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[LGBTQ+ friendly]


You want to talk about Cute Little Gerard? Lyn-Z? The Reunion? Frank Iero? You want to show us your fanart? Be part of the community? If so, this place is JUST the right for you! We offer:

-friendly staff
-many channels
-fun roles
-contests and events

We hope to see you there!
Come on down emo's welcome to this server we accept everyone and I'm super nice so plz check in you won't regret it!
Hey there all you cool cats and kittens. Its me Frankie! the server owner.
Welcome to Battery City a My Chemical Romance based Discord Server. Here you can talk all about the boys and the band all you want. Just abide the rules and you'll be safe.
We are LGBT+ Friendly also not a dating server f*ck sake.
this is a server that u can talk on and make friends etc we have general chats.voice, and self roles and a bunch of cool stuff lol