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A server where you can basically do whatever the fuck you want, we are loosely based around satanism and the occult, we are a no rules discord server
Guiding Hands is a new server for and to learn about otherkin, psionics, and the occult. There are a few bots that are oriented towards these topics and we are always looking for more people to broaden the community and who want to learn, practice, and discuss the topics here.
show off how enlightend you are! yell at satanists scream at hippies laugh at larpers !. astral blood sports! conspiracy wackjobs schizofrenic satanists we all have it here at syzygy!

the most rumoured well known and shitty server on all of discord is back its name is SYZYGY!
Skuldalið is the old Norse word for "family". Families come in all forms, and are not strictly formed by blood. Here we have Pokécord, spirituality, education and friends. Join us, we offer limited memes and /fringe/
Zach Black kindly allowes me to run this Discord server parallel to the social site for modern satanists and people who are interested, his "Satanic International Network".
𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓮𝓹𝓱𝓸𝓷𝓮'𝓼 𝓓𝓮𝓿𝓸𝓽𝓮𝓮𝓼

Persephone's Devotees is a server dedicated to Hellenic polytheism, with emphasis on our Lady Persephone.

~ All ages and paths welcome
~ Group rituals dedicated to our Lady
~ LGBT friendly
The goal of our group is to encourage theoretical thought in order to better understand the universe and ourselves. We intend to theorize about the unknown, refine our theories, and know more than we did yesterday. We seek to better understand the universe, ourselves, and our place in it.

We're a friendly server full of insane people that really get your goat.

We have all sorts of people here from really experienced to absolute newbs. Come on in and enjoy reading about various theories posted from our architects, or become an architect yourself to fill up a channel with everything that you think you know.

All people, tulpae, spirits, and what have you are welcome here. Doesn't matter what race gender or creed you are, you are welcome here.

LGBTQ Friendly uwu

We are plural friendly, and use the Tupperbox bot. (endogenic, traumagenic, and mixed systems welcome)

We have some wierdly specific channels, and one NSFW channel that you can access provided you prove your age.

Come learn all the wonderful things that we have or spread your knowledge like hot butter on my buns.
✢ Welcome to Blackthorn Inn ✢
Here you can access a community of witches on Discord that get together to share their knowledge, experiences, and make connections!

We are a laid-back and accepting group of individuals that have passion for the occult. If you are new to witchcraft, are not a witch but interested in the occult, or a practicing witch looking for like-minded people then this server was made for you!
This is a server for learning and sharing what we know of magick and mythology. We can share pdfs, do readings (with permission), ask/answer questions with one another and otherwise help one another with research. LGBT+ folk are welcomed with open arms!
Quareia: Witchcraft Discord Server and Study Group

For all witchcraft enthusiasts and practitioners, beginner to expert, who are looking for a structured way to learn. Work through the lessons with other practitioners and keep each other motivated!

• LGBTQIA+ owned
• Bots for tarot draws, leaderboards, and rep for helpful members
• Practice hall for those who want to try new techniques on willing volunteers, create astral spaces together, practice divination, etc
• Curriculum provides basic to advanced skills in many different areas, including: Visual Magic, Meditation, Ritual, Protection, Tarot, Astrology, Inner Senses, Shadow Work, etc.
This server is dedicated to producing internet cultural, memetic, and propaganda material of the based and redpilled variety
A community dedicated to the intersection of Games and the Occult. Whether it is finding esoteric secrets in games, or using games as a magickal tool, we are interested in thinking, discussing, and creating things to share and bring these subtle things to light. Even the game itself can be considered an occult construct!

There is also a subReddit, Steam Group, YouTube, and Twitch channel.

Join up and let us know what games you like and what arcane practices interest you!
Our goal is to create a community where everyone feels they have a place.

We have several “helpful members” dedicated to helping others find their own way, along with channels for as many paths as possible. (As well as open to suggestions 😊)

Looking for more experienced occultists to make up for the recent surge in beginner witches.
Crossroads: Witchcraft Discord Server for ages 23 and up

There are hundreds of servers out there for practitioners of all ages, and we saw a demand for a cozy place where older witchcraft enthusiasts could gather and exchange. We have a warm atmosphere and a server geared towards discussion, exploration, and learning. Our group is diverse and accepting of all paths and experience levels, so please feel welcome!

• LGBTQIA+ owned
• Daily topics and discussions
• Airlock safety policy to keep out trolls and spammers
• Practice hall available for testing out new techniques, or gaining experience
• Witches from diverse backgrounds and cultures
• Special roles for members who contribute regularly to discussions
Hello there! If you're interested in joining a wonderful witchy community, this is your place. We’re looking for any and all members willing to contribute discussion, thoughts, and ideas! We hope to be a wealth of information to anyone stopping by and we would love to have you join us. Blessed be!

Welcome to Resting Witch Face ✨🌙
»»————- -————««
✨ We are a small server surrounding witchcraft, Wicca, and anything pagan and/or occult!
✨ We are extremely open to suggestions and requests from the community!
✨ LGBTQ+ friendly!
✨ Plenty of vanity roles to choose from!
✨ Open to all religions, provided that you’re respectful of others’ beliefs
✨A good place to learn at any skill level!
Welcome to surreality! A server where you can talk to others who think outside the box like you do. Interested in the Occult? Converse with other witches or learn from others. Discuss various topics such as divination, astrology, conspiracy, reality, ect. Join and help us grow today! Looking for Moderators also.
COVEN OF THE BURNING BROOMSTICK🔥 is a group of practitioners,witches and occultists forming a coven of spiritual and magickal people.

•We have chat rooms too with a community of like minded people

We also offer services like tarot and pendulum readings,Shops and shop reviews.

•Hobbies and events also make part of our server so don't stray away with sharing your hobbies and personal life.

•We are forming a big library to source the practicing and soon to be practicing witch...
A chill spiritual community where you can commune and share your knowledge. We are an OPEN minded community, holding many TOMES of great KNOWLEDGE. From the ancient times to NOW, we gather together in unity to share the most prized sacred information one has ever seen.
Cafe Esoterica - A comfy server dedicated to furthering esoteric knowledge and practice of magic in all of its forms.
Traditional Astrology is the only server devoted to the study of traditional western astrology as practiced from ancient times through the renaissance. We are a serious minded community devoted to learning, with many educational resources available, and are accepting of newcomers to the art as well as experts alike.
Hey ✨ we are a chill, lowkey witch server. we would love for you to join whether you’re into occult studies or not. we have some emoji roles, witchy bots, and a good variety of channels. we also have a witchy daily challenge for the whole month of june!
We are a server where witches and occultists of all practices can come and learn whether you’re new or experienced in witchcraft and the occult. We hold classes, events, games, and a daily activity.
This server is a quiet, comfy place for people who are 18+ to discuss their thoughts, issues/struggles and overall experiences through life.
Mature content is often discussed here, relating to topics such as mental illness, substance abuse issues and overcoming suicidal ideations.

We offer a welcoming, chill environment that strives to set itself apart from the many anime, lewd and meme-posting servers that have filled Discord.

If you come with an open mind, a desire to meet new people, share experiences and want to see a community grow.

This is the place for you.

Welcome Home, komrade.
❃.✮:▹ Hello and Welcome to Silver Branch Coven! ◃:✮.❃

We're a new Witchcraft server with a variety of perks, and more to come!

Our perks include:

✧ A variety of Self-Assignable roles!
✧ Partnership Program
✧ Business Program
✧ Variety of Channels

We might be few members as of now, but hope to grow soon!