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Hello! I'd Like To Introduce **"The Wattpad Scape"**

This Servers For Fellow Writers Who Like To Use The Website **"Wattpad!"**

We Have Places Where You Can Advertise Your Books And Talk With Fellow Writers About Various Topics! We Also Have Really Good And Fun Reaction Roles!

We Are **Hiring Staff!** (Unpaid Ofc)

Come Join Today At:
Looking for active members to maybe create a small community.
We accept everyone, toxicity is allowed yes yes
just fucking join what are you doing
▬▬▬★▬▬▬ Milky Cafe ▬▬▬★▬▬▬

★ Milky Cafe is a place everyone and anyone can come join, make friends and overall have fun
★ there aren't many people at the moment :pensive: feel free to invite friends to come hang out
★ there is a verify system before you join
★ rules to follow and obey by

**Server creation date: 05/20/2020**

▬▬▬★▬▬▬ Overview ▬▬▬★▬▬▬

★ voice channels and music bots
★ levelling system
★ fun bots you can play around with
★ suggestions channel to add roles, channels or other bots
★nsfw and spam chats
Hi, my name is Doge, you should join this dead server so you can make it NOT DEAD plus
-We have bots
-Owner is active
-Vibe to music
◦◞◜◟◝◯ ✃╴╴╴╴╴╴⦾┅┅┅┅┅┃⤵︎
Welcome to ✧◦⦿Kiri’s Café ⦿◦✧ , it is so nice to meet you!!

