A Great Place To Learn
☾ Witchy Emotes
☾ Open-Minded Members
☾ Safe Place For Closeted Witches
☾ Educational
💫 Welcome to The Otherside . . . 🌙

We are a home for all those interested in exploring the unknown. There are many wonders that ride the veil--cosmology, mysticism, occultism, shamanism, spirituality and witchcraft. Reality is vast, and there are many mysteries to uncover. We seek answers here and make attempts to uncover the truth that lies within the unknown.

Let's discover reality together . . .
Let's explore the veil . . .

We have many features such as:

🌙 Astrology chart generator and readers
🌙 Assignable roles
🌙 LGBTQ+ friendly! Everyone is accepted here
🌙 Channels dedicated to research and metaphysical theories
🌙 Emphasis on sharing occult and paranormal related experiences and stories
🌙 Feedback and suggestions channel
🌙 18+ NSFW channels

💫 [This is an 18+ server. Please do not join if you are under 18] 💫
A server focusing on non-wiccan witchcraft, mainly traditional witchcraft, though anyone curious is welcome. We hope to create a tight knit group of witches. Currently we have lessons planned for various topics including one on Lammas tonight (the 30th)
Hello! Welcome to Oasis! This community was created to bring likeminded, loving people together. We accept all kinds of people, so long as you come in peace. This is a safe place for others to talk about their lived without being judged.
This is a server for learning and sharing what we know of magick and mythology. We can share pdfs, do readings (with permission), ask/answer questions with one another and otherwise help one another with research. LGBT+ folk are welcomed with open arms!
The Azure Star Society is intended to be a discussion group for people with an interest in the occult, whether they have been studying the occult seriously or as a hobby, no matter how long they have studied.

We have fun bots and self-assigned roles, as well as an opt-in section for sh*tposts, nsfw, conspiracies and more.
Welcome! This is a business for LHP Magicians who are looking for Ritual-For-Hire services.

All Payments are Processed Through PayPal.

If You are interested, PM me at DemonicGod91#7403 and we will talk further.

WARNING: Serious Practicioners only age +18. No Trolls or Harrasment will be tolerated.
We are a server where witches and occultists of all practices can come and learn whether you’re new or experienced in witchcraft and the occult. We hold classes, events, games, and a daily activity.
✨Yumera is a Discord Server intended to bring together people with various esoteric interests in a place that promotes both friendly as well as serious discussion.
✨The topics we discuss fall under the broad scope of all things occult, paranormal, psychic abilities, energy work, and magick, as well as related subjects such as metaphysics and parapsychology. No topic is considered taboo or unreasonable for conversation, although those that clearly violate our Server Rules should be reserved for DM. We strongly encourage our members to respect Discord's TOS and Community Guidelines.
✨Our goal for this server is to be a safe space for discussion and learning about the more obscure aspects of our realities, and seeking assistance as we pursue our spiritual and academic paths. We also try to foster a strong sense of community in our server and actively support casual conversation and the forging of friendships between server members.

Our community...
✨is generally very friendly and welcome to all spiritual paths.
🐾is welcoming towards most Otherkin, but Fictionkin may be met with some skepticism.
🌈does not discriminate based on gender identity, sexuality, age, race or ethnicity, religion, culture, or fandom involvements.
🔪does not support the spread of cult propaganda and will throw you out if we find you are doing so.
🔞has a few NSFW channels. Access is restricted to those 18 or older.
🎲sometimes organizes activities for our members, including video game and board game sessions as well as the occasional One-Shot tabletop campaign.
🎮has a few game bots, including Pokecord!
To novices, to those who are lost, to those who are missing pieces of the puzzle. I invite you to research, to discuss and to share your knowledge in a FREE environment.

Minimal rules.