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Dank Memer
Come Join Global Casino
this server is a way to use the app “ZYNN” ! explain things when you get here ! hope you enjoy your stay !
One of the fastest-growing EWHORING SERVER 💨
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We offer the best information on penny stocks! Free entry for a limited amount of time! Easy money to be made trading stocks.
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Legal Money
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Want to know how to get the big bucks!? Look no further!

We offer:
Methods for money
Great dedicated staff to help you when needed!
Great self promotion channels
You can advertise and buy your own shop for the whole server could see!
Potential partnerships!
A community who helps people in all kinds of needs!
And so much more!

Were a small growing community, hoping to make it big and help as many people along the way!

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This is a server where you cannot rob anyone in the gang but has amazing chances to become rich with the Dank Memer bot, with amazing staff willing to donate money to anybody in need, we do giveaways and heists daily
Hey, auf unserem Server könnt ihr folgende Dinge tun:

-Euch Rollen mit virtuellem Geld erwirtschaften

-Spaß haben!

-Euch unterhalten

-Musik hören

-Mit Bots experimentieren

Wir sind ein kleiner Server, wollen aber größer werden!
Danke, wenn ihr uns dabei unterstützt

From Amazon Discounting, to Prepaid visas, to Apple products, we got it all. We have vouches and friendly Staff there to always help you! SOME of our products are below!

We (legally) discount Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, Banggood, Newegg, among other sites. We take 70% off, or more, but open a ticket or dm me for more help!

We discount gift cards LEGALLY. Gift card discounting should be inquired in dms for more details. I will NOT do small orders. 600$ or above.

We offer LEGAL discounting on StockX and Goat shoes. Your order must be above 600$, and your discount will be 60% roughly. The higher the total the higher the discount.

Hello And Welcome To BioMiner Server, In This Server You Can Earn Paypal Money With Your Pc Hardware ! (Its 100% free And Safe For Your PC) !
JOIN OUR BRAND NEW SERVER: This server is an educational stock & options trading community, we share insight, tip, tricks and much more to find winning stocks, as well as options trades. I have years of experience trading options & currently aim for $500-2,000 per day.
Welcome to Money grind
In this server you will find a method I´m using for earning money from internet.
You are not going to download software/invest any money.
This guide is for you to start earning money from 0.
It is not easy/free money,you need to be active but you can make around $30 to $70 monthly. And more over time.
We are open for suggestions/admins/mentors who likes the idea and want to cooperate with it.
Join our lovely communiity today. We welcome everyone who is keen to make money and contribute to our lovely server.
Our community is a giveaway discord where we promote other discords to earn money to give away on our discord, also you can promote on our discord!
We sell a variety of products and we are gonna be doing lots of giveaways! Come to our server!
💎💎💎We are the top transparent stock trading group ran by elite stock traders with stock alerts, Bloomberg terminal news, DD packets, option strategies to profit as a team, we have a library full of online books for our members and a learning course. We have our P&L posted on Twitter. Our FREE chatroom is public for anyone and our premium exclusive channels are locked for our members. The numbers don't lie, our REVIEWS are 5 stars and not hidden like other groups, we are the best Discord Stock Trading Group here. Come check us out and profit with The Bearish Bulls Club💎💎💎
We are a dedicated group of associates dedicated to helping those who want to get into the world of methods. We provide high quality methods, services, and other items used to make a lot of money! We have a great wts/wtb section and a transparent style of communication between buyers and sellers. Most notably, the invite rewards are awesome! Please check us out and we're sure you won't be dissapointed.
We are a server with an active marketplace, where you can sell or buy whatever you wish, its an place to easily spend or make money. We offer method services to make and get money, where you will always end up in profit.
Join Platinum Profit today!

What we offer:

- Lightning fast Snkrs, Supreme, Shopify, Yeezysupply, Adidas and Off White Monitors

- Slots for all the hottest drops so you never take an L again

- Brick links so you start brick reselling in between exclusive drops.

- Weekly and monthly giveaways for exclusive items

- Exclusive release info along with 1 on 1 reselling help

- A hand picked Grailed sellers list
We are a smaller, organized stock market trading server with a friendly, helpful community of people to help you learn basic and advanced aspects of trading; mainly focusing on stocks, and options!
It's an server with clear instructions on how to earn money online.
All the people/members are in here for the same thing (making money together.)
Hello, Welcome to my server. This server is for hangout and you can make new friends here the rules are simple:

Rules of discord:

**1.** Follow Discord TOS

**2.** don’t spam or ear rape in vc

**3.** keep bots in right channel

**4.** Be respectful to people

**5.** don’t become racist
If you break any of this rule mute or ban
I hope you will find my discord server good. I will meet you in the discord server. Peace