↺ 1:42───⧈───────3:45 ⇄ ⇪

☆⬓⬒⬓⬒⬓▨ **✧◦⦿__Kiri’s Café__ ⦿◦✧**▨⬒⬓⬒⬓⬒ ☆

✿↬ This server is all about getting together, meeting new people, and socializing. It’s café theme will be extended to the roles, to the server decoration and treatment. Our staff and welcomers I Hope will welcome you with open arms. We will kindly accept you into our server. We all hope that you enjoy your stay!
```❈↬ We offer some of the widely know bots as, owo, dank memer(if you use dank memer for robbing and leaving, you will be banned), and some Pokémon ones too.

❀↬ We have a special menu, ready for order. Multiple color roles, and self roles.

✵↬ We also have a channel for support and help for any questions you have on the server, and a suggestions channel for any suggestions you may consider to our server. ```

▣⇠⇢⇣┃▱▱Enjoy your stay!!▱▱┃⇣⇠⇢▣
This is ✨ Just Vibing ✨

⚡️ We a NEW server and we need YOUR help to grow! ⚡️

We are an english speaking server ⭐️

We offer many great opportunites!

🦋| Make new friends
🦋| Meet nice and welcoming staff
🦋| Enjoy music
🦋| Space to share your art
🦋| Space to rant or spill the tea
✨| We are looking for more staff members!

📍Come and Join us!
We’re waiting for you! 📍
Oconia, the world with endless mysteries; with endless mysteries come endless possibilities. Come join this epic, fantasy-adventure RPG and fully explore Oconia with everything it has to offer. You may find out that there are some secrets better left uncovered...
> - What we offer:
> - In-depth lore for a more immersive experience
> - Soft character creation system that allows for creative freedom (however our only restrictions are human characters only and they have to fit into the lore.)
> - Stat, XP progression, and unlockables through quests for your character to level up
> - Bot controlled currency system for a more immersive and realistic experience
> - Diverse country themes
> - Multiple background plots at a time to keep the story engaging and interesting
> - Hidden parts of the world you may uncover that weren't previously there...
> Delve into the unknown in the world of Oconia.
I'm just looking for some new friends to hang out with :)
No racist ppl or other ugly stuff
This a new and growing server for music, mainly being producers. Were looking to grow this server and create a producer community where we can share music, beats, lyrics, criticism, drumkits, and etc.
We are a start up league looking for people of all levels of skill. We are still looking for more people to cap out or teams to start the league. Our first game is this Thursday if interested please join the discord. We a Na server only.
welcome to your local burlington!
we’re a small server right now, but we offer dumb shit, dumb memes, and some very 10/10 intellectual conversations
The Froggie Hotel is now open for business!!
14-21 ONLY! (also if you're older, please don't try and date minors smh)
We're a new friendly group trying to get new members!
We're boosted and have a range of custom emojis!
Please consider joining!!!
🛸Hey! New server here!🛸

🚀Welcome to 𝓒𝓸𝓼𝓶𝓲𝓬 𝓢𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓼✨ a beautiful space themed teen dating server that revolves around the theory of love.🛸

•13-17 only
•custom self assignable roles
•friendly people
•accepting :)
•a good looking server (like seriously it looks nice ;-;)
•humorous server (kinda edgy) we can take a joke ;)

Annnnnd we funny asf and need new friend sooo come join :)🌓

Server opened 06/01/20
╭───── ( ★ )
╰ — Then Vibes ! ☆ ⋆。˚ ⋆

Then Vibes is a small, active community that is rapidly growing!
Our server's purpose is mainly to provide a safe, accepting place for people to talk and just vibe.


— Our server contains ; ☆ ⋆。˚ ⋆

・ - custom color roles !
・ - lots of other cool profile roles !
・ - fun games !
・ - friendly and active staff !
・ - lots of fun bots !
・ - organized and aesthetic layout !


Looking for partner managers!
*~ Hello , this is a new server called Divine Entity , we consist of *~
~ No Nsfw
~ Gotta be in the age group of 13-17
~ No catfishing
~ Would not like to see any toxicity if possible
~ No being racist
, etc. in our rules channel :D
We don't have much members atm ( 5/25/2020 ) so we might not be as active as the other servers you could join , but we'd be really happy if you'd be able to invest your time into joining our server! :)
Lower Busan is a cyberpunk RP server that is incredibly rich in lore. Further, it is very intense, stylistic, and imagery based in storytelling. The server is brand new.
Think Cyberpunk 2077, Akira, Altered Carbon, Ghost in a Shell...
this server is extremely new and needs members!
i love meeting new people so i hope to see you around uwu
welcome to: crybabies!
☁︎ we stan melanie martinez here :) ☁︎

☁︎ we have wear or tear each week, staff roles, vc, studios, lots of bots, nsfw, and more! ☁︎

☁︎ our server is very very new so it'd help if you joined our server, but we're active! :) ☁︎

☁︎ self roles, and over 50 color roles for you to pick from! no hate here either! ☁︎

so why not join us today? give us a shot!
{ }
╔════════════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═══════════════╗
Bienvenue dans le serveur de JapanimDream !

✩✮Twitter : @japanim_dream✮✩

✩✮Instagram : JapanimDream ✮✩

✪ ✪ ✪ Pourquoi le rejoindre ? ✪ ✪ ✪

✩C'est un serveur communautaire basé sur les animés qui vous propose✩ :

♫ Un coin pour les artistes et musiciens ! ♫

☏ Des vocaux publics ! ☏

♚Des emotes géniales ! ♛

დ De nombreux salons pour se distraire ! დ

✪Des Quizzs et Blind Tests journaliers sur les animes !✪

❀ ✵ Des membres sympathiques et accueillants ! ✵❀

⁂Un staff rapide et dévoué (et un bg à votre écoute) !⁂

❉ Ainsi qu'une communauté extraordinaire !❉

Rejoignez-nous dès maintenant !
╚══════════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═════════════════╝
We are a new server with few people and we need a better name so please feel free to submit one! other than that please join be active and have fun!!
☾ Welcome to After Hours,

We’re a welcoming and sarcastic community where you can make new friends !

☆16+ community
☆laid back staff
☆self roles & colors
☆active members
☆minimal layout
»»— <3
You've been invited to ❤Love Sparkles❤, a 13-18 server! Here, you're guaranteed to get a loving welcome with open arms, and you're immediately loved whoever you are <3 So, lets see what we offer here!
make this big.

*** looking for active members (we're really new :/)
>>> active owner
>>> personal roles
>>> chill server

join now!