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:cherry_blossom: The amazing.....The ultimate **POKEBOT** SERVER: *"Pokemon Legacy"*
So much verity with FIVE different pokebots.....
:comet: Four different Music bots with voice channels for each **POKEMON** game *Music*
:boom: Amazing Self Roles pokemon and other fun Stuff themed Roles
Or Level up to get more Incredible roles!!
:snowflake: Many Gym leader Rooms for **EACH TYPE** of *Pokemon*
With an exclusive Elite four and Champion's room
:star: You want to catch pokemon.....cuz there are **Ten Rooms** for *catching*
and a pokecatching room for each bot Seperatly so make that 15 rooms in all!
:gift: Amazing Giveaways to our **Amazing** server *Audience*
and even you can host your own giveaway by requiring a special role or two.............
:ear_of_rice: Many **Fun Best of The Best** *Channels*
WIth bot help channels to 10 Pokemon Catching to Music Playing Channels to Giveaways AND more
:microphone: It's worth it so *"Be Fair, Be Right, and Enjoy This Incredible Sight"* and join **NOW**
An roleplay/community server with plenty of the rules and no raiding.(New!!!) The server is now a place where people of all types can relax and maybe make some friends!
Daintily is THE chill- and nsfw-server

We offer you:
- Active staff
- Weekly giveaways (Soon monthly bigger giveaways)
- SFW and NSFW channel
- Levelingsystem for chatting with different rewards
- Smash or pass
- Would you rather
- Musicbots, tatsumaki, boobbot and more
MusicLovers.....Join if u love music......MusicBots are added.....If u want to add ur your musicbot dm admin