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— — — — — — — WE HAVE— — — — — — —

Hi! Welcome to WE HAVE,
Our goals on WE HAVE, Are to Grow the biggest possible server, for the benefits of your enjoyment and amazing experience for you here on WE HAVE.
Here is what WE HAVE Has to offer to you:
What do we have? WE HAVE Levelling System with god damn MEE6. WE HAVE music bots ON MUSIC BOTS. what else do WE HAVE? oh right WE HAVE ONE CHAT
What are you waiting for? the sun to blow up?! spend your time here instead!
— — — — — — — WE HAVE— — — — — — —
Welcome to our Hentai Server!
We are a little growing up community

♠ +40 Hentai Categories
♠ Bots for Hentai and Minigames
♠ Events with Prizes
♠ Channels for meeting new friends
♠ Auto Roles
♠ And More!

We are waiting you :3
We are Producers Worldwide! Come join us! In this server you can promote your content, including your music and social media. You can request feedback for your tracks, and there is an NSFW section! We have fun roles including Knight, Private, and Citizen. Each role has different colors. You can also just chat and hang out in the general chat. We have plenty of emojis for you to use! We hope you have a great time in Producers Worldwide!
It's another Discord server - aimed for talking and sharing media.
The sack server is a Community of people to have fun and chat
Zach's Household is a Social Server where you can meet, talk, and make new friends! We're a very welcoming server and try our best to make everybody feel happy within our server! We also have pokecord added in, so if any trainers out there wanna catch some pokemon and have small giveaways for it, we're always here!
Really a server that serves no other purpose but to make friends in an active community! It’s still small but hopefully we’ll soon have a lively community.
We're a server that's being re built. Small community , we hope to meet new people.
Hey, welcome to Chase The Fantasy where you can let go of all worries and have a great time! 🧚‍♀️
Our theme is dreams, and our levels are in stages of reaching your dream/fantasy :)). We hope to help you achieve your dreams in your own life whether it be happiness or beating your friend in League Of Legends. We hope to inspire you to really reach for what you want (including that crush that seems out of your league).

We offer:
✘ Self - Assignable Roles
✘Fun Bots
✘A Thigh Collection
✘A NSFW section (small but enjoyable)
✘Monthly Server VCs
✘Anonymous Channel
✘Rant Channel (and people to help)
✘Aesthetics so your eyes are saved :)

We are currently small but we are close knit and that just makes it easier for people to bond! You will be welcomed on arrival so don't miss out.

Here's a welcome and some fairy dust in advance!🌸🧚
social land

🌟a discord server with friendly members and with good moderation. in this discord server we offer multi-purpose things. we welcome gamers, artist music makers and even instrument players! we are a kid friendly environment as we are also a kind and loving community! we are also toxic-free!

✨everyone from all kinds are welcome!
heres what we offer!
⇨keep up with your levels
⇨off topic text channel ★partnered servers and partners chat
⁉️find partners here in social land *how neat*
⇨gaming text channels ⇨music voice channel
⇨public voice chat channels to make new friends
⇨role rewards if you’re most active
⇨movie nights on rabbit! 🍿🎥✨
⇨bots for entertainment and spam control!
⇨self assign roles for people to know about you!
⇨growing community discord server
🔥self promote your social media profiles and discord server once a day in self promote text channel
⇨art channel
🛡 raid and spam protection
🎉 random giveaways, allot more in the future! we are open for partnerships!

The Soundscape 2.0 is a new server completely based about music. On the server you can talk about music, share your own music, Colab with other musicians, and meet other musicians from around the world. The Soundscape 2.0 is a rapidly growing network and all are welcome.
This is a server for everyone.
Kpop friendly
LGBTQ+ friendly
Kink friendly
Furry friendly
We are very nice, join and dont be shy it will be very fun.
Newly made server! Just a chill place for anyone & everyone to come chill and/or talk to people. All are welcome. Thank you & hope you like it.
UH is a quite active and fast growing community with well over 430 members. This is primarily a community + chill server that provides a relaxing environment and accomodates it's members and encourages them to try our unique features! We aren't based on one topic; we talk about anime, music, gaming and more! You can use our category for socializing, post selfies, promote your social media and have fun with our bots. In our Trending category, you can interact with others through a diverse set of minigames and bots at your liking. So join now, before you miss the chance!
Enlist in Ahegao Army and becum a Recruit today!
Newly made nsfw server, share almost any porn you want here. Hentai, irl, fetish, you name the lewdness, it's likely here. If not, I have suggestions open on the server as well as level roles in the making. Enjoy.
Share (almost) any hentai/porn you want here. If you feel like helping out an up & coming nsfw server feel free to come by & chill
**Welcome To Youtubers/Fans Hangout:smiley: :tada: . We Are Plead :clap: You Join My Server We All Accept All Players On My Server. This Server Is From Youtube You Can Watch,Stream And Make Videos!! Hope You Enjoy Your Stay:smiley:

