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A server for making friends and having fun. We accept all games and simply wish to have a good time. We also have nsfw exclusive channels and much more.
Well met. We are a Faction on the server Isle Du Mord, in a campaign for Territory and glory over the Isle. If you wish to join us, connect, and we shall see you fit.

Here is what we offer as a server:

🏹 A Medieval/Game of Thrones Server Theme 🏹
🎮 Gaming 🎮
🎭 Role-Playing 🎭
🥇 A Levelling System 🥇
😂 Memes 😂
🔞 NSFW Channels 🔞
🎻 Music 🎻
📂 Server Advertising/Partnerships 📂
🔈 Dedicated Communication Channels 🔈
😃 A Friendly, Welcoming Bunch 😃

What are you waiting for? Join The Royal Vanguard now and become a member of The Kingdom. 🏰
Sword Coast Mordhau RP, DND, Multiple Guilds, and Regiments.
just a place to hang out (i need more friends)
this is a clan of milfs we all suck at the game but i hope you will suck with us
European MORDHAU Discord with many different servers hosted in central europe.

Client-/Server-Update notifications, Giveaways, Tournaments and more
Willkommen auf unserem Community Server. Ihr bekommt Infos zu den aktuellen Games, könnt Mitspieler finden und an regelmäßig stattfindenden Turnieren teilnehmen. Achtung: Turniere werden immer Samstags LIVE auf Twitch übertragen.
Mögen die Zeds mit Euch sein!
What is PolarØppositeGaming you ask?
-->We are an up and coming E-Sports Organization
-->We are looking for non-toxic TALENTED gamers
What do we do?
-->At the moment we only have a Semi-Pro PUBGM team
-->We are looking for all people wanting to participate in any form of pro gaming
-->Contact us for any other information regarding registration
-->We are setting up weekly scrimmages for PUBGM
-->In the future we will be attempting tournaments for money in PUBGM

Join us if you feel like we are right for you!
All levels of gameplay included

At the moment PUBG Mobile is our focus but if you want to start a team for another game you are fully welcome to do so.

As of right now we are starting a CSGO team, Mordhau Team, RS6 Team, and possibly a LoL team.
**The Iron Legion is recruiting men to fill there ranks, we fight for freedom and peace, we wish to rebuild this world stronger then it was.**
*Come and join The Iron Legion to recreate this world, fight for a real reason. The skilled of you will be offered commanding spots*
If you wish to fill out ranks join the discord.
Welcome to Dillo Gaming a community for Casual, Hardcore and Competitive gamers. This is the place where you always have someone to play with! We provide a base for streamers and content creators to collaborate with others.
Hey, thanks for checking out The Best Room.I decided to make a community for the gamer 21+. The Best Room is brand new and looking for Mods and new members to start having fun with. Come drop by and see whats up!
Mordhau gaming community meant for you to find other players and group up and play
This is a small community with no toxicity.
We accept anyone from anywhere but our main language is english.
Be sure to make new friends and enjoy your stay!

~~P.S. I made a burgooore
Dieser Discord ist für alle Mordhau Spieler gedacht. Ihr könnt euch hier verabreden zum gemeinsamen zocken. This Discord is for all Mordhau Players. You can play Mordhau together and have fun.

Invite Link
Welcome to The Lounge. We have a very active 1 vs 1 Duel Only server and are planning on opening a Brawl(fist fight only) server soon! Feel free to use the Discord to hang out and play MORDHAU as well as other games.

We are looking for Administrators to help enforce the rule of -initiated- duels only in the server, please DM me for more information if you are interested!
Good Day Lord's and Lady's, Knights and Squires, Soldiers and Mercenary's, Thieves and Peasants!

I have created a small community of players for the game and wish to invite you to be the first to make this discord come alive! I hope we can have a fun time here and get to know each other. Eventually I would like to organize tournaments and other events. I am looking to have some roleplay in the server so if you want you can partake it that also. With all of that being said, I welcometh thee to The Broken Sw'rd!
In this here server thy can join old Europe and we may edit history to our liking, here thou may meet many others with the same historical interests as thou. So I ask art thou willing to conquer Europe!
We are a kingdom that will defend The North. We will use strategies to defend/defeat our enemies and protect those who cant defend their self. You can rise up in ranks by showing activity and Combat/Leadership skills. We are a family and leave no man/woman behind.