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We are an open and welcoming community with hopes of growing and reaching out to people, our goal is to provide a calm and civil place to stay for people from all walks of life, feel free to join and give us a try. <3
The greatest and latest friendly & chill place for making friends/relationships. Active chats and chill moderation!

[Server Features]

• Variety of chats
• Self-assignable roles
• Fully filled emote slots
• Venting and support
• Bot mini games
• Music bots
server muy random pueden hablar de lo que quieran en el idioma que quieran. ((shitposting))
no pasen cp 🤣 . tenemos chicas lindas 🍓 canales para monkys.
we've been chatting in english most of the time lately so ig its a half spanish and half english server so yeah u welcome bae
Hi and welcome! We are a low moderation, chill, and edgy server! We have:
-> great staff
-> levels
-> singing voice chat
-> great emotes
-> custom color roles
-> self-assignable roles
-> NSFW channel
-> Places to share your art

Come and help us be active!
Welcome to Pewdiepie Fanbase, come join us and have lots of fun!
Meet new people, contribute to the server, and help us grow!
Welcome to Panic! at the Disco, a server dedicated to the band. We have a zero tolerance policy for 12 year old Ryden shippers, so if you want to talk to people above the age of 12, join.
Lookin for a music server that does nitro giveaways? Well, today is your lucky day! MyTune offers nitro giveaways, an active chat, and a leveling system!
Jah preaches, and we listen.
Jahseh Onfroy invites you to join our epic server! You can't decline this! It's Jah!

We have many redeeming qualities on this server, but here are a few:
- Rank-Up Roles
- Jahseh Themed Server
- Custom Jah Emojis
- Multiple Fun Channels

Why don't you hurry up and join us?

*this server is ironic, no i am not obsessed with xxxtentacion.
"The Purifiers" Is an server made for (Gaming,Music & mesmes) Do whatever you want!!
Friendly staff members, with friendly members. Rules are simple, just don't break it. Let's get along well!
PrivateSuite Magazine, the Magazine for all things Vaporwave!

Looking for a pleasant and nice vaporwave community? Then come and join our Discord Server! Take part in interesting discussions with Artists, Producers, Labels and get to know the people behind PrivateSuite as well 😎
we're a new and upcoming dating server, join us to jump in on the fun!
Divided! Music | Community Discord Server | Open for all!

Share music with people that have the same passion as you, found a song that many people may like share it in our genre channels or (Share Music) channel. Even though Divided! is based around music, we hope to expand to much more in the future such as gaming.

We hope to really expand our community. Our main aim is to be able to build a strong, power community with the same passions as us, such as music & gaming. Everyone is welcome.

We hope to see you soon! - Please sure to read all information on joining.
A server for the band The Lost Knights and generally a welcoming place for anyone who appreciates music
Welcome to E magine ★

EMAGINE is a new revamped discord community for socializing, self promotion, dating much more!
Welcome to our server!
There is so much roles that you can get.
We are so nice community were all administatsion is wery polite with all...
And we have nsfw chat if you want to watch some nice videos xd
Our Server is half Russian, So you can learn some new languages!!
In All our server is frendly so come in, we are waiting for you!!!
Introducing a Discord server that brings all the builders and techs of every instrument type together into one place! We welcome techs of ALL levels, even people that know nothing about it! if you would like to learn, this is a great place to start!
Hey there! welcome to the Local Lounge discord community! We are a small community looking to grow, and meet new friends! We discuss all types of topics, and are welcoming to any and all new members! If you're interested in meeting new friends, music, constant fun, and more, you should join the 'Local Lounge'!
Our friendly discord community:
Be a part of the place where the Flawless Music is being recorded at. Join Tricky at midnight for some nice music, or play your own in our Free Play section. Other stuff included too, if you join!
Pieria is a community-based server, where all are welcomed.
From sharing art with other artists, to chatting about various topics (Life is Strange, Minecraft, YouTubers, Animal Jam, photography, life), to just meeting some genuine people.
Ganymede is a small, chill community server growing from the ground up. The atmosphere aims to capture a spacey cyberpunk theme, with a relaxing environment in which everyone is welcome to speak their mind. It's not an RP server, we just like having a theme to base the channels, categories, and roles off of. We've got channels for anime, games, music, art, and plenty others to keep the activity going.

Note: we are not interested in partnerships.

Feel free to join us, just don't be toxic :^)
A discord community made for music and hip hop lovers!

- Friendly chat
- Discuss music
- Share music
- Share your playlists and music
- Listen to music
- Freestyle
- Suggest your own ideas for the server

Although our main focus is hip hop,
we do discuss other genres and topics.
Whether your into Tupac or Migos,
you are welcome!

Feel free to invite your friends!
Gaming Community where anyone can join , come hang out and have fun.