✱Owner✱ GoldenTurtleXD

[Developer] Velt
[Jr. Admin] NickTheKiller3

Heres All About Ours Server :D

[✱] :thumbsup:HAS REAL YOUTUBERS:thumbsup:

[✱] :thumbsup:HAS GOOD STAFFS:thumbsup:

[✱] :video_game:VIDEOS ALL DAY AND NIGHT:video_game:

[✱] :robot: MUSIC/PLAY/MODERATING BOTS :robot:

[✱] :open_mouth: LOOKING FOR STAFFS :open_mouth:

[✱] :pushpin: FREE ROLE :pushpin:

[✱] :newspaper: YOUTUBE/STAFF APPLICATION [OPEN] :newspaper:

And Much More!!!!!**

If You Join Thank You So Much For Supporting The Server :D
Have A Great Stay And Be Safe :smile:
Looking for a server in which u can showcase your talent(s)?
Well this is the server for you!
Even if you are also only looking for a place to chill / talk / game, u can still
join us for a wide variety of people and channels to talk in :)
We feature Custom Commands useful for our userbase's comfort and we
Hope to see you coming soon :)
Diverse selections of siloed topics:
Eve Online
Pokecord, Pokemon(Let's)GO
Other gaming
Tech news and programming
Anime, Movies, TV
Music (regular music parties, thanks Bender!)
*Moderated* serious topics (politics, religion, etc.)
Memes/Cute animals/Cursed images

Only join the discussions you care about, you don't have to worry about the rest!
Chill server that I hope can grow and become one that everyone loves :P
BOOM-SQUAD to polski serwer Discord o wielu tematycznych kanałach, przeznaczonych dla różnych odbiorców. Na naszym serwerze możesz porozmawiać na wszystkie tematy, poznać nowe osoby o podobnych zainteresowaniach, pograć z kumplami i po prostu dobrze spędzić czas. Serdecznie zapraszam wszystkich zainteresowanych do odwiedzenia naszego serwera. Poniżej znajdują się informacje, które mogą Cię zachęcić do dołączenia do naszej społeczności.

• W swojej ofercie posiadamy liczne kanały przeznaczone do różnych odbiorców, więc każdy powinien znaleźć coś dla siebie.

• Na naszym serwerze występuje system ekonomii, a także levelowania, który pozwala odblokowywać nowe kanały i przyznaje wam rangi w zależności od waszej aktywności serwerowej

• Nie znajdziecie u nas żadnych płatności za prawdziwe pieniądze. Prywatne kanały, rangę V.I.P i tym podobne możecie zdobyć za serwerową walutę.

• Profesjonalnie zarządzanie serwerem i jego liczne aktualizacje

• Zarząd utrzymuje kontakt ze społecznością i liczymy się ze zdaniem każdej osoby. Swoje opinie możesz wyrazić za pomocą kanału z ankietami

• Przejrzystość regulaminu, a także kanał objaśniający mechanizmy obowiązujące na naszym serwerze.

• Liczne ogłoszenia zawierające ciekawe informacje, a także kanał informujący o udostępnieniu kolejnego utworu waszych ulubionych wykonawców (swoje ulubione kanały z muzyką możecie zgłaszać aby były dodane do tego kanału.)

Na zakończenie chcę jeszcze raz zachęcić was, do odwiedzenia naszego serwera, a także do stania się częścią naszej wspaniałej społeczności. W tym miejscu chcę się pożegnać i do usłyszenia na BOOM-SQUADZIE.