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Touhou Fandom, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Fairy Fencer, Kaguya-sama, Re:Zero. Anime and Gaming server for meeting people and talking about anime, including sharing works of art (fanart).
A server with random people and my friends. This was particulrarly made to be cringy, neither it's holy church of morals. Just chat, share, (shit)post, cringe and inhumane. The only rules - don't post something that covers more than 2 scrolls at once and don't behave like an angsty teenager or stalk people.
Welcome to the degenerates, we have a wide variety of bots and channels for everyone. We also have lots of coloured roles and extensive lore within the server which you can get yourself in.
Disclaimer; the humour here may not be for everyone
- Nice, Friendly, Very personal community.
- Neptunia Fans
- Multiple Emote Servers
- Multiple Custom Bots
Happy to have ya here!
A server that is about the popular game series Hyperdimension neptunia! Discuss the game or just have fun! Everyone is allowed even people who havent even played or heard of this series
A new Neptunia RP based on canon. Hoping to provide a positive Roleplay experience, our community welcomes you to Gamindustri. Already buzzing with people, we hope you find yourself a home here.
Here's The Official TeamCosmiX Discord Server Created By Lokaghost, We're a New Team For Creators In Geometry Dash, Hoping To Become Well Known Through The Community! -Loka