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A small, new server looking for more people to join in on the chat. Come be the part of the core group of people in a server! No server theme and open to all suggestions for developing the server! Come get a hug and a gambling addiction.
We are a nice and friendly server. love to have new members and we are looking towards the future :). NSFW and SFW
Welcome to 𝐏𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐥!
This portal offers:
✄An easy ticket system
✄PMS for hire
✄6 hour cooldowns
✄Great partnership plans
✄New and small portal
✄Simple layout
We are a 15+ server and we are primarily a night life server

Hey there, it's Addy! I'm 19 and currently running a server called Degenerate Underground, and I think we might have a spot for you! We are still a newer server and have been growing slowly but surely. This server is a place where you can let loose without this idea of "constant wholesomeness." We are mostly in the 15-23 demographic and we have no members younger than 15. All that being said, what does our server have to offer?

Extremely active night life EST vc's (we are mostly night owls)
A ranking system with perks for sticking around~
Optional NSFW channel. It's not our focus, but if enough interest is there we are willing to expand it
A place to hang out and make friends with fewer rules and restrictions
Gaming with each other is another fairly big portion of our server. Someone is always playing a game with someone else, so there's that too!!

So, in summary, we are a not so friendly social server and we want to be not so friendly with you! Can't wait to see you there
Discord Link:
A yaoi magical school rp

Long Ago, two dragon lords from different species came together in an arrangement to end the brutal war between their kinds. They were set to be wed, a child between them soon on the way. However, humanity viewed the dragons as a threat, and attacked them on the day the wedding was to take place. Their child lost to the grip of death, they both lay fatally wounded from the battle. They took their essence and combined them together, sending them out as orbs into the oceans of earth. The orbs were found by a scientist named Dr. Heinzer, who was the owner of an orphanage in a snowy land called Trixsari. He used them in experiments on the children, however all the female children died, and those boys who survived were given supernatural dragonic powers transforming them into something other than human. The professor then tested them all and the lucky winner of the test, a boy called Silvia, was able to go to the capital city of the kingdom of Yandall. However, the next night, Trixsari was attacked by a group of human military agents and the boys, dubbing themselves Dragara, ran for their lives though hundreds of them were brutally slaughtered.*

*They were rescued by an organization called RURI, led by a mysterious man who leads them to safety in the magical college known as Yandall named after the capital city and located within the capital itself. There they are dubbed The Boys.*

*How many boys escaped the Trixsari massacre? Are you among them? Other roles coming soon.*
Asylum is a chill sfw server. There is NO hard feelings here. A loving server for ALL ages. Dank memes, dark humour and loving vibes through out the server. Asylum is a place to chill n not be judged. Come join Asylum. ONLY thing missing is YOU!
hey there! we're just a smoll server who all love haikyuu and i would make us all really happy if you'd join! we're still a work in progress but i hope you consider joining!
We made this server like a few days ago so its new

Are you looking for a server that you can say whatever you want? (mostly)
A server where you can be toxic in a way that everyone can enjoy?
Come on down, a place where we dont give a single fuck about your complaints

Our slogan - "Dont join the server if you expect to not get treated like shit!"
ps: we can be wholesome too it doesnt take that much effort so we arent all that bad
Enter, fellow man. Enter, and forego all obligations (They're not important). If you're wacked in the head, and are a dubious weeb searching for solace, then this is the haven for you. Come hither, and fulfill your destiny! You have no reason to not press 'Join', chummy. Do me proud.
I'll be waiting.
For Lolis and Country!
Hello Audience!
Welcome to the Circus!!!
We're a small community that is based on meeting new people. We allow those to share their talents, express their feelings, play games with da bois (and gurls) and etc. If that interests then i guess we'll see you there ;) <3
Welcome to Catulus High!
In 1932, humans started being born with animal-like ears and tails. Those that were born with these features were often thought of as a punishment on the parents from God. Most people would leave the babies in fields and forests to die. However, some scientists would pay the parents for the children to experiment on them and figure out what was wrong with them. No one understood why or how this was happening to children all over the world. A very small amount of parents that had these children, kept them and brought them up either away from society or just hid their features. Over time they were slowly excepted and started being called the “Specials”. In 1984, those that were either scared of or just hated the Specials killed thousands of these unique people, making history. It was known as “The Hunt of ‘84”.

