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hey yall we are a new survival server we have created an island for all you hungry preds and scared preys
you can do anything aslong as you partner in rp agrees to it
pros :
-Fast staff
-anti raid system
-you can do literrally anything
-large rp area and a general chat that allows roleplay
-we are a new server
basically thats it i hope yall are interested
🔹🔷Welcome to Mein Kampf🔷🔹
🕯️Seeking a place to call hell? Then look no further!🕯️
☁️We are a new and developing community full of wonderful dweebs, every gamer is welcome!☁️
We Have:
🌦️〉A developing community of 28+ members!
💡 〉Channels to fit member needs!
💎〉Active members and staff!
🤖〉A selection of cool fun bots and music bots!
🎉〉Fun events coming soon!
🔗〉An NSFW and NSFL page!
🌈〉A very special Normie role for you all to cry over!
💖〉Well setup server with a clean layout.
💢〉Cards against humanity games!
📜〉Self-selected roles to your choosing!
🎬〉Movie Nights coming soon!
⌛〉More coming soon! (Including partnerships!?!)
🌤️You are amazing! At Mein Kampf, we wholeheartedly welcome amazing nerds like you!🌤️
If you are looking for a kind, thriving community full of hurtful memes and words where you can truly let loose then you’ve stumbled upon the right place!
🌥️Just join already!🌥️
🎀To me, and everyone who hates society and themselves, this is never the less than a home;
So we should ask you... are you ready to call this your home?🎀
Prey:being on the bottom of the food chain and is the food for almost anything even through they can fight back or at least try to. Don't forget there's safety in numbers

Switch: switches are a little bit higher on the food chain then prey are , they are often feared by prey and even young, old, sick or injured preds

Preds: ayyy on top of the food or are they? Because even through they catch and eats switch and prey but can get hunt by switch or get hurt by prey if they are unlucky

Welcome to the inland where anything that is mainly realistic (mean no sfw vore}

U can work together to survive or to hunt

U can have ur own den
Own turf
Own pack
A server dedicated to talking about niche topics (e.g. music) usually, but talk about whatever you want. NSFL is fine too just keep it to the right channel.
Also no i am not turkish.
A community for anyone that's looking to discuss and solve mysteries. We got just about anything from movie channels, to creepypasta, and even an anti-scary room if you get too spooked. Join us and have a blast!
We are The Meme Dream Team. We strive to become what we are meant to be. Oh also we like memes and some more memes
A server where you can post nsfw/l stuff. Get as crazy as you want. You will not be allowed to talk unless we give you the member role. When/if the member role is given to you, that means that we think you are trustworthy keep building that trust and we might just promote you to admin. First 10 people get OG role.
if invite doesent works
please use

Hey, welcome to my server if you join!
There is:

-NSFL (gore)

There will be more in the future,

if invite doesent works
please use