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Yo Zula here,
my server has the following services:

💰Free money drop lobbies
💰 Cheap account recovery's
❤️Friendly staff & community
💰 Frequent Giveaways
And alot more!
Feel free to take a look :)

🔹Free Money Drops Everyday.
🔹Cheap Modding Services.
🔹Friendly Family.
🔹Fun Giveaways.
🔹100% Safe.
🔹Over 100 Happy Customers.
The #1 Premium GTA5 Recovery Service. 24/7 support and a great community.

We offer:
-💰Money Drops
-💳Modded Accounts
-🤠Modded Outfits
-🚫Ban Warranties
-🤑Unlimited Money Refills
-🏆Free Rewards
✔️Free Money Drop Lobbies EVERDAY!
✔️Cheapest Modding Service on the Market.
✔️Modded Accounts PC ONLY
✔️Self Coded Mod Menu
✔️Fun Giveaways.
✔️0% Ban Rate
✔️Over 750+ Happy Customers.
We are DarkestX

○ Free Drop Lobbies Everyday
○ PC Only
○ Self Coded Mod Menu Used
○ Over 4 years of Experience in Modding
○ Friendly (24/7) staff
○ 5+ Hour Free Drop Lobbies
○ Community Nights
○ Steam Game etc, Giveaways
○ 100% Safe
○ Private (VIP Speed *5 to 10 times the Normal Rate) Lobbies
○ 10 Active Droppers (Covering Ranges of TimeZones)
○ A Huge Family :)

Thank you, for considering us :)
✨ Free Drops Everyday
✨ Giveaways
✨ Cheapest packages on the market (example: $800 million, level 1-600, maximum stats and badsport removed for €5.99)
✨ Free Money (example: Invite 15 people for free $180million, 15 level boosts)
✨ 300+ satisfied customers & reviews
✨ 5+ years of modding experience
discord server where we give free money drop, sell money drop, cheap recoveries, modded account for cheap and other things! join us now! 100% safe with warranty. 0 BAN, the cheapest and the best !
GTA V Recoveries + Money Drops
Best And Cheapest On The Market
Join And Receive 50 Million
You Can Promote Your Twitch,Youtube Channels
Welcome to GTA V Money And RP!
The cheapest recovery you can get for your money.

We are a Professional Discord Server which sells GTA 5 online modded accounts and do free money drops. We offer a full-fledge recovery with modded outfits modded guns modded money and RP cheaply and risk free. We one of the cheapest if not the cheapest legit sellers you can find.

What do we have to offer?
➣ Free Money Drops
➣ Fast Support
➣ Many Text Channels And Voice Channels
➣ Giveaways
➣ Unlocks
➣ 500 million Cash
➣ Unlock All Stats
➣ Modded Cars
➣ Modded Guns
➣ Modded Outfits
➣ Levels 1 - 500
➣ And tons more
We hope to see you in our community!
✔️Extremely Cheap Recoveries and Modded Account
✔️Get RP and Online Cash
✔️Safe and Reliable
✔️Free Money Drops
✔️Frequent Giveaways
✔️Friendly staff & community
✔️Version: 1.50

Cheap recoveries For £1 you can get 250 million dollar
Free Rewards, Invite people to the server and get rewarded with in-game GTA5 money

This is an amazing server that will host FREE money drops and also you can easily purchase CHEAP money or RP for very cheap. You will rarely ever find any other server that gives you this much for so less.
✔️Daily Money Drops FREE
✔️Recovery Giveaways / Account Giveaways
✔️Friendly Community
✔️24/7 Support
✔️100% Safe Menu and Up 24/7
📌3-4 giveaways per week
📌Free daily money drops
📌Guaranteed money
📌100’s of customers
📌Prices as low as £4.95 (for $725 Million + 1-600 levels + Max stats)
📌Trusted by nearly one thousand people
This is a server dedicated to game modding, especially GTA V PC modding (undetected) services for extremely cheap prices and discussion sections for other games. Join and have fun!

Giving away 15million to one lucky person each month.
✔️ Free/Paid Money Drops (PC)
✔️ 24 hours support
✔️ Cheap Prices
✔️ Recovery Systems (PC)
✔️ Giveaways
✔️ Game Deals
✔️ Excellent Staff

Come also to discuss other games such as Pubg, SAMP, Minecraft, Call of Duty, RDR2 etc.. COME CHILL WITH US!!
🔸️One day delivery
🔸️Cheapest prices
🔸️Fast support
🔸️Free money drops and much more!
🔸️Daily give-aways (once the server has more members)
🔸️Custom, personalized offers available
🔸️Friend invite rewards
🔸️A Website with full RECOVERY (Coming soon)
Hey, we are a new discord Modding server where we do:

⚆cheap recovery and money drop
⚆100% safe
⚆best product for the best price!

The return of SnazzModding... we provide the highest quality modding services and a brand new mod menu. We do free drops every 100 members so be sure to join!
We are a trustable GTA V Modding Discord Server!
• Friendly Community!
• Cheap Recoveries (PC Only)
• Mod Menu Reseller!
• Free / Paid Money Drops (PC Only)
• Giveaways!
• 24/7 Support!
PC GTA5 Recovery Service
Things we provide
-Safest Recoverys 0% ban rate
-Friendly Community
-Free Giveaways
-Free Money Drops
-Account Recoverys
-Account Top Ups