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Just a little pokecord server.

I take the time to create your own private room where you have all the rights, you can spam without fear of people stealing your pokemon, there is many bots that you can add to you'r room and feel free to suggest me other one <3

i have alot of time to give for members, i'm not looking for a super popular discord where people are just numbers to brag about.

If you just looking for a chill little place to spam and maybe make some friends this discord is for you <3
💛Welcome to Team Meloetta!🧡

Pokemon is everything in this server! We have many pokemon bots, including:

❤️and more!

Our server also includes:
💝Giveaways(which been on hold till active)
💝A daycare(which we need)
💝Gyms(need more leaders)
💝An Elite Four
💝and events!

💚Currently we’re looking for partnerships and active admins & gym leaders!
💙We want to build a friendly active community and need your help to do it!

🖤Please come join us at Team Meloetta!🖤

also be sure to check out #🤶reaction-rolls for part of your roles :)

server has been pruned so if u wanna be active feel free to rejoin
Welcome, You probably won't join this server but we got:
Pokecord and monstacord
Cuss channel and spam channel
(This is cringy 😢)
Subscribe to pewdiepie.
Serveur SandBox Communautaire sans prise de tête, si on vous aime bien on applique pas les règles. Bref, on est cool, on s'amuse, vient donc nous rencontrer !

Le bot Monstacord est disponible sur le serveur.
🌲🌳🌴🎄🌱Welcome to🌱🌲🌳🌴
🎄🌳🌴 Trevenant's Forest 🌴🌳🌳
🌳🎄🌴🌲 We are a small 🌳🎄🌲🌴
🌴🌳🎄🌲new opened🌲🌱🎄🌳🌲
🌱community looking to expand🌳🌴
🌲🌱🎄🌴🌳🌲and 🌱🌴🌲🎄🌳🎄
🌴🌳 find new Phantump's to 🌳🌲
🌴🌱 make them our friends!🎄🌳🎄
🌲🌳We are currently looking🌳🌴🎄
🌱🌳🌴🎄for staffs🤗🌲🌴🌳🌱🎄
🌱🎄🌴🌳We offer you🌲🌳🌱🌴🌲
⛰️Monstacord bot🌲🌱🌴🌲🌳🌱🌲
⛰️Friendly community🌱🎄🌲🌴🌳
🌳🌲🌴why not head over🌲🌳🌲🌴
🌲🌳🎄🌴check us out?🌲🌳🎄🌴
🌲🌳Everybody is welcome to 🌴🎄
🌲🌳🌴🌳this community! 🌱🌲🌴
Nebula is a community-focused team that consists mainly of Monstacord members. We don't (and won't ever have) strict requirements on joining the team, we just ask you be friendly and remain active on our discord server. As our community will grow, we have lots of fun plans to host events and contests in the server. Our server has many channels and bots for your entertainment!

We know being a start up team can be unappealing, but what we lack in size right now we want to make up with our fun, friendly and entertaining atmosphere.

1. Boosted Spawns

2.Alot of bots I like using (Monstacord,Myuu,Waifubot, Mudae etc)

3. Our own personal team bot! [Nebula Bot]

4. Giveaways! And lots of them

5. And so much more!


Thank you for your time and I hope you have a terrific day!

Salutations ! Je vous présente un tout nouveau serveur : Le Pokéverse !
Bots présent :
• Monstacord
• UnbelievaBot
• Tatsumaki

C'est un serveur pour les Pokéfans, il y à surtout des bots de l'univers de Pokémon mais nous sommes avant tout un serveur SandBox ou vous pourrez faire ce que vous voulez tout en restant bien évidemment dans le respect d'autrui.
Temps qu'on vous aime, certaines règles ne seront pas forcément appliquées.
À bientôt !
∂ Delta's PokeHub


• Join for the best Discord Pokemon Bot experience!
• Fancy Daycare System! Super quick - both Monstacord and Pokecord
• Gym System with open leader positions both Monstacord and Pokecord
• Friendly people! No toxicity, be yourself and have fun!
• Tons of contests - riddles, puzzles, decryption, who's that pokemon, and a lot more!
• Constant giveaways with great prizes!
• Custom MEE6 LEVEL system with amazing rewards
• Pokeverse!
• Tournaments and Team Gyms
• Check list for Rare Pokemon and Forms! How to evolve Eevee, TM list and more coming soon!

○ Join PokeHub for the best Pokemon dueling, trading and catching experience! Make friends, earn rewards, collect all region's gym badges, defeat the ELITE 4, grow your Pokedex, become a gym leader, you choose your adventure!
server for those who just want to chill and talk about whatever. we have pokecord and mostacord as well for you pokemon lovers like myself and many other bots
1. Pokemoin/Pokeverse , Pokecord , Varubot , Monstacord , Toasty bots .
2. Gyms in pokecord .
3. Daily giveaways
Just a fun place to be. This is a new server. You have a voice and can become admin. Im not a kid. Welcoming anyone. Any ideas are welcome. Ill try get some rank system going.
The most amazing thing is when you find yourself watching, talking, get notified, catch spawns, or doing something weird. ☕


Welcome to PokéDimensions! My name is Prynce and I am the owner of this server, a collective space where you can travel to the various worlds of Pokémon. We currently have 6 dimensions to fulfill your poké-needs... And why 6, you ask? Wynaut? Right?

Here are the Dimensions you can take part of:



▫️24/7 Pokécord Spawn
▫️Non-Interactive & Interactive Giveaways
▫️Friendly Management
▫️Daycare (Lookiny for Daycare Staff)
▫️Gyms (Looking for Gym Leaders)
▫️Ranking System
▫️Colour Roles
▫️Custom Roles
▫️Interactive Events

Note: More features will be implemented as we go on! The admin/mod staff are open for suggestions.
OUTRAGE is a newly emerged guild aiming to offer you easier playing with Poke'cord and Monstacord while being active as a community.
Come on, time to be the very best! ❤
- Poke'mon lovers!
- Poke'cord Maniacs!
- Ranking and levelling up system!
- More bots other than Poke'cord.
- Gym open for Poke'cord!
- Currently looking for active and
new players. Any skilled player will
be promoted as a new - gym leader.

Well, what else? Give it a chance!
Enjoy the best Pokémon Bots on one server! We have Pokécord, Pokémoin and Monstacord to fill your Pokémon needs!
- Giveaways
- Pokémon Games
- Pokémon Art
- Movies
- TV Series
- Anime
- Manga & Manhwa
And much more! Join Pokémon Trilogy now! ;)
Welcome to SNK, a guild for both Pokemoin and Monstacord!

Both are Pokemon RPG Discord bots, and both are very different!

Members get their own Pokemoin channel, gym help, and help catching Pokemon to get them going!

One of our admins is going to be working on the up and coming Monstacord bot, another Pokemon bot currently in Beta with extremely active coders and owners. We think it will be huge and we're proud to present a friendly, inviting, and fun atmosphere that's also safe and accepting!

Just don't look at how many shiny Lucarios get kicked in the face!
Just your neighborhood Pokemon-lovers server! We have 3 different Pokemon bots, other fun bots, friendly admins, and more! We aren’t really that active at the moment, but you could help with that!

This server is still a WIP and has much to be fixed and added. :)
Team Rocket Wants You!

We are a brand new startup our main focus is around Monstacord. We are in hopes of making a Team Rocket Team on Monstacord Official. This however does not have us stopping at Monstacord, we have also Pokecord, Pokeverse, and Myuu in our server.

For Monstacord we have gyms, elite four, regions, tournaments, sub teams, giveaways and Pokémon league. Bare in mind this was just started so it will take time to complete all of these features. We have the bots functional right now and working tirelessly to set up all the gyms ect.

We are almost officially ready to be a team we have 4 members and need but not limited to just 6 more members. We are also in need of a few more admins and mods

Don't delay join today.