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just do what ever the fuck you want, no one gives a shit anyway.
Got fucked up shit you want to post? Well this is the place for you! No rules, everyone has admin!
A free server where you can chill and make friends, no real rules besides use the correct chats for the correct data, but besides that, no restrictions.
we like memes. you should join if you also like memes, or if you just want some friends. we are pretty cool people, you´ll like us.
Just a small community who play a couple of games. We mostly play fortnite since it's cross-play. Our main mobile game is brawlstars and there's a few that play PUBG Mobile. Join if you want to play or meet some random people 🤣
General shitposting. Rules are pretty gay so I'm not having any of those, just come and do whatever you want really. Toxicity is always fun so if you like being a dick to anyone and everyone, come along

(probably stay away if you're a bit of a snowflake)
Yo, searching for an new server to join? Here can you do anyting u want cuz there are no fk rules.
Be welcome.
A newish 18+ furry server for adults furries to talk about whatever. The only limits to conversation are that we don't violate ToS or harass members (including being deliberately irritating/driving people away from the server). User-assignable role colors, music bot, and more features being added every day!
basic is as basic as discord gets, with a mere 3 channels, no roles or ranks and absolutely no rules you can be sure to see the shit show of your life, strap in for a wild ride.
Just A Normal Server With No Rules To Chat And Have Fun!
There is only one channel within this server. You may say or post whatever you want within them. Anything. Just prepare to harass some of the older members upon entering.
Do whatever you want in here. It's the Free Real Estate, after all. We also raid other servers because why not lol
This is Golden Gore. A server with absolutely no rules, where anything and everything goes. We urge you to join Golden Gore and help us grow.
the name says it all
there are no rules, and @everyone has Administrator
I don't know why we exist anymore. No rules here. Everyone is an admin. Only thing I won't tolerate is Pornography. Keep that in your DMs kiddos. ~Toxic
In this server, demons are running loose. There are no rules. It's free for all.
Not many rules cum chat and use .rand porn like everyone else does :Trihard: 7 Cx
god why do you let me live
un día se me ocurrió la magestuosa e increible idea de crear un servidor diferente a lo que se ve todos los dias, sabes a que me refiro, no?
le quitas los roles clásicos, la cantidad masiva de bots, las reglas tan conservadoras como postear un link, la jerarquía de roles, etc...
pero que? fufueheheahahahahaaHAHA, aqui voy, yay!
[email protected] a M.A.D. Headquarters, servidor basado en el posteo de imagenes y videos de toda categoría, aunque actualmente su actividad es deprimente [server's existential crisis intensifies], contamos con pocos canales pero iré agregando según las sugerencias de contenido, no olvide de postear libremente y sugerir nuevos canales para aumentar la variedad y mejoras para el servidor, yay!
aunque actualmente mi actividad es muy pobre asi es tu desición si acompañarme en el crecimiento del server o ver su inevitable fracaso
idk know why I made this kind of description, i wnat to die so hard
just ignore this
The CC is a server for all Capitalists, regardless of social views. Absolutely everyone is welcome.

There is barely any rules to this server, you can feel free to be as offensive as you want, and say whatever you want.
Wanna Spam? Wanna Raid this server! This Place is for you! You can come and take out your anger and spam the hell out of mind!
This server is for the people that just want to fuck around.
1. Barely any rules
2. Shitpost, spam, etc
3. Nothing against TOS though
4. Extremely Active