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This is an 18+ server.
The Celestial Garden is a server dedicated for those that are interested in spiritual paths both new and old, with a focus on self exploration. We honor human and spiritual diversity.
We currently offer:
- A safe space for LGBTQ+, Otherkin, and Starseed individuals - and people of any path.
- Discussion questions, and several room on different topics.
- A self promotion room for active members (1 promotional post per month)
- Self Assignable roles, including ones for opt in NSFW, politics, and conspiracy theory rooms.

Est: June 16th, 2019.
Join us at Shining Dagger Sorceries and explore your craft, make friends, share your knowledge, and learn new things from fellow practitioners today!


What our server offers:

- A friendly, safe community.
- A community of experienced and discerning practitioners from varying paths of practice.
- A book club that is currently in the works/being set up.
- Many different channels to discuss different interests and paths of practice.

There’s a space for everyone!


We would be enchanted if you joined us!:
Divination Delta is a Divination focused server for Readers and those seeking to receive readings.
We hope to make a suitable environment for Diviners of any specialization, and employ a variety of channels where Readers can introduce themselves and their methods, and where Queriers can seek Guidance.
Regardless if you're here to do readings or to receive them, the server is open for anyone who wishes to learn about the craft, or anyone looking to discuss other areas of interest~
A server focusing on non-wiccan witchcraft, mainly traditional witchcraft, though anyone curious is welcome. We hope to create a tight knit group of witches. Currently we have lessons planned for various topics including one on Lammas tonight (the 30th)
Xyzygy is the infamous dwelling down the long, dark, and creepy path that gives you goosebumps. A shiver might run through your body as you debate whether not to travel this risky path. Risky it may be; it is rewarding. You may meet many entities, many are friendly and open to conversation. Others may be recluse and lurk in the shadows. With an occult and theological focus; this dwelling may espouse foreign texts, ancient symbols that are completely unknown to you, yet you may understand them with time. Enter if you please, we'd be all too happy to oblige your passive conversation or inane ramblings as it really enhances the culture, but the choice is yours.
Free divination server. Nothing fancy. 8 different types available. Don’t break the bank come get a free reading today💫🔮
Under new ownership!
A friendly server focused on educating baby witches on paganism and the occult. LGBT friendly! Mentor/apprenticeship programme. Left hand/right hand/middle path friendly!
⋆↟ Cryptic Cabin ↟⋆
(18+ SERVER)
Our server is a Witchcraft oriented group focused on sharing information,
and making friends!

🌲 30+ Self-Assignable roles to fully customize your profile within the server! Everything from
pronouns, to witch types, to beliefs! We definitely have you covered!

🌲 Not only are we LGBTQIA+ inclusive, we also offer support for our neurodiverse members!

🌲 Our server is 18+ due to there being a NSFW section that is not heavily guarded. Of
course anyone who joins is more than welcome to mute this section.

Our rickety cabin door is open to those who wish to enter... If you dare..
a new theistic satanist server for those new and old looking for a small and comfortable place to chat. If you are not a theistic and on a different path you may join as well!
Welcome to the brand new SGD discord a place for anyone who could use free readings. We are open to diviners & querents alike. As this is a very competitive field, I wanted to make a place for all that seek answers just for the sake of doing something good. You can make a request & then chat with new friends in the lounge or listen to the jukebox while you wait 😃 If you’re reading this thank you for considering us & we wish you a wonderful experience.💫🔮🧿
✨Yumera is a Discord Server intended to bring together people with various esoteric interests in a place that promotes both friendly as well as serious discussion.
✨The topics we discuss fall under the broad scope of all things occult, paranormal, psychic abilities, energy work, and magick, as well as related subjects such as metaphysics and parapsychology. No topic is considered taboo or unreasonable for conversation, although those that clearly violate our Server Rules should be reserved for DM. We strongly encourage our members to respect Discord's TOS and Community Guidelines.
✨Our goal for this server is to be a safe space for discussion and learning about the more obscure aspects of our realities, and seeking assistance as we pursue our spiritual and academic paths. We also try to foster a strong sense of community in our server and actively support casual conversation and the forging of friendships between server members.

