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Hell's little Paradise exists on an abandoned camp ground, surrounded by year round snow. Behind the bar and its additional buildings is a forest filled with strange creatures. Not many can remember how they came across such a place, a bar miles away from towns alone in the wildness
"Join for the lulz, stay for the people." A server built around furries but not made for furries. We are home to a small community that are a bunch of individuals who find likeness in dark humor. But be forewarned, we don't babysit.

We all have one thing in common; but you won't know what that is until you join and give it a shot for yourself. We are always growing or shrinking, whatever works best for everyone.

Unlike most discord servers, you'll get to know the Owner's.
► |||| Welcome to Terminus |||| ◄

We are a small, social-based brand new server looking for members and we'd love to have you join us!
The Network is a tight knit community, looking to meet new friends and get to know others with similar interests.

|||| What we offer:

➤ Active and responsible Staff.
➤ Lots of Blob Emojis! (Static and animated).
➤ Many different channels for everyone's interests.
➤ Art channel encouraging artists to showcase their work.
➤ Ingame voicechat for players looking to enjoy videogames together.
➤ Fun & Music Bots.
➤ NSFW available for those over 18.

|||| What we want to introduce as we grow bigger:

➤ Dedicated saves or servers for multiplayer games.
➤ Movie/Video Nights.
➤ Art-related activities.
Welcome to On The Rox! We're a chill, fun role-play server for both furs and humans! Come join us!
Welcome to the Green Den~ owo!

This is my shot at getting a group of people that like things and talk and make friends, share artwork, talk about your sona, post memes and or talk about games, roleplay with others and mess around with bots, share funny videos on youtube or live streams! Every day we all group up in a voice chat and talk about our day and sometimes make silly artwork that people request! some photoshopping or just plain art!

Why you still reading come join!
More Info~
I Sam (the owner of the server) have been constantly monitoring the server keeping everything friendly in the server non-stop for a whole week!, I'm always welcoming new people and keeping out trolls and raiders. I always make topics of today to keep people active and talk more about themselves. Im also always looking for suggestions to improve the server in any way!

Now LGBT+ Friendly
this server welcomes all sorts of people! from furries, nonfurries, bronies, and more! we are a very friendly community and we want to grow to hold many members! we have gaming, music, art, and interactive bot channels! we have a staff team to protect the server and rules that you must follow!
This server is for Furries and if you aren't one that's fine, the server is not just about furries.
Camp Halfblood is for demigods with Greek gods or goddess parent, it keeps demigods like Percy Jackson safe from the dangers in the outside world with other mythical beings in the world that are willing to kill demigods for food or money so this camp has a protective barrier around it to keep those Greek mythical beast out and allow Greek demigods in
Please come and join the family! Makes friends and share your art and/or memes. Please don't join if you are under 18.
My server is a calm server with a great community with no strict rules. We would really like to meet new people so our community can grow. If you want to, you can just join to look at NSFW.
Madlads is a previous gamer base during FWI (Furry War I) but is now a fun chat room, without furries. Although, we may welcome furries if you're nice and not a fucking paedophile that draws underage furry porn and shit like that. Join please we need members!