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Club Neon is a discord nightclub that has a tint of everything in it. Our server is unique, well designed and active. Want to make friends? Review memes? Dating? Attend cool giveaways? Listen to music? Share your feelings? And many more? You have came to the right place!
Hey! Are you looking for a good server to talk/meet new strangers to do awesome activities with, or mabye chat with friends and listen to music? Then this is coincidentally the perfect server for you! There is many activities you can do here, for example; You can chat with strangers in the NON-RP general chat, Roleplay with friends or strangers, ERP with fellow kinky users (Must be 18+), Have a laugh or two on the Memes channel, Release your inner pervert in the NSFW channel (Once again, must be 18+), Let out your inner shit poster in the Spam channel, and lastly; Request music to the DJ's and just be awesome overall! So come on over to the nightclub and have a good time with the friendly Admins and users :) (P.S this server is a work n' progress and probably always will be, so don't judge it too much, thank you for be patient and reading..)
Hey, you. Yeah you! Looking for a place to have a fun time with sex, wine, and song? Then the Raving Raven is the club for you! A brand new club for those who need a nice place to unwind and maybe let off some steam in a fun way~