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A server to promote trans positivity. We support people trying to get better from their problems of having the wrong body. Having transgender be an identity is toxic, doesn't make sense and is bad for your health. People should not identify as their problems. Transition to get better and don't let Transgender define who you are or what you are. Having the wrong body is hell, a problem, and shouldnt be considered anyones identity.
for all you trans girls out there who want to have a place to call home or somewhere just to hang around, this server is for you.
A general support server for transgender or questioning people at any stage in their life or transition!

🔵 A democratic decision making process for implementing server changes.
🔵 Self-assigned roles.
🔵 Help with social integration and real life issues.
🔵 Strict anti-toxicity rules.
🔵 Apolitical, but not permissive of bigotry.
🔵 Inclusive of everyone who falls under the transgender label, and expected in return!
🔵 Lots of hobby related channels.
🔵 Channels for discussing trauma or lewd things are opt in!
~Welcome to Trans Women Love!~
This is a community for women of all sorts, plus non-binary peeps, with a focus- trans women! Come in and get along!

We offer...
-A loving and caring community
-Sharing of music and art
-A safe place to vent
-NSFW content for those of age
-And more to come!

(This server is Discord ToS compliant)
Need help passing as the gender you truly are? Well come on down to help perfect your identity and let people see who you truly are!
Hello, we're TransAction (TA for short)! A new server for transgender people.

>For anyone 13+
>Good Rules
>Trans people only
>Trans help channels
>Interactive bots

Join today!

You can preview our rules here:
"Newspaper Advert: New Hotel open! The Transgender Hotel has recently opened its doors to the public! They claim to host a safe-heaven for LGBTQ+ member and their allies! They also have told us they have a great staff team with active friendly users. Staff members who actually takes criticism and your feedback and tries to make the hotel better! They have attached a link at the bottom."

☆ | 30+ reaction roles including colour, age, orientation, transition progress and more!
☆ | PG rating of 13.
☆ | Levels! (Try and outrank your friends and fellow guests!)
☆ | The theme is a hotel! Book your room today!
☆ | Simple and easy rules to understand and follow!
☆ | Safe-space for Transgenders, LGBTQ+ members and their Allies!
☆ | A support zone for where you need other peoples help when you need it the most.
☆ | Upcoming server events!

Banner: :link: Permanent Invite:
Hei, tässä olisi suomalainen LGBT serveri, joka keskittyy MtF/Femboy/Trap/Twink käyttäjiin.
Käyttäjäkunta aika nuorta, ikähaarukka on noin 18-25v ja käyttäjiä on eri puolilta Suomea.
Serverin käyttäjät ovat myös erittäin aktiivisia tapaamaan toisiaan, varsinkin pk-seudulla.
We are a trans-only server looking to grow into a big community! Join us and make friends and be surrounded by supportive people!
This is a new discord I made since I've always wanted to. You can be whoever you want here! I'm hoping to build a community of close trans friends and allies! The only restriction is you must be 13/14+ depending on your maturity level! I hope you join me :)
We are a small server that focuses on trans interests. We got art channels, writing channels, general chats for talking, self assignable roles and more ! We also have a discourse area if you really wanna fight someone, but other than that its a rather chill server.
This is a trans server that sweet people can fix dysphoria and make new friends. This is also a safe place as there is no creeps in here whatsoever. We're here to welcome u to the sweetest trans server ever. We are always there for u as u are with us so come and join and the fun! This server is for ages 13-21 over. We can accept non-binary people too.
Hi! We're a friendly, welcoming server for trans people. We're small right now but we'll get bigger, so don't hesitate to join us!
We're also very active and talkative.
Greetings and salutations from "Trans r Us" ! We are server for trans folk to make friends, discuss pressing topics in the community, and rant about our crippling dysphoria(⊙_⊙;)
A server for those who have or will undergo orchidectomy. Eunuch and MTF welcome! And all other friends!
We are a close knit community of transgenders. This is a safe place for anyone struggling with acceptance from outsiders. We offer an advice channel as well as a vent channel. We will never make you feel unwelcome.