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We are a tight-knit community of leftists who have come to be disillusioned with the constant lies and propaganda being spread about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). We are Discord's largest pro-DPRK DPRK discussion server and are looking for new members!
North Korea is a small and friendly community server for toxicity free and NSFW free atmosphere. Join if you wanna have some fun and make wholesome friends. We've great emotes as well.
"안녕하세요, 물약 판매자, 나는 전투에 참여하고 있으며 당신의 가장 강한 물약을 원합니다."

"나의 물약은 당신에게 너무 강합니다."

"포션 판매자, 내가 전투에 참여한다고 말하고, 가장 강한 물약 만 원한다."

"당신은 내 물약을 다룰 수 없습니다. 그들은 당신을 위해 너무 강합니다."

"포션 판매자, 내 말을 들어라. 나는 너의 가장 강한 물약 만 원한다."

"내 물약은 여행자를 죽일 것입니다. 내 물약을 다룰 수 없습니다."

Join us at the Squirrel and Hedgehog Discord! This discord is a fan community for the North Korean children's cartoon (다람이와 고슴도치) produced by SEK Studio. It's one of the most popular animated series in North Korea. The series currently contains 32 episodes featuring a squirrel named Geumsaegi and his partner, Juldarami, sent as scouts into the Weasel Empire where they rescue Flower Hill from certain destruction time and time again. Though a children's cartoon, this series contains a multitude of mature language and themes such as suicide, waterboarding and death.
Its run was from 1977-2012. There's currently no news of a continuation at this time.

The series is generally criticized as being propaganda where Flower Hill is North Korea, the weasels are Japan, the rats are South Korea and the wolves who come episode 27~ are the Americans. However, SEK Studio has come out saying that the series isn't propaganda and is meant to teach "love", "friendship" and "patriotism" to children.

I'm Juldarami and I run the SquirrelAndHedgeblog tumblr where I'm making the English Subs available online.
-- NOTE: No, I do not speak Korean! These subs are just very broken and I'm just fixing them into understandable English.

I hope you decide to join us here and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know!
the United Juche State of Joseon

--the UJSJ is the outcome of the 1964 Second Korean War. Due to the lack of UN, ASEAN and American support, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) fell to the superior in number North Korean Liberation Army. --

Led by Kim Song-Il, it thrives through support from the USSR and the PRC.
We are a DPRK RP Server, based on the actual election, and we won't rig elections, We promise, also a good political Chat of many people, new server, come along