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The Hangout
The hangout is a fun community of laid back people who enjoy having friendly discussions and general chit chat. We have a memes channel for all of your dank meme needs, along with a random pictures channel for anything from vacation photos to food porn. We welcome all people into are server to have a good time and hang out.
Cloud Advertising

Small Community Advertising Server with Helpful and Kind Staff, Cool Ownership and constantly growing to fit the needs of the community.

: Active Staff and Ownership.

: Advertising Channels for whatever you need.

: Constant Events and Giveaways

: OPEN Applications.

: Active, New Community.

: Constantly Adapting to bring new things to the Community.
Hello Discord User! Want a cool server but can't find one? Are You Bored? Want A Server That Has Lots Of Bots? Has Lots Of Memes? NSFW Channels? Well, you came to the right place!

¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º Scarlet°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

▶ New Server.

▶ Need Trustworthy Staff

▶ Need Members

▶ Plenty Of Bots!

▶ Anime text chat

▶ Porn Text Channels

▶ Plenty Of Memes!

▶ Cool Hangout!

▶ Reaction Roles!

»»————-We Hope You Join Our Server!————-««
Your server looks like it's losing members! Do you want them back though? Then join the so you can chill and advertise Chilled Advertising™. We are a listing server for you to join in. The server would help your server grow by simply advertising in a channel.
What the server is offering
🔗 Over 20 Advertising Channels fo you to advertise in
📱 Social Media advertising for youraccounts to get more subscribers, followers, and more.
🔍 Looking for channels if you need something for your server.
👑 Become a VIP by copying this message to other servers and inviting users.
🤝 A partnership system in order to get a partner role.
🎉 Giveaways that will help your server grow faster.
📚 Organized servers to make users comfortable
❗ And more coming soon!
So come join us and advertise then say goodbye to losing members and say hello to getting a lot of members!
This is a server for anyone that likes Minecraft:
- we have a levelled roles system (Tatsumaki)
- 7 fun Bots 🤖
- friendly and funny community 🍑
- we need staff 🛃
- rules and roles are organised 👍🏻
- role positions available ❗
Still work in progress - Epic Gamers Network is a place where you can just chill out and play online games that the community can join in and interact with, we play web games like, pokemon showdown etc. We also play just normal online games like PS4, Xbox or PC games. If you could make bots that would be greatly appreciated.
This server is all about making friends!
We offer things like;
-fun bots
-multiple gaming channels
-Lots of channels to talk to your new friends in
-You are bound to make friends here!
Please consider joining!
Welcome to **HyxleMC**
**This is a survival server**
**We have:**
```Ah/Auction House
Golden Shovel Claim Plugin
Random Teleport/Rtp
Keep Inventory On
We have jobs like miner and woodcutter like you can earn ingame money, you can join 3 jobs max
mcMMO plugin (Mining skills, xp by skills, super charge tool by right clicking)```
:mega: **Server IP -**
:mega: **Website -**
:mega: **Store -**
:mega: **Discord -**
:mega: **Vote -**
This server is a fun community. We have friendly staff and are ready to begin building a community. Come check it out!
This is a nice and fun server..
we need members and staff
This is a nice but dead server
Many Giveaways
Cool people
Owners are chiil
Welcome to Sloosh Lounge! 🌼」Here you can make great friends, roleplay, and enter in giveaways! There are no limits!

What do we do here? 🍂

- Host FREE Dank Memer Coin Giveaways
- Host events, competitions, and contests!
- Have fun with our bots
- We will make rp channels if suggested
- Make friends
- Nitro giveaway soon ~

We are a small community, we need lots of mods!!
The application format isn't wrote yet.
Also my engrish isn't the best

Lore of the RP:
You got an invitation? Where? It says a big vacation were you can have fun, and actually relax, where other 15 students got the same invitation!!
Which happends that all of you are ultimates...
While you got there,it seemed only a stupid trip,where you had to climb a much for a vacation, you thought.
After alot of walking, you finally got at the top of the hill!!
You saw the luxury mansion,but somethings in you thought it was extremely off and creepy, just then you heard an odd/welcoming voice that gave you the chills..
Then the biggest cage you have seen started to rise from the ground and lock you,without any way of escaping,only the mansion was there...left there to be discovered....

I hope we can all connect and have great times!!

Welcome To the server

OpSkyBlock - Online
Skywars - Coming Soon

Version: 1.8 - 1.14.4 / 1.8.8 Main version

Welcome to Men in Black. Join this New WIP RP and have fun
Everything in the movie has never happened and this is an alternate reality of it.
Hello dear minecrafters. I would like to tell you some things about our server, Complexcraftmc. Our server has; active owners and staff, many gamemodes and weekly events! We are currently using Aternos for host but we are planning to change host ASAP. The server is not fully ready yet but there are some gamemodes on the bedrock server that you can play such us skyblock and survival. But don't worry we are planning to add many more gamemodes in the future. We are currently also looking for youtubers to promote our server a bit. Youtubers will be able to: host their own events, do giveways and much more!
Staff also needed
Bedrock & Java edition
This is a new discord server for those who play the server come and join we are looking for staff

❗New server❗
UraniumPVP Join today for buycraft giveaways rank giviways!
UraniumPVP is a minecraft server its Skyblock, Factions, Prisons, PVP, and Survival!
Join today!
❗Join Today and you could get the Uranium or ✧Mythical✧ rank!❗
Hello, everybody ahem stoners in particular such as myself we all deserve a spot to just relax unwind and communicate with one another ya know? Well guess what this is the place to do so. This server is very new and really requires the assistance from all of you fine folks out there to help better it and to help create the perfect stoner paradise!
Welcome to Dripyz!
We are a clan for Call of Duty!
We do side games like Fortnite, GTA V, etc
You are required to get a Interview and Tryout Before u enter the main server.
This an XBOX Clan Only!
A GT change is required or another account needs to be made!
The clan covers for the gt change so it is free of charge.
Stay Dripy and Get on the battlefield