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👋Welcome to Modern Nations RP!👋
🖐️What we offer🖐️
-meet new friends 👥
-funny bots 😁
-real world politics💼

Join the Kingdom of Afghanistan The Kingdom of Afghanistan is a Constitutional monarchy with many things to do and
We have:
Afghan Armed Forces
Be a Judge or a Lawyer
Afghan economy and the opportunity to work and
earn money
Funny political memes
Merhaba/Hello we are People's United Sultanates of Karyamanistan or just Karyamanistan


We are an rp nation server based on asia and middle east. We are a socialist sultanate and we offer you the finest of role play with many features such as:

A ready character template for you to fill!


A political party system!


You can make your own company!


You can choose from a huge list of roles and positions!


And many more features for you to discover!
So please do join us

If the link is expired here is another link:
This server is a fun and exciting server on which you are able to create and play as a nation and decide the future of the world.

With our growing player base be sure to come and hop in.
GLOCON (Global Contention) is a role-play server that hosts games among its members featuring different scenarios within a fantasy map where the players may engage in war, diplomacy, or make any other decisions they feel is necessary in the imaginative world politics.
A server about CROWS!!!!
We are all crows that haven’t unlocked their inner crow
We are a country that bestrides upon imminent glory, and we are accepting of many peoples.

Want citizenship? Join us and throw us your best shot!

We have ratified our Constitution!
The Union of Discord Nations is the bridge for all discord nations, here discord nations big and small can prosper. All members of the Union of Discord Nations get their very own channel where they can post
whatever they want about their server.
We are a year old micronation that has started getting online recently. With the Duke and the Federal Council, you can sign up as a citizen and join said council. Glory to the Federation!
Welcome to Empire Arms Race!

In this server, create a custom nation and bring it to glory! Or watch as it crumbles around you. Research will be as fair as I can make it. Wars will be as fair as I can make it.

Join today!
The Modern Era RP, Is Based In 1910 at First, but we Plan to make the RP go Until 2091. We hope to accomplish this by Making it so in one day, 6 Months go By, This can Be Accomplished by Every 4 Hours it is a New month, However this RP is Meant to Last through the Eras, and each era the Nation Leaders/Players will be Reset.The Server is also looking for Trial Moderators. The Server was just Created and I hope you are willing to join, Because this Server offers technological advances throughout the Era, Advancement of Eras and Ect, so we Do hope you Join.

As we Explained the Server is supposed to take place in 1910. The Hurdles of Getting in this Is the Verification. What you will need to Verify is Either a Twitter,Steam,Reddit,Youtube, and that's all. This is To prevent Alts, as it makes the Game Unfair.
This is just a galactic nation RP. It’s pretty cool. If you want please join and decide a maximum of 5 planets as a starting claim. Please make sure to read the rules before deciding on any nation. Acassionally we will have a reset. Then everybody’s claim gets reset and we restart the roleplay. If we get enough active role players then we will be expanding the map. We are always looking for new mappers. If you are interested in mapping for us please hit us up.
New opened hoi4 server. We want to play with u guys and we hope u enjoy ur stay here. we host every day.
Welcome to Dawn of Civilization, a half roleplay half gameplay server where players take on the role of city states and empires in the Bronze Age. We have our own unique map that is partially based off Eurasia. Spawn in one of our hearths of civilization and invite friends to join your kingdom. Found religions, build monuments, conquer regions, and topple empires with your friends while interacting with a living realistic world with monsoons, hurricanes, floods, droughts, tsunamis, etc.
Ever wanted to leave your own country on the internet?

Well heres a fun nation server just for you, we have bots and positions you can get. We also have a fun community, so...

July 2019
After a series of the warmest summers and winters of the modern world, ice on Greenland has melted by an astounding 6%.

As ice on Greenland melted, a virus, frozen in the ice was released onto the loose waters of the glacier’s surface. Is was until a month later, when researchers in Greenland used that pool of water as samples of methane leaving the glacier.

September 2019
The samples of the water was transported to a research base in Toronto, Canada where it was contained... until an unfortunate incident where a new researcher fell and dropped the sample of water on the ground. A slight sample had gotten into his mouth and his eyes. After 5 hours, the researcher is taken to Toronto Western Hospital.

Chaos in the hospital comes as the reanimated researcher assaults and bites many hospital workers in the process. The zombie can both run and jump, causing the zombie to have extreme agility without any emotions or need of water,food, sleep, rest, shelter and defecation. Police and eventually SWAT teams could not stop the one zombie, as bullets could not stop him(eventually it is learned that only the destruction of the brain is the only way to effectively kill a zombie). It was a grenade launcher that finally ripped apart the zombie, destroying its brain. The Canadian police has announced this as “an isolated incident of insanity”.

Casualties: 56 people bitten

The 56 people bitten are sent to Mt. Sini hospital with a large security detail. This did not prove successful when all 56 people reanimated. The newly reanimated zombies had overrun the hospital and police were too slow to react to this threat. Thus only 2 zombies were successfully destroyed while the other 54 were free to rampage across the city.
Toronto is placed under quarantine, as the Canadian Army moves in to secure the city. Civilian evacuations begin as both air and sea travel from the city are closed. The zombie infection has spread exponentially and there are expected 1,832 zombies, only one week after first contact.

Things are falling apart as section of Toronto are announced to be completely overrun and the infected have been spotted as far south as London(the Canadian one) and as far north as Huntsville.

It's the beginning of the end.

October 2019
Travel to Greenland has been banned by the United Nations
Infected have been spotted in the United States of America.

November 2019
Air and ship travel carry infected people all around the world, causing outbreaks to appear in those respective regions

June 2020
It is finally known that the only way to kill the infected is to destroy the brain.

September 2022
The world is left to only the infected, as pockets of humans ravage the land, that was once firmly in their control, for resources to survive.
Infected: 6.8B
Survivors: 1B
Welcome to Jarland this is a nation based server that is growing! You can be a regular citizen, join the military or even live in the life of a criminal! The possibilities are endless and we would love YOU to be in this server!
Welcome to the Republic of Herrvatska! A virtual simulation of a country right here on discord. You can make a political party, vote in elections, be in the senate, be a representative, be a justice and be in Congress! Come join our community!

2 rebel groups, the Luhansk Peoples Revolution (LPR) and the Dontsk Peoples Revolution (DPR) have sneaked out of the Donbass region, attacking the Ukrainian Army in a town, near the Donbass Region, that town is a important strong hold for the Ukranian Army. It has a Military airfield, military sites, It was Dnipro, Dnipro is under attack by the LPR and the DPR in the northern, eastern, southern area, the western region is the only thing connecting the City to Ukraine.
We provide the best quality of discord groups!


This is a country named: “Nowei” Based of Norway! We recently started so in the start we won’t have that much of users! But I hope you will join!


When we get 30members we will try to get weekly giveaways!


We also have ALOT of jobs! And economy where you buy new businesses and earn more updates!


Hope to see you there!

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