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This is a server for People to have fun and chat!
You Can:
Post your artworks
Play music with friends
Get memes and jokes from bots
Talk in Voice channels
Compete in competitions!
If you join make sure you follow the rules so you Can make sure you dont Get muted or banned! Have a Great time!
An roleplay/community server with plenty of the rules and no raiding.(New!!!) The server is now a place where people of all types can relax and maybe make some friends!
We are a New Dating Server what has an Active Staff team
a new Leveling System
Dating System
Verifiy System for Females !
Verifiy System for Males !
Report system for Problem People
and Non-Toxic Community !
:cherry_blossom: The amazing.....The ultimate **POKEBOT** SERVER: *"Pokemon Legacy"*
So much verity with FIVE different pokebots.....
:comet: Four different Music bots with voice channels for each **POKEMON** game *Music*
:boom: Amazing Self Roles pokemon and other fun Stuff themed Roles
Or Level up to get more Incredible roles!!
:snowflake: Many Gym leader Rooms for **EACH TYPE** of *Pokemon*
With an exclusive Elite four and Champion's room
:star: You want to catch pokemon.....cuz there are **Ten Rooms** for *catching*
and a pokecatching room for each bot Seperatly so make that 15 rooms in all!
:gift: Amazing Giveaways to our **Amazing** server *Audience*
and even you can host your own giveaway by requiring a special role or two.............
:ear_of_rice: Many **Fun Best of The Best** *Channels*
WIth bot help channels to 10 Pokemon Catching to Music Playing Channels to Giveaways AND more
:microphone: It's worth it so *"Be Fair, Be Right, and Enjoy This Incredible Sight"* and join **NOW**
Daintily is THE chill- and nsfw-server

We offer you:
- Active staff
- Weekly giveaways (Soon monthly bigger giveaways)
- SFW and NSFW channel
- Levelingsystem for chatting with different rewards
- Smash or pass
- Would you rather
- Musicbots, tatsumaki, boobbot and more
MusicLovers.....Join if u love music......MusicBots are added.....If u want to add ur your musicbot dm admin