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This server is server with basically no rules what so ever. Because I like freedom. And I hope you do too. And guess what? Its free so join now.
A newish 18+ furry server for adults furries to talk about whatever. The only limits to conversation are that we don't violate ToS or harass members.
Server for gaming, coding, anime, language learning and anything you want
We are the racist army discord freedom of speech is allowed and encouraged we don't have many rules either cx
Comfy discord server to talk/shitpost about whatever. Absolutely no rules whatsoever although if you are being a needless dickhead then you will be banned.

Quite a new server so it only has a couple members so if you're autistic af then its perfect for you!
This is the perfect server for people who just want to say whatever they want without being reprehended by mods.
No. Rules. Just don't spam
This is Faggots Anonymous, the unofficial server for faggotry and anything faggot-related. There's no rules in the server except for just don't be an annoying prick. Thanks
There is only one channel within this server. You may say or post whatever you want within them. Anything. Just prepare to harass some of the older members upon entering.
the official jojo fan club join now and watch real and asian's anime just came out with season 2 :d;))))()_________________________________________0))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) CAN WE GET THE ACTUAL JONATHON JOESTAR IN HERE !:::::DDDBsadldaskldsa
We are Lawless, run by THE REAL Trib! We are really laid back and there are no rules. We'd love you to join! :)
Hello and Welcome to AMJ's Admin House! In this server, there are no rules, no limits, One General, One Voice, manage channel perms for everyone who joins and many other admin perms for everyone, go nuts and Jump Into The Fray!
Do whatever you want there are no rules, you can even raid the server
chill with me in FUN TOWN

no rules as of yet and you have alot of permission to do whatever you want with the server
Casual server for talking. Anyone is welcome do whatever the fuck you want just don't spam faggots
Here in shitpost we hate "nazi mods/admins" and throughout our internet career have seen all sorts of ranges of them.
We wanted to create a server that is almost like a modern day "old /b/" where people could talk about what they wanted and post what they want as long as it is in accordance to US laws and they aren't hindering others' experience tremendously.
Enjoy your stay without the fear of getting banned or kicked for something trivial such as spamming a bit and insulting others.
This server is very unique and we don't think there are many like it. The staff of the server invest their time tremendously into it, way more than you think to help it grow and flourish into the environment it is today.

Also don't forget: The ride never ends.
An *epic* new server for having a fun time raiding and hanging out with fellow devout fans of LEGO STARWARS THE COMPLETE SAGA. Find new LEGO STARWARS icons in our server and join the cult!
this is a server what is dedicated to boxbot battleling there are gangs and no rules