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happening NOW!

KAWAII AF DISCORD EMOJIS!! (all emojis content is created by XxMizzVampyxX & content sources can be found in #content-sources channel)

chat, post, weeb it up!
~>nitro emojis
~>emoji suggestions channel
~>”controlled” exsclusive pokécord channels
~>a server for kawaii af content & weebu friends!

=^..^= kawaii bots =^..^=
Waifu Bot { w. }
Pokecord { ! }
Ayana { = }
IdleRPG { $ }
Kawaiibot { + }
Nekobot { n! }
OwO { owo }
Pokécord { ! }
Pollux { p! }
Tatsumaki { t! }
Uberbot { . }
Yui { yui or y! }

✚ O N L I N E P H A N T O M S ✚


⚠️ support ⚠️


#OnlinePhantoms is a Persona5
related server with many channels.

We have Fun-Bots like Pokecord
MeMezBot, Nekobot and more!
It is never going to be boring!

We are open for Partnerships
(contact @Ren for more information)


▶︎ ▶︎ J O I N U S N O W ◀︎ ◀︎


Hey there this is my server it is mostly a gaming server ,we play almost every game.
You can join this server even if u don't game
This is a fun server you can do fun thing play with everyone and also with bots
Everyone is friendly
You can find people of all ages
Have a great time if you join