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Fan of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon franchise? Well, look no further! We are a server dedicated to these games, mostly Super Mystery Dungeon! Even if you just need help, we will be able to rescue you here! We have great moderation and are a family-friendly server!
The entire world was lost to the Renegade One, Giratina.
Nothing remains, but the debris of what once was, and the dark purple sky to remind everybody of who’s got them by the necks.

Alone, afraid, lost…join the club.

For the region of Nishiri, however, things seem different. Hope fills the air, as Pokemon of a stronger breed in heart, mind, and body stand up and rally to take control back from the Master of Distortion. Will you join the fight, or help rebuild? Will you lead the battle to Giratina’s domain, or will you help save what’s left of the dying lands?
It’s all up to you and the Pokemon you will meet on your journey through hope, despair, and so much more. Explore desolate yet rich environments and learn about the past of Nishiri through ruins of old, and Pokemon who survived the Universal Collapse.


Welcome to Skies Beyond: Sundown!
Originally under the name Skies Beyond, the server got it’s first fresh coat of paint in November 2018, when I (Zephriem) took over as Server owner. Since then, the server’s had it’s fair share of crazy twists and turns, but one thing stays the absolute same: Skies Beyond is the most ambitious Pokemon RP server you will ever see! From it’s own creative storytelling to it’s basics as an RP server, you won’t see anything like it anywhere else!

-Plenty of helpful and open staff members!
-1:1 F/M ratio! Yay Equality!
-Darker storylines, but still accepting of every RP style!
-Streamlined Bio system!
-Constantly changing world and server to better fit the wants and needs of the memberbase!

So please consider giving us a look! If you have any questions or would like to contact the owner about any concerns, please send a friend request to @Zephriem#3787
Thank you!
This is the world of kanto where you have the ability to join the world of pokemon. (Role Play Server)
Everyone starts as an egg and chooses from generation 1. You get many different ways you can go through the world, rp, turn base battles, mystery dungeon quests. Feel free to join and see how you fit in this new but old world.