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Pepe's Party is a discord server with generator . We do giveaways almost every week ( Fortnite accounts , Netflix accounts , Origin accounts , Spotify accounts etc.)
Feel free to join .
🔥Small, active and mostly friendly server. You can talk about pretty much anything in a toxic-free environment. 💕

┓cosmetic roles
┓friendly staff
┓NSFW channel with NSFW bot
┓Partnerships available, Contact Partnership- TheSpookyBoi #2300
A Fun Aesthetic Server which is active in the community and has Nitro Boosts! This Server works well with it's community to have fun and relax in an Aesthetic way. Just calm, cool, and collected.
Welcome to the World of Jam! Created by MabyeJam, this server is dedicated to all types of gaming and fun. We are currently in a new state right now, so some new member would be nice! We love welcoming new people into our server! We do not have many rules or sh*tty admins. So come on down to our server if you'd like!
A friendly, for now - small, but growing and nitro-boosted server with multiple roles, welcoming, fun bots and many ways to interact with other people. You can apply for a role in the right channel to stand out in front of others. You can also get a CUSTOM ROLE by contacting the Owner or Admins. I really hope you enjoy your time here :)
This is a Nitro boosted server!
If you want a kinda fun community that is kinda active with free corn, then join.
We have:
- An NSFW bot (Ask for the role, an admin bothered me about it and made me add a role for it. Sorry)
- GamesROB. It's a bot with games. It's probably in another server you're in
- Gamenights on ROBLOX, sometimes.
- free corn
Read the rules, please. It'll make your experience better.
Hey! We're Sissy Station, a Safe Haven for all Sissies, and Doms! We have SEVERAL reaction roles, based on the most common roles out there! We are also Nitroboosted.