We offer loads of fun roles, dozens of different channels to roleplay in, fair rules, nice staff, and much much more!
The communist library Project is a server documenting leftist theory and contemporary materials from diverse branches and traditions of leftism.

We have tons of resources on leftist history and related subjects, all there to help you in debating and developing your knowledge. Ranging from biographies, books, articles, reading-lists to specific overviews of countries in detail, our library has got it all!

We offer:

⌺ Tons of reading material

⌺ Historic-Political myths-debunks

⌺ Up to date praxis information

⌺ Easy librarian application process

If this sounds like a server for you, then come and visit us!
ミ✲ ☆⌒Y⌒Y ミ⛧ ミ⛦ ⛥ミ ⛧彡ミ✲ ☆⌒Y⌒Y ミ⛧ ミ⛦ ⛥ミ ⛧彡
We are a welcoming and friendly server who are always encouraging people to join and create friends! Do you need other friends? If so, c'mon down by us. If you like Art, K-Pop, Anime, Games, Memes, Cartoons, Storytime & Even more, why not take a stop by us! We have all of that and more, we come with server bots/servants who will make your stay worth it. There's no price . We have a very generous and loving owners, who watches upon each member as if they were there own. become a member for free!

Server and events includes: whiteboard , art contest, art DIY and Oc's creating channel. game nights, movie nights and more

🌟 Twilight 🌟,Join now and feel at home
ミ✲ ☆⌒Y⌒Y ミ⛧ ミ⛦ ⛥ミ ⛧彡ミ✲ ☆⌒Y⌒Y ミ⛧ ミ⛦ ⛥ミ ⛧彡
heyo and welcome to ꒰꒰🍘 nom nom ˎˊ˗ we offer a lot of cool things in our server such as
「 🍡 」a very friendly and safe atmosphere (LGBTQ+)
「 🍡 」SFW server (13+)
「 🍡 」a cute and aesthetic layout
「 🍡 」cool and fun bots to use such as mudae and dank memer
「 🍡 」many roles for you to choose from
「 🍡 」a lot of cute emotes
「 🍡 」friendly and active staff
thank you for reading ♡ we hope to see you soon in ꒰꒰🍘 nom nom ˎˊ˗
Hey there, join this server, I mean why not? It may be small but hey it’ll get there. This server is about gaming and anime too. Join up and who knows maybe dm me to become staff too cuz I need some of those. Anyways join up, have fun, and don’t break anything. You break it, you buy it.

· · · · ┈┈━━━━ ❁ ━━━━┈┈ · · · ·
🌺 Fast-growing anime/manga community with 650+ members.
🌺 Lots of bots.
🌺 Friendly staff.
🌺 Roleplay area for RP fans!

Thanks for reading our description!

We are a new, friendly server where you can make friends! We are SFW and we do not tolerate toxicity. Everyone is welcome!

Some of the things we have include:

~Mudae, Dank Memer, OwO, ZeroTwo and more!..
~A suggestions channel -- tell us what you want to see!
~Seperate VCs for music and talking,
~Channels for bots,
~Color and self-assignable roles,
~Pings, in case you don't want to get pinged

I hope you join our server, if not thanks for checking it out anyways!
This is a server that I made just for fun and for somewhere to hang out with and talk to people, we have a large variety of channels, including memes, cursed images, a general chat, bot commands, porn, hentai and more. We are open to suggestions and are looking for people to help mod the server.
Hey there! Welcome to oneiro!!
A fun and fresh server that has

🌟 A cozy and small community free for everyone to explore!
🎲 Reaction roles to help connect you with others!
🤖 Loads of entertaining bots to play with!
🎉 Fun events for everyone to participate in and enjoy!
🏆 Prizes and personal roles for everyone to win!

Have fun dreaming!
~ owner of oneiro
Bonjour je vous présente mon discord on fais des scrims on est pas beaucoup alors si vous pouvez nous donnez un coup de pouce sa serais merveilleux a 50 membre les premier scrims pourrons ouvrire Hello I present my discord we do scrims we are not much so if you can give us a boost its would be wonderful
Feelgood World is just another server for people to join and get to know each other. We cater to everyone, but we also offer a private membership for those of you who have the certain kink for what the membership provides. Anyways I do hope you come and visit and remember! Don’t be a stranger~ Taddy bye!