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I will be giving away some things on there but don't know what yet but you should join because there is a website that will get u money! THIS IS ALL FREE!

Rewards of Inviting Rewards

Robux Rewards
10 Invites = 10 Robux
15Invites = 20 Robux
20 Invites = 30 Robux
30 Invites = 50 Robux

Nitro Rewards
15 Invites = 1x Nitro Classic($4.99)
25 Invites = 2x Nitro Classic($4.99)
30 Invites = 1x Nitro($9.99)

Welcome to Giveaway Haven!

This is a challenge between me and my friend to see how many members we can get!

If you've joined, thanks so much!

You may be wondering, Well. Why should i stay?
Well, We've introduced invite-rewards and ways to make money!

Official Discord Server for the /r/Beermoney subreddit. /r/beermoney is a community for people to discuss mostly online money-making opportunities. You shouldn't expect to make a living, but it's possible to make extra cash on the side for your habits/needs.
Paypal Rewards

10 Invites = $10 Paypal

20 Invites = $15 Paypal

30 Invites = $20 Paypal

40 Invites = $20 Paypal And Nitro :nitropepe:

More Paypal Rewards Soon,
Hello! If you like Smash Bros, or like money in general, then you might want to check this out! You vote on a character to win a tournament and if it wins, you get 10 dollars free!

You will win a $10 dollar gift card of your choice (Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Steam, etc.) if your character wins the entire tournament.
Hey you!!
Come join our amazing and fun prison server this is minecraft prison in discord. The objective is to get as much money posible
Come join and you will see how fun it really is
Here you can find the real meaning of "FUN" with the other players, you can join an RPG World / Biggest casino experienced players and more! join and see
🔸️One day delivery
🔸️Cheapest prices
🔸️Fast support
🔸️Free money drops and much more!
🔸️Daily give-aways (once the server has more members)
🔸️Custom, personalized offers available
🔸️Friend invite rewards
🔸️A Website with full RECOVERY (Coming soon)
If you need money in GTA V online ASAP, join this server, we sell cheap and safe recoveries we also do daily moneydrops and giveaways. Our other server got banned, this is the new one.

💧Money drops💧
👨🏽‍💻Modded GTA V accounts👨🏽‍💻
💸Prosty sposób na zarobek!💸
Za każde zaproszenie dostajesz pewną część $, które możesz wypłacić w dowolnym momencie.
Jeżeli chcesz zacząć zarabiać w internecie to zapraszam serdecznie :D!
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Welcome to Empathy's Marketplace
Yes, I know, we're one of many marketplaces out there...
But our goal is it to give users out here on Discord a great community to hang out in, while at the same time promoting a safe shopping experience to everyone.
Simply put, the EMPATHY Marketplace should be your go-to if you're in the need of anything.

The EMPATHY Marketplace has been founded on 11/24/2019 by @Empathy#7594.

Please be sure to contact the staff team for any business inquiries and questions of such. We'd be happy to answer all questions and give you guidance.
Also, be sure to check out our #guidelines to ensure that everyone in here may have a good time and experience. This is very important for you and me!

Thank you very much, and have a great time...

(Founder of EMPATHY Marketplace)
Want to get anything on Amazon 75% off? Learn how to card? Get hype sneakers half off? Apple products 70% off? Learn to crack stuff and sell your own stuff? Join a active community with a marketplace? Join today for all this and so much more.
ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING A BROKE TEEN OR YOUNG ADULT??? Well this discord is for you because we have the best methods and tips to cop any hyped sneaker release. YOU WANNA BECOME THE COOL KID IN SCHOOL WITH EVERY SHOE JOIN US! Also have food discounts! (you wont regret it)
Portal for the official Discord server.
Join this server or go to