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Trying to collect a small tight community here! Talk about art, games, ur problems, whatever floats ur boat. Hopefully we can vc and do events when theres more people! Join in
Helloo theree friend! Kingdom Dark Star is a fairly new server that we are planning to become a great friendly gaming/hang out server. We are still in progress of finishing making up the server, but we'd love if you join us and help or be a part of our Kingdom!
Come join our family! We accept all even straight fam. There is role-play and you can request a chatroom. We also have the following:

- Memes
- music channels
- pretty active server
- venting
- and more!

Come join us! We're pretty chill too. Can't wait to meet you!
We just out here vibin. We collecting egirls and shit. So come join us. We have userphone, a lot of opportunities to be staff, and like lesbians(idk if you would like those).
Just a small new server looking for some members.
Some voice and text channels, some fun bots and yea thats it :)
Here you can socialize with people (only me ATM) but hopefully people will join (please suggest things) hopefully you enjoy your time here and bye incase the invite doesn't work
𑁍Hello, this server is A strictly a AGRE SFW server for anyone 15+. Please come and join us! We’d love to add you to our family𑁍!
[{We have features such as:}]
♡LGBT+ friendly (there will be no discrimination of any kind)
♡A fun and non-toxic environment for littles and CGs to be themselves.
♡ staff open to ideas!
♡safe space for everyone!
Hope to see you soon!
Welcome To Wellston Private Highschool!

This server is based off of unORDINARY, but it isn’t exactly that.

You don't need to have read unORDINARY to join this server, as even I, the owner, have never read it :).

Welcome to Gothic Longue
This is a place for Metalheads,
Goths and Emo's to join :)
This server is new so it would be
great if we get more members!
Meet your fellow goths
Listen to music together!
Talk about Goth, Emo or Metalhead
So please, join, if you dare >:)
Hello~ it's nice to meet you all! I'm Aspen or whatever you want to call me. This is my sever and we are VERY new so please bare with us. We are a very friendly little group. We are working 24/7 to make sure that this server become lively as possible with many possibles.

What will we offer:
-An active roleplay
-A friendly staff and an LGBTQ+ safe zone
-An paranormal nerd sever


In the quiet parts of Nickitsu, Japan strange supernatural activities have been popping up across the abandoned town. As Nickitsu tries to cover up these events an new mysterious high school appears, Akita Academy. Along with the principals the school has may secrets. The population started to spike, as many students were reported missing as trying to live the strange somewhat calm life on campus.
Residence Of Creeps
- - -
This roleplay is primarily centered around Creepypastas.
All/Most of the characters will live in the mansion.
It's a sort of sandbox roleplay, allowing much freedom.
Characters may interact with one another as they'd like.
Only canon characters are allowed at the moment.
(There's been too many original characters)
Sub-Plots and Events can also be made up randomly.
All in all, the rp is meant to be for casual fun.
Still, everything should be taken seriously while rping.
Dramatic & Mature content will be rather big in the rp.
- - -
Very New
Friendly To All Kinds
Small Roleplay Sample Required
OC's Not Allowed Until Further Notice
Highly Graphic Content
what we offer:
-anime emotes
-verification role
-Self promo channel
-NSFW channels


Join and I will give you a hug
Trissies Paradise is a Safe,Friendly Small Starting Community Of Friend's. Come And Join the Small community and lets make this small community a large community. Join Trissies Paradise Today!
-Active Owner
-Friendly Staff Team
-Verification System
-Venting Channel
The official server for, the best place to see what anime shows are airing this week at what time (converted to your timezone.)

This is also the support server for the bot ZeroTsu, which is mainly a moderation bot, however it has complementary to AnimeSchedule functions:

Anime DM notifications when a show is released (subbed)
Daily Anime Schedule
A relativity small server with a very active and tight community.
Roles and bots are ever changing and improving.
Currently only staffed by one member (The Owner) I am open to modding people if they show they are dedicated to the server.

(I am open to feedback from the server to change aspects, I want this server to be the community not just a haven for the staff to feel like they are above everyone like I have seen a too many discord servers)

Ages 16 and above only please

Server is based in UK and owned by a Brit but all English speakers are welcome
Welcome to my second server, Sammy, I am very glad that you have join us.

We are so happy you have press that invite and you know that you're really looking forward to what this server is about.

We different kinds of roles, different bots you can choose from to add to your own server.

I really hope you enjoy your stay in both my servers, but most of all you enjoy your time with the people around you all the time.

Hi, my name is Sammy and I own two servers which are connected to each other.

You can partner with both servers or just one, we partner with everyone whatever size or whatever kind (nsfw or sfw). You can dm me, @Sammy👑✌(taken) or @Partner Manager to partner with us.

If you have any complaints, you know who you can go to whether it is me or a @Moderator .

I am always here to help you all and enjoy your day and night every time, also don't forget to smile to those who need it the most.heartheartheart
Hey everyone!

We are a very new, 18+ eRP server! Ville de Salope is a place where you can pursue your deepest desires! We are LGBTQ and furry friendly.

All levels of RP are welcome, we just ask you be respectful and coherent! We just ask you bear with us while we get ourselves in order and do a little house keeping.

We are searching for mods and/or anyone who has some bot knowledge and can help create a more in-depth experience.

If anything, just come hang out with some cool people and relax. Stop on by and say hi!
Talk, Game, Drink milk, and Chill.

We are 『 M i l k 』

We have:
❀ Bots! /Mudae/ Mantaro
✧ Active VC
❀ Friendly Users!
✧ Auto Roles
❀ Gamers!
✧ A school aesthetic
❀ Anime
✧ Events like movie and anime night
❀ Milk
✧ Partnerships
❀ Nitro Giveaways!

Join and hangout with some rad individuals
My tiny dead server of emotes for nitro users (mainly myself)
Got nitro? Feel free to come peep the emotes, hell maybe even hang out and shit post or try to talk or something. THAT would be insane. Dare you to.
This is a fabulous server to join if u wanna meet new people ❤
The main them of this server is festivity and affection 💕
We have...
🤖Lots of bots 🤖
🎮Gaming channels🎮
🎨Art channels🎨
😉And much more😉
~ily and enjoy ur stay in this server 😘
welcome to meraki ・
━━━━━━ ・✧ ・ ━━━━━━

✧ ┊new community.

✧ ┊simple layout.

✧ ┊self-roles to make you look cuter.

✧ ┊friendly members.

✧ ┊partnership opportunities.

✧ ┊fair staff.

━━━━━━ ・✧ ・ ━━━━━━
>>Pop Squad<<
Hello, welcome to Pop Squad. We are a Competitive and Casual Fortnite Team...or Clan if you will. We are looking for new members of all kinds from all areas! We will compete in battles and tournaments against other clans.

Side Note : We don't care if you've never played a game of Fortnite before! We still want you on our team!

//What do we offer?
-An active server for members of the Fortnite playing community
-A non-toxic and supportive environment
-Build Battle Practice

For more info, please feel free to join the server!
Hey welcome to my discord server I just made it not long ago so I'm sorry there are not very many people but I hope it will grow!!! <3<3<3 ;3