Our community...
✨is generally very friendly and welcome to all spiritual paths.
🐾is welcoming towards most Otherkin, but Fictionkin may be met with some skepticism.
🌈does not discriminate based on gender identity, sexuality, age, race or ethnicity, religion, culture, or fandom involvements.
🔪does not support the spread of cult propaganda and will throw you out if we find you are doing so.
🔞has a few NSFW channels. Access is restricted to those 18 or older.
🎲sometimes organizes activities for our members, including video game and board game sessions as well as the occasional One-Shot tabletop campaign.
🎮has a few game bots, including Pokecord!
An 18+ server for those interested in witchcraft, you can also talk about the more occult side too. But also, you're welcome if you're not interested. Looking to create somewhere for people to chill. If you're interested in being an admin, let me know. I'm looking for people with a little experience.
Bit of a w.i.p
Religion channels
Music channels
Gaming channels

Created this server to generally be a chill all-purpose server for all kinds of people. The rules are pretty laid back to allow people to generally be able to say what they wanna say, so as not to purposely harass or offend anyone.
💫 Welcome to The Otherside . . . 🌙

We are a home for all those interested in exploring the unknown. There are many wonders that ride the veil--cosmology, mysticism, occultism, shamanism, spirituality and witchcraft. Reality is vast, and there are many mysteries to uncover. We seek answers here and make attempts to uncover the truth that lies within the unknown.

Let's discover reality together . . .
Let's explore the veil . . .

We have many features such as:

🌙 Astrology chart generator and readers
🌙 Assignable roles
🌙 LGBTQ+ friendly! Everyone is accepted here
🌙 Channels dedicated to research and metaphysical theories
🌙 Emphasis on sharing occult and paranormal related experiences and stories
🌙 Feedback and suggestions channel
🌙 18+ NSFW channels

💫 [This is an 18+ server. Please do not join if you are under 18] 💫
A server for practicing occultist, people in the left hand path, etc. We are open-minded and are a friendly community who just wish to learn more.
🌿 Faerie's Cottage 🌿 is a witchcraft based server! We serve as a chill study group for witchcraft. Our server is almost always active!

🐌 30+ Self-roles! From Identity, to Religion/belief, to what types of witch you are, we got you covered!

🐌 We are LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and we also accept anyone into our cottage regardless of experience with witchcraft. All we require you to have is a genuine interest in witchcraft, and the will to learn!

🐌 The age recommendation for our server is 16+. We do not allow any NSFW content, as we wish to keep a safe space for our youngsters! If you have any questions upon joining our server, anyone on our staff will be able to help you!

✨ We hope to see you soon~! ✨
⚜ suing the devil ⚜
the most precious and treasured chest is "our belief". our mind
permits us to swim to the deepest depth of the ocean of mysteries and fantasy when starting to believe a particular fact.
this server mainly serves to all those diabolic lovers out there who often enjoy themselves absorbed in mystery, myths, eerie
facts, creepy stories and merge these facts with there own
the dimension of fantasy.well, all who enjoy a bit of spending their leisure time listening to creepy horror ghost stories and gathering knowledge and facts.about the satanic rituals, creepy mysteries
many amazing activities with a daily event of storytelling and special events involving lots of fun await ur way that will rock u to
ur core
A growing discord community dedicated to the sharing of resources and information about witchcraft, the occult, paths, deities, and anything else witchcraft-related you can imagine! Feel free to peruse the shelves and make a few friends in the process.
This is a community meant for positive, and intellectual discussions about various topics. Our goal is to spread knowledge, while promoting liberty and free speech. Go with the flow, and vibe while we truth seek.
Our server is welcome to anyone who is a member of the order of nine angles or tempel ov blood. We also accept people who support our cause.
Hi and welcome to The Garden, an Occult-themed meme server! Come stop and smell the roses in this meme server for those that have an interest in all walks of life! Our channels include ~Diviation Memes ~Conspiracy ~Religion ~Magic And everything in between! We hope you drop by!
Friendly & cozy witchcraft discord server

A unique and SFW atmosphere that welcomes all witches, experienced or not, from any time zone! ♡

♡ Experience our Lesson of the Month channel, which aspires to educate young or inexperienced witches on the ways of Wicca and the general occult with a new lesson every month! ♡
♡ We have a bot specially made for witchcraft servers named Helios that can help you memorize tarot cards & rune symbols, present to you cool pictures of space, tell you your daily astrological predictions, and much, much more. ♡
♡ With multiple channels like Dream Journal, Spells and Charms, Card Readings, and Sigils, anyone can feel free to post their ideas and share helpful information. ♡
♡ Our staff members are kind and always ready to help if you have any questions at all! ♡
The Other Side is an occult server for people with all sorts of practices. Our community is very relaxed and fun, and we discuss a wide variety of topics. If you are seeking to speak with people of similar interests and practices, this is the server for you!