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Hey you fucking retard, how about instead of drooling over your keyboard and devouring crayons you join our discord server. It will make your pp 3 inches wider. Also no rules 🤓
A microserver with virtually no rules besides being a faggot. Bully as many people as you want, and abuse your admin (if you get it faget).
New Server, minimum rules.
Bots, self assign roles, emotes, suggestions, etc
It was either this or painting myself blue and masturbating to mick jagger
This server is server with basically no rules what so ever. Because I like freedom. And I hope you do too. And guess what? Its free so join now.
This server is rule free and moderation free... Just do whatever and see how it let's see how it goes. You... Yes you, have a say in everything. (Or if not, just do it anyway)
ohana means family and we are a family, join make new friends maybe more
Welcome to the server with no rules. Any and all goes here. People have perms other than kicking, banning, and admin so I suggest you go into a private or group chat when VCing. Have fun!
An 18+ furry server for adults furries to talk about whatever. The only limits to conversation are that we don't violate ToS or harass members (including being deliberately irritating/driving people away from the server). User-assignable role colors, music bot, and more features being added every day!
There is only one channel within this server. You may say or post whatever you want within them. Anything. Just prepare to harass some of the older members upon entering.
DATING+ Nontoxic loving community. Friendly and chill place to make friends. Active chat & NSFW.
General shitposting. Rules are pretty gay so I'm not having any of those, just come and do whatever you want really. Toxicity is always fun so if you like being a dick to anyone and everyone, come along

(probably stay away if you're a bit of a snowflake)
Bruh, peoples discord servers are so fucking annoying, they ban you for sayin the n word and shit but this is the internet lol, just do whatever you want we all chill af
Just a place to talk and very little rules with offensive memes
Do you hate being told "Sorry we gotta keep it Safe for work". Well here you dont have to worry, Say whatever, post whatever the fuck you want without concern. Staff are completely hands off. We allow pretty much anything such as racisim / homophobia.

Our server houses some interesting people.
Welcome to Toxicity Anonymous! If someone is being toxic, don't worry. It's probably a joke. There's one rule: there are no rules. Just don't be a prick like spam or anything else.
Welcome to Hideout Community, this server is for Garry's Mod players to enjoy playing and while communicating with the gaming society, this community has little rules, so feel free to join without a worry of the ban hammer
This is the perfect server for people who just want to say whatever they want without being reprehended by mods.
No. Rules. Just don't spam
it's just a server with basically no rules, cool admins, post all the gore you want.
Hello there! Here in Roleplayer’s haven we have a variety of roleplaying categories to suit your needs. We have a themed roleplay, no rules roleplay, human roleplay, animal roleplay, and an elemental roleplay category. More are developing per your suggestions! Come on down! We won’t bite.
The pirate ship is a server made for fun and just getting to talk to new people we have no rules either just follow the tos and you'll be fine.
Tweak Central
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
✦ Welcome to the Tweak Central a small Community, with no rules at all, if you’re looking for a toxic ass place to just let loose and go wild, join now. ✦

✦ Wild and Fun server, always ready for a good time.

✦ Exclusive Roles and Power for regulars.

What our server offers ~ ✦ ~

~ Plenty of Channels and VC's to tweak in.

~ Hilarious emotes, and we also take emote suggestions.

~ Fun roles, 15+ roles and growing.

~ Music bots, lewd bots, currency, shipping.

~ Absolutely No Rules. Do Whatever but please use common sense.

~ Gaming and Special Events

Memes, Nsfw, and Headassery

~ Join in on the Chaos!


(No but fr tho don’t join if ur soft idc about your feelings at all)