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Club Neon is a discord nightclub that has a tint of everything in it. Our server is unique, well designed and active. Want to make friends? Review memes? Dating? Attend cool giveaways? Listen to music? Share your feelings? And many more? You have came to the right place!
Set in the great city of LA, Vanta is known to be the best nightclub in all of LA, Though it hides some secrets, as underneath the well known nightclub is the entrance to the underground world of all supernaturals..
You found it. You found the hottest and newest club in the city. This is for your enjoyment, not for us. So join us for an amazing night filled with music, drinks, neon colors, drugs and sexual pleasure. We will not judge, after all.. This is Lucid Neon Dreams.
For those who can't sleep at night.
Minimum age is 16+
Hey, you. Yeah you! Looking for a place to have a fun time with sex, wine, and song? Then the Raving Raven is the club for you! A brand new club for those who need a nice place to unwind and maybe let off some steam in a fun way~