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Are you looking for an open discord community full of various channels to pick from to roleplay in? Then come join our server!

We got various channels to hold you various role plays in! ALL ARE WELCOME HERE!

•Self-assignable roles

•Various roleplay channels

•Lovely community of people

We are open to suggestions to help grow our server!
|—-Toi qui passe par là tu cherche sûrement un serveur sur les mangas? Alors viens !!Tu vas te dire c'est un serveur sur les mangas, tout ce qu'il y a de plus banal , et bien NON! Ce serveur est effectivement basée sur les mangas mais à la particularité de faire des Rp sur les mangas donc nous n'avons pas un seul Rp mais plusieurs Rp et nous travaillons encore pour avoir le plus de rp possible !!—-|
A place for any fandom or universe! We ask for literacy, seriousness, and detailed responses. RP training offered as well. Come on down and give us a try!
c'est un serveur rp créer le 07/06/2020 notre serveur et un serveur multi rp ( rp lycée, rp médiéval et rp apocalipse)
Welcome to Gelykheid High! (JustFurs) A place where all species and creatures are welcome! Enroll your fursona, to join this wonderful highschool for furs. We guarantee your sona´s stay will be enjoyable! Grades 9-12 are all included. School Staff member such as teachers or receptionist are always needed! So please, come enroll in Gelyheid High and enjoy your highschool days here!

--Server includes--

-Friendly staff and members! We love to meet new people and learning about their perspectives

-Channels where you can converse with others, out of character

-Art channels that suit all your needs

-Many bots to mess around with and listen to music

-Suggestion channel! Have any requests on how to improve the server? Send it here and your idea will be highly considered!

-A Few mature channels are included. So please make sure you know what you´re getting yourself into. If you dont enjoy this kind of this, keep the channel muted and stay away from it, Nsfw wont be placed in any other channel than the channel placed for it.

The Shuffle is a collection of roleplays. No need to join a ton of servers to take part in different roleplay communities. The Shuffle provides a place for you to join, create, and moderate your own roleplay groups. Each group is separated into a category based on the four suits in a deck of cards.

Diamond - Original plot roleplays.
Clubs - Fan-based roleplays.
Hearts - NSFW (18+ only) roleplays.
Spades - One on One roleplays.

Some of our roleplays include: wild west theme, Fallout, NSFW island.