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Welcome to our EverGarden!
╭Enjoy our:
╰➤ Giveways
╰➤ Roles
╰➤ Emojis

Some of the bots we have on the server:
• Mudae ღ
• Pokecord ❅
• WaifuBot [ζ]
• Karuta ☆
• ZeroTwo ❀
Server is slightly new.

We are a server mainly based of dank memer and heisting other users in other servers. All money gained from heists must be split between all heist contributors. We heist, then split the money it’s just that simple.

We offer other bots as well as Cafe, Nadeko, and Mudae.


Lastly respect others, we are all one community just working together to get rich.
Haven Politics is a server for political discussion & debates
People of all ideologies, opinions, and viewpoint's are more than welcome!
Welcome to BondComet! This is a city in space here to save any alien species!

The BondComet was designed by an unnamed person of an alien species, who has been referred to as The Director. The Director has created this massive ship in hopes of saving species of soon-to-be-inhabitable planets. The Director is the last of his species and he didn't want to see anyone else suffer. The BondComet was created as a time and space traveling vessel, but The Director is missing something to be able to go back home. This key piece of knowledge was erased from his memory due to the traumatic past he has lived. The BondComet knows whenever a planet is about to become inhabitable, and it automatically sets to the specific time and location of the target planet, sending rescue drones to scoop up and put the people in a stasis until they are fully healed. To keep the life interesting within the BondComet, The Director has built districts for entertainment, employment, leisure and food. Not everything is automatic, so people are still able to roam free and do what they want.

Server includes:
- Great staff
- Freedom to create your own species
- All forms of roleplay are accepted
- Exciting places to explore
- Ranks and privileges
- Space war events
- Time war events
- Nadeko bot
- Rythm bot
This server's purpose is mostly just to claim waifus, catch pokemons, rolling waifus, and have fun ♡. Though, to avoid getting kicked/muted/ban etc etc, we highly suggest for you to read rules above for each of of the channels category. We spawn fresh served waifus with big bitties. Have fun ♡
Sweet new server, very small, just getting on its feet. Started 16th December 2018.

We have:
Mantaro (games)
Nadeko (Self assignable roles/games)

We are looking for
New members
Reliable admins
Gym leaders
Friendly faces

We do not want
Troll's (they will be removed instantaneously)
People who wish to "test the authority" (they will also be removed)
Hateful remarks

We hope you join us! And Alolah!
Somos un server en desarrollo del juego League of legends, donde podrás encontrar equipo hacer amigos y hablar de muchos temas más como otros juegos, música, anime, arte etc.