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A thousand years has passed since the second war for the dawn. The time of dragons ruling the skies, dead men haunting the far north and krakens prowling the depths has once more passed into legend. Westeros has changed. The realms of men now erect towering monoliths made of glass and steel, the lowliest of wretches has can possess the sum of human knowledge at their fingertips, and high lords continue to play the eternal Game of Thrones in the halls of Parliament just as their ancestors did upon the field of battle.

The cycle continues in a modern fantasy re imagining of the popular A Song of Ice and Fire saga. The board has changed, but the game remains as lethal as ever. You can be anything from a Lord Paramount, to an elected member of the Parliament of Westeros, to a commoner who has never been more important in Valar Dohaeris. We welcome roleplayers of all skill levels in this dramatic reshuffling of the world of Ice and Fire!

* Currently casting for all major houses and roles, including Prime Minister and Hand of the Queen!
Welcome to Draevin, an urban-fantasy roleplay server where magick and contemporary technologies intermingle. Our story takes place on the mythical continent of Draevin, which consists of seven individual provinces governed by a matriarchy. This server focuses on the temperate, coastal state of Ventus. High mountain peaks and dense forests border the Pacific Ocean, with a terrain and climate similar to the coasts of Washington and Oregon, Ventus spends much of its time under a rain cloud. The supernatural is common knowledge around the world but these ancient Draevic lands act as beacon for all things magick. To this day, Draevin stands as one of the most supernaturally diverse countries in the hemisphere, with legendary creatures from all around the world making this mysterious island their home.

Here on Draevin we try to promote creativity and diversity in our characters and writing by providing a variety of existing and original humanoid races as well as plenty of varied environments for your character to interact with. Explore Draevin’s rich lore and accepting community, create or join plots to uncover the mysteries of the land.

Enter a world as vast as your imagination.

Ridgeview has always been a strange little town. For as long as outsiders can remember, there has always been tales of strange people wandering around at all hours of the day and night, of thunderous howls coming from the woods surrounded the town, particularly on a Full Moon. However, it’s only the townsfolk that know the truth.

For centuries, Ridgeview has been a place where the natural and the supernatural has coincided. Rules have been set in place and followed, a council established to represent the interests of the different groups and the local police force set up a unit to deal with supernatural problems known as Supernatural Intelligence Unit or S.I.U.

In recent years, there has been rumblings of turmoil amongst the various clans and packs in the town. On top of that, a series of ritualistic murders has only aggravated things, the witches of the town being blamed for using dark magic and the mortal residents of the town are becoming increasingly fearful that they or their loved ones will be next.. The SIU is working hard to find the culprits but there’s never a trace left by the time the crime scenes are found.

Will it ever come to an end? Will the culprits ever be caught? Or will they achieve whatever it is they’re after?
A mix between modern fantasy and sci-fi for an epic RP experience.