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We're currently a small server, looking to grow.
Locate. Tranquilize. Exterminate. We are a group of Anti-Furry members, that often poke fun at furry communities. We do not hate the people that are furries, just the furry lifestyle. To us it is sickening, disgraceful, and betrayal to the human race, as they wish they were civilized animals. We believe they should be thankful that they're human. That they're lucky enough to be born a human. Lucky enough to have human rights. But they just don't get it. So we destroy them. One by one, server by server.
This is a fun discord channel where we post cursed images and play games
We are a server starting off trying to get big as all servers do, but we have a cause, a cause to start the crusade to kill all furries and prevent the second war. so join if you hate furries all you like yourself a good old crusade
Welcome to the Cult Of The Frilled Sandwalla

here we worship and server the Frilled Sandwalla.

furries and anime are against the rules.

we have a reddit room for when you rank up to Frilled Priest.

a prayer and worship room.

sermons on saturday.

and rituals on sunday.

Join if you want i don't care
Hey! Welcome to my server! Here we have fun, post funny memes, and just do stupid stuff. Please consider joining. 😀
hit or miss, join our server or be pissed.
A server dedicated to raiding Discord servers.
We Dox people, DDoS, Bot Flood, etc.
A server based around fictional and non-fictional events of the Roman empire that involves the germanicans, the Chinese, the Persians, the Saxons, and the Celtic tribes.

It is 364 A.D. and the Roman Empire is at it's best Extent. Rome's old enemies now challenge it along with new enemies. Rome is currently in a time of darkness as the challengers are closing in on Rome, and threatening those that live there. So Rome pushed it's message, Sailing their legions to Britannia and are still leading and everlasting siege on Britannia from the Celtic Rebellions that took place. The Germanic tribes that survived Rome's previous onslaught are calling for war, however the Saxon tribes are beckoning for war as well. But fate had other plans, as they began to get unrest with eachother due to living on the same territory. It won't be long before war breaks out between them too. The persians have mustered up hate from everyone as well, and are mobilizing their armies to come for Rome. The chinese have gotten tired of being inferior, so they are rising up to come fight Persia as well.
These will be times of Honor, Blood, and Glory.

Areas of War

Britannia currently being Contested between Rome and Britons

Rome is clashing with Germanica on it's Northern border

Persia has been sieged by Rome on the Southern Border of Rome.

Germanica is currently attacking rome, but will go into a civil war between the Saxons and the Germanic Tribes.

The Chinese are contested with Persia for an Expansion on China's Western Border.

- If you join please note I cannot get to you the second you join. You'll have to be a little patient.
- The lore and stuff is still under construction, expect changes.
- Currently active but not many people.
- A good moderation system.
AYEEEEE wassup this server has 4 rules, announcements (we never pin @everyone only for smth special or idk), general, commands, userphone, music, pewdiepie uploads, etc.

we are not toxic
we are good friends :D
we never fight
anddddddddddd we have vcs xd

i hope u join :DDDDD and if u dont its ok ;-;
only epic gamer communists allowed no nsfw or I send to gulag kurva.
If you are bored and you are a demon you came to the right place , welcome to lucifers bar, is not a big place but it's full of myths.