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Привет, этот сервер посвящён сериалу "Очень странные дела". Мы так же общаемся и про другие сериалы, сервер только недавно открылся, буду рад если зайдёшь. Мы так же иногда сидим в войсе с другом и общаемся на разные темы и в любое время если есть желание, ты можешь присоединиться к нам.
Hello, this server is about TV Show "Stranger things". We also talking about other shows, server opened on days, I will be happy if you join. Also sometimes we are sitting in voice and talking with friend about random things and anytime if you wish, you can join to us.
The year is 1985, a year on since the tragic events in Hawkins, after these events had happened, something opened up, a portal to another world, a path which would lead to another land, the same location and world as the one before, but just in another universe, a group of kids who'd seem like the original would hang out together in a basement playing DnD, but happened to be unoriginal. Hawkins was the same, except no recognized characters from the real world had been placed into view, it was a different world, but it felt and looked like the same, this would be known as a diversion in reality...

[Hello and welcome to 'Stranger Things: Diversion]

This role-playing server is based on the Netflix show 'Stranger Things, as you can tell. You will be able to play and make your own character to adapt to the story of the server. There are no canon characters but there are many representations of them. For example: You can make a protagonist character and have your character based on Will, Lucas etc...

In the server there a roles such as:
Protagonist/main character
Police corp
Sheriff (representation of Hopper)
Mystery character (Eleven for example)
Civilian (Your own character etc)

These are only some of the roles but we do hope you join the server. We have friendly staff and welcome any kind of people in the server. Please enjoy your stay...