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Shinx Palace is a Pokécord sever that is friendly to new players, old players and every inbetween. We pride ourselves on building a safe and happy place to catch and Pokemon. With auctions, Safari zones, giveaways, earned titles, gym battles and so much more, why not stop by the Shinx Palace and make a few friends?
Lavender Town is a newbie friendly server run by Ghost King, with plenty to do for new and old players. A new server looking for long term members and friendship over the mutual love for pokemon.
Welcome to Disbanded EFT, we are a fairly new clan which aims to provide resources for new players. Everyone is welcome!
Hello! we're a friendly community of furry's waiting for more people to join! be friendly and should be fine
The Elicibmi are dragon eggs that offer great amounts of power, and with times today, they are ever in need of protecting, especially from those who intend to use said power for evil.
We're a naruto roleplaying discord, we're new but we're friendly for everyone who can speak English. Please only join if you can speak English to a degree. But yeah. Have fun. We have a oc accepting mechanic to prevent frp ocs.