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We're a group of 'otakus' who like to talk about music, life, anime, politics, games, and anything you could imagine really! We're a great place to chat and make friends, and we have channels for all your interests! ❤
✂PixelPencils' Discord✂
• A server for people interested in interacting with artists, designers, musicians and more!

•Share your art and have our wonderful artists critique you!

•Art community wanting to grow!

•Active community always finding more ways to improve our work!

• We host contests and giveaways!
🔷This server is a server where you can meet new people🔷

🔷The community is friendly and welcoming🔷

🔷You do have to be at least 13 years of age🔷
__**Welcome to your local Salty Bois!**__
-Hang with friends 👥
-Post memes 🇦🇴
-Listen to music 🎶
-Level up as fast as possible! 📈
BricksBlocks - Game Development Community
Interested in game development? Want to learn a new skill?
We have:
- More.
Education. Collaboration. Appreciation.
Come join us
Welcome to b l u e m o o n
A chill hang out server open for all ages.
Join and make friends ~

~Self-roles that unlock channels
~Great Staff Members
~NSFW channels for 18+ members
~Bots you can play with
~Gaming channels and
many many more

We are a non-toxic community around anime and manga.Friendly staff, warm atmosphere. We are an acceptable community, so don't feel the need to shy away from others. Everyone is welcome! ✅
🌸XP Roles
🌸Shop Roles
🌸Self Roles
🌸Fast Growing Community
Hello, we are a new, friendly kpop community dedicated to many different kpop groups :D we hope you will join us on our journey and will help us to excel as a server and a community.
NoodleCat is a small, but feature rich bot currently in a fresh beta stage.
This bot offers mostly convenient moderative features including
--Automatic logging of manual actions such as server-side kicks, mutes, bans, etc
--Ability to set a custom mute time whenever the muted role is added to a user.
--automod; automod actions (if users violate *specific* filters too many times you can set it to kick, ban, or mute)
--Moderative history (to see users previous mutes, bans, kicks, etc)
--Public roles (including role-specific blacklist/restrictions)
--Private roles (including role whitelists)

Other features include music, giveaway abilities, and more.
The bot will also gain more features within the near future.
Do you love listening to music? Or, you play music too? We have a friendly community here and we aim to expand our server and create a medium for musicians and music lovers to talk. But it's not only music we about LMAO. We discuss anything from music to gaming to softwares to life to politics to everything else friends talk.
this is a really chill server listen to music, chill out, make friends. and there is discord got talent plus a spelling bee. hope to see you there
I was ban from a discord for being toxic and failed to appeal my ban so I got salty and made my own discord.

My goal is make a bigger discord than the discord that I got ban from, but 4 admins goals is to make a discord that you can be almost as toxic as you want.

Don't care about race, political viewpoints, or if you have autism or not.... so join us please
Ohayo! We are an anime focused community for weebs, gamers and artists. Known as the most wholesome community on Discord! Dedicated to meeting others & making friendos! Exp/Levels/Music/Roles & more ^-^

♠ Add your own slice to the life at Kimochi!

♠ Assignable colors & roles

♠ Exp & Levels

♠ All things kawaii

♠ All things gaming

♠ 24/7 music

♠ Weekly Events
We're a friendly and active server with some nice bots for you to play with, we also have our own server currency system, and we've got some pretty cool people here for you to be friends with!
We are not a Swedish server, we're just named Göteborg.
We Out Here
Yo! Feel free to join my server if you wanna meet new chill people to add to your friendslist. There are the classic bots, miki, tatsumaki, rythm, fredboat etc. Since the server is new there are tons of open staff positions if you wanna join the staff team.

The server also features alot of kirby emojies :)
Wir sind ein noch recht junges und kleines TeamSpeak³ - Radio dennoch sind wir sehr professionel aufgebaut und schon auf Diversen TeamSpeak-Servern vertreten. Unser Discord gehört großteils unserer Community.

Wir würden uns auf euch freuen!
Social PG Discord community, broad-minded server with active moderation. Find peeps to play and hang out!
This is a discord server with a minecraft server feel free to join it ip: You can talk about music, coding basically anything you like but keep 18+ content out of this server
We're a laid-back server and we pride ourself on our inclusive attitude. Non-Jojo and Jojo is allowed and there is definitely a place for everyone!

We're very friendly and there are very good vibes here

We have Waifuwars and Paisleypark with active communities for both!

NSFW is not allowed in main channels but we do have an NSFW channel for people who want that

Hey guys! Welcome To Cloud Community! We're a community of creative people. We are continuing to grow and learn new ways to share our creations with the world. Pushing to improve everyday and learn from each other. Each step for one of us is a positive step for all of us.
"Grow As You Go And Have Fun"
I believe if you are truly enjoying life and just continue to push yourself even if all the pieces of the puzzle aren't there, you can truly learn valuable lessons about not only who you are, but life.
Oh and we have snacks!!!
☾ -- Welcome to the Artist's Den! -- ☽

We're the place to express your creativity, whether if it's visual arts, literature or music and connect with all the other creative fellas out there!
A friendly, welcoming, space-themed community with something to offer for everyone! :)

We have...
~ Self-assignable roles (You will be asked to assign yourself roles when you join. React to the ones you want!)
~ A channel to post space facts
~ Events (Scribblio, cards against humanity, anime night, etc)
~ Music channels (songs, playlists and albums, music discussion)
~ Art channels (commission information, a channel for those who would like art-related advice, a place to post your art, art discussion)
~ Gaming channels (username sharing, console game chat, pc game chat, groupfind chat)
~ Nsfw channel (must ask for 18+ role)
~ Venting channel
~ Anime/Manga and Tv/Movies channel

We are also open for partnerships and staff applications :)

Feel free to swing by and say hi!