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With the SCP foundation trying understand the anomalies they had contained a new experiment has been set to understand how they react to one another. On an undisclosed sight some SCPs are brought here to understand what they may do to one another... or the general public.

~things this server has to offer~
~ OCs allowed
~ Roleplay as scps
~ Non Canon
~ Yet canon scps
~ become a canon scp
~ Containment breaches!
◇╰╮Hello! And welcome to AOT roleplay!╰╮◇
※This place is primarily for people who want to roleplay or just have a discussion about Attack On Titan or maybe just a place to make new friends! We also partner with other aot servers so you can also meet new people!
[**Owner:**] Mr. Thorne#2917
[**Server Bio:**] [**Time Ruined**]
*It was a strange being that came upon the continent. A strange being that caused the anomaly. Magic that should be impossible. With a flick of his wrist, time was frozen. The Figure had a smile stricken across his face. He extended his arms, blasting an orb of power around himself that freed time. With this, in the snowy mountains he stood upon, wind began to howl around him. A cloak of black blowing within it's power. His eyes seemingly glowed. A shade of violet possibly? This was of no matter. For the event that took place because of him. Was quite.. let's say.. the spectacle. A wormhole of reality. A rift in time. What was seen has many names. In this orb that kept out time. The being formed a rift. One that distorted the reality of the Witcher's world and brought upon* **ruined time.** *People, places, weapons, these came from the rift. Timelines merged, alternate realities were broken, replaced, and broken again...*
⭕ The Server is new, the owner is working hard *alone* on everything so that it's as organized as I can make it. And as lore friendly as possible.
⭕ Currently looking for staff members and others who can help build upon the lore.
**"So.. you'll tell me.. exactly how this happened."** - Geralt of Rivia, speaking to a servant of ``The Being``
***Welcome to the Witcher's Dream roleplaying server based off of the Witcher games by CD Projekt Red.***
[ This server is it's own variant and holds it's own story line, though canon characters can and most likely will be claimed. I encourage you to be creative and create your own character! Currently, the server still needs SOME work. More on that in the server announcements channel within the server.]
[**Server Link:**]
This roleplay takes place July 1, 1860 And tension is currently rising in America. The Colonial Brotherhood faces new Templar threats as the American colonies expanded to the west. Now that the north and south are nearly at war, the Assassins Brotherhood in America is torn between the 2 sides, some supporting the confederate while others support the Union. Now the Colonial Brotherhood is in more danger than ever, fighting against the Templars and themselves.
Still a work in progress and needs to be developed.
Naruto Rp:
Naruto:The Dark Age
This RP is set in a timeline where all the characters from Boruto and Naruto are dead, meaning no canon characters. All tailed beast are free and have no jinchuriki (this is bound to change for obvious reasons since there will be jins later on). Each clan is revived like the uchiha, uzumaki, senju, and even otsutsuki. The Akatsuki still exist and goal is to take the Tailed beast still.

This rp server is made to have fun with others and is not canon to the series.

🤝- Partners.

🎭 - Pubic Roleplay channels.

⊸ Dedicated Owner

⊸ Quick responses
(if anyone is on that is)

⊸ Custom mee6 commands

⊸ And much more!
Greetings pirates and marines. I am Lucifer T. Blaze and i welcome you to One Piece World of RP where you can create your beautiful Original Character. This is a non canon server which means that you can claim devil fruits and positions of cannon people. You are welcome to join
Set in late 2021, will you be able to achieve your endeavors, pursue your character's ideals and endorse ideologies that befit you? Meet new people and strive for your goals! Create factions, lead, and pursue! The question is if you will you be able to pertain to surviving in this newly industrious and forever expanding world? With the creation and re-invigoration of the Karniverous Empire, and the newly formation of Law's Knightly Order, it seems even harder to maintain order within this forever shifting and detrimental environment. Will you be able to submit yourself to your endeavors or forever succumb to the darkness?
It's a rp based on turn-based moves, CRP as well, with a bit of slice of life in it if that fits your needs, join if interested.
Fracture Heart is set multiple generations from the stories of RWBY. The world has changed greatly since the death of Remnants greatest heroes, they left behind their own children to carry on their stories and from there generations passed. With the wizard missing within the far corners of Remnant and Salem lurking in the dark quarters of Anima, life has been quiet until a few years ago.

In the last generations the White Fang has disbanded as equality for both races has finally beeing resolved in Remnant, a new group of Faunus had joined to together to change Remnant once again. They took on the Sabertooth, after the great tales of a creature that tread the world before humanity. They've begun to cause riots and destory property of known business that could prove their actions.

After Weiss Schnee took back her rightful place as heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, her younger brother broke off the main branch of the Schnee family. He began to make his own company know as Schnee Industries, they focus on dust based weapons and vehicles. As the generations passed, SDC became better know for their alliance with the White Fang and aiding faunus in need. However, Schnee Indrusties went in the oppisite direction; using underground ways to smuggle faunus to work in their factories with little money and abuse.
Hello! Welcome to JJBA: Heart's salvation. This is a nice friendly server where people can come and rp as ocs they make. Within this server there is no canon characters due to this being in a different timeline. Be free to make a stand for your character but make sure it's not close to anyone stand that's already made.

There may not be much members yet, but I'm sure that if everyone pitches in and invites people, this server will be full in no time. There will be a main rp but that will be when the server has enough people. Again, be sure to invite all of the JJBA fans that you know so this server can grow!
This non-canon roleplay server takes place after the sins have died. By this I mean all of them. There is a new era and with this comes new threats. Will you lead a normal life or take arms and fight to protect what you love? The choice is yours.
In the world if Fallout [aftermath] some people have gotten strange powers and it features due to the radiation, Synths have been produced. And mutants have ravaged the land. Now you can finally try to rebuild somehow and see how your survivors story turns out
What we offer:
3+ factions
Multiple playable races
Quests and Items
Friendly staff
we are a friendly star wars rp community. we are going to be as active as we can be. you can be a canon character or not. if you join check the backstory channel and if you have any questions ask one of the admins